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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 31

The Boarding Department

The Boarding Department.

The Rectory has been specially fitted up for the accommodation of boarders. It is situated about ten minutes' walk from the High School, and occupies one of the finest positions in Dunedin, adjoining the Town Belt, and surrounded by extensive recreation grounds. The rooms arc lofty, light, and well ventilated. Each boy occupies a separate bed, and everything has been arranged with a view to the health and comfort of the pupils.

The boarders are under the direct control of the Rector, and are superintended during the preparation of lessons and at other times by a well-qualified Resident Master.

The domestic arrangements are under the management of Mrs. Norrie.

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The following is a list of articles required by each boarder. It is particularly requested that every article be distinctly marked, and that a list be attached to each boy's trunk:—

A List of Articles.

  • 4 single sheets,
  • 4 towels,
  • 3 pillow cases,
  • 4 Crimean shirts,
  • 3 night shirts,
  • 3 flannels,
  • 3 pairs drawers (if worn),
  • 12 pairs stockings,
  • 12 collars,
  • 12 pocket handkerchiefs,
  • 1 Sunday suit,
  • 2 every-day suits,
  • 1 overcoat,
  • 1 cravat,
  • 4 neckties,
  • 1 cap, 1 hat,
  • 1 pair slippers,
  • 2 pairs boots,
  • 1 pair gaiters,
  • 1 large comb,
  • 1 pocket comb,
  • 1 small tooth-comb,
  • 1 hair brush,
  • 1 clothes brush,
  • 1 tooth brush,
  • 1 nail brush,
  • 1 sponge and bag.