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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

VII. Alimentary Products

VII. Alimentary Products.

Class 67.—Cereals, Farinaceous Products, and Products derived from them.

56 Captain China, Selangor.—Tapioca—flake, pearl, and flour.

57 Gilfillan. Wood & Co., Singapore.—Tapioca—flake, pearl (Urge, medium, and small), and flour; pearl sago (large, medium, and small), sago flour.

58 Guthrie & Co., Singapore.—Tapioca—pearl (large, medium, and small), flake (large, medium, and small), and flour (Malacca); sago—pearl (medium and small grain) and flour (Labuan); white rice—Siam, Rangoon, and Saigon kinds.

59 Knaggs, W., Singapore.—Tapioca—pearl (bullets, medium, and small), flake (medium and small), and flour.

60 Koh Seang Tat, Penang.—Rice, paddy.

61 Mornay, H. de, Penang—Tapioca and tapioca flour, from the Malakoff Estate.

62 Penang Plantation Co., Penang.—Tapioca (four kinds).

63 Roberts, E. L., Penang.—Tapioca.

64 Si Bun Tiong, Sungei Ujong.—Tapioca—pearl, flake (large and small), and flour.

65 Tan Hoon Guan, Malacca.—Tapioca—flat, pearl, flour, and husk.

66 Westerhout, J. E., Malacca.—Tapioca.

67 Yap Ah Loy, Selangor.—Pearl tapioca.

Class 71.—Vegetables and Fruit.

68 Bastiani, J., Singapore.—Pineapples preserved without sugar.

68a Favre & Co., Singapore.—Pineapples preserved without sugar.

69 Koh Seang Tat, Penang.—Copra.

70 Westerhout, J. E., Malacca—Scented yams, sweet potatoes, obi tropong.

Class 72.—Condiments and Stimulants. Sugar and Confectionery.

71 Bastiani, J., Singapore.—Pineapples, in syrup; mangosteens, in juice; pineapple syrup.

72 Brown & Co., Penang.—Sugar, spices.

72a Favre & Co., Singapore.—Pineapples, in syrup? pumato syrup, pineapple syrup, preserves, crystallised fruits.

73 Foo Tye Sin, Penang.—Black and white pepper.

74 Gilflllan, Wood & Co., Singaporo.—Pepper, black (Singapore) and white; Zanzibar cloves.

75 Government, The, Sungei Ujong.—Coffee, in parchment; black pepper.

76 Guthrie & Co.. Singapore.—Coffee—Bonthyne, Bally, Timor; white pepper—Singapore and Rhio; black pepper—Singapore; Amboina cloves, nutmegs.

77 Hardouin, C., Penang.—Two samples of tea, from Bukit Tambu.

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78 Koh Seang Tat, Penang.—Coffee, cloves, nutmegs, mace, Trang white and black pepper.

79 Penang Sugar Estates Co. Limited, Penang.—Sugar.

80 Read, W. H., Rhio.—Black and white pepper.

81 Vermont, J. M. B., Penang.—Sugar.

82 Westerhout, J. E., Malacca.—Seaweed jelly.

Class 73.—Fermented Drinks.

83 Lamb, J., Penang.—White rum.

84 Penangr Sugar Estates Co. Limited, Penang.—Old and white rum.

85 Vermont, J. M. B., Penang.—White and coloured rum, rum shrub.