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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 41

V. Raw and Manufactured Products

V. Raw and Manufactured Products.

Class 43.—Products of the Cultivation of Forests and of the Trades appertaining thereto.

56 Department of Agriculture, &c.—Specimens of dyes obtained from various kinds of forest trees.

Class 45.—Agricultural Products not used for Food.

57 Begg, Sutherland & Co., Calcutta.—Specimens of tobacco—black cavendish cake, cut mixture, and cigars.

58 Department of Agriculture. &c.—Raw fibres—textile materials, cotton, and hemp.

59 Department of Agriculture, &c.—Collection of oil seeds—mustard, castor, linseed, poppy, &c.

60 Department of Agriculture, &c.—Collection of oils prepared from seeds.

61 Department of Agriculture, &c.—Specimens of oil cakes, chiefly used for cattle food.

62 Department of Agriculture, &c.—Dyeing substances—indigo, safflower, turmeric, &c.

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Class 46.—Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products.

63 Department of Agriculture.—Khari salt, red earth—impure sulphate of soda, sajji, saltpetre, borax, wax, lac, &c.

64 Lazarus. E. J., & Co., Benares.—Essence of chiretta, him, and hemidesmus.

Class 47.—Chemical Processes for Bleaching, Dyeing, Printing, and Dressing.

65 Department of Agriculture.—Farukhabad chintzes, quilts, wrappers, bed cloth, mattress.

66 Department of Agriculture.—Kanauj chintzes, wrappers, &c.

67 Hoey, W., Lucknow.—Printed Lucknow chintzes, samples of.

Class 48.—Leather and Skins.

68 Department of Agriculture.—Gorakhpur leather manufactures—Jae namaz or prayer carpet, mantelpiece border, bags.