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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 31

General School Arrangements

General School Arrangements.

While each department is under the charge of a thoroughly qualified master, the Rector exercises a general control over the School, and endeavours to bring all the pupils under his special instruction at least once weekly.

The School is opened every morning with the reading of a portion of the Scriptures and with prayer. To this the first ten minutes is devoted, and all boys are required to be present at this time except those who have obtained permission to be absent at the special request of their parents.

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Examinations are held monthly and also quarterly in all the classes, and prizes are awarded at the end of the session by the results of these, combined with the daily class marks. Special examiners are appointed by the Education Board to examine the whole School annually.

Reports containing the average percentage of marks obtained by the pupils are sent quarterly to the parents. These reports are intended to assist parents in judging the average progress that has been made by their children during the quarter.

Prizes.—The ordinary class prizes are awarded at the end of the session for proficiency in all the subjects of study; and, in addition, special prizes are granted to those in the Lower and in the Upper School who have obtained the highest marks in every branch taught.

Certificates of Merit are given to all who obtain 75 per cent, of marks in any one subject.

Absence of Puplls.—When any pupil has been absent he must, on his return, produce a note signed by his parent or guardian explaining the cause of absence, and no pupil is allowed to leave during the School hours without a similar note. Intimation is sent to parents if any pupil has been absent for more than two days.

The session begins on the 5th of February, and ends about the 16th of December.

The Quarter Days are—5th February, 23rd April, 23rd July, and 8th October.

Holidays.—Besides the usual Provincial Holidays a fortnight is given in midwinter and six weeks at Christmas.

Visitors.—Parents and others interested in the School are invited to visit the classes at any hour. The Rector will set apart an hour for those who wish to consult hint about their children, and it is hoped that parents will make it convenient to call then, and at no other hour.