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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 2. 1965.



Wellington now has a 'split' bus service—the inner route (with its destination signs coloured green) and the outer route (with its destination signs coloured red). Both services have stops at the Government-Department building bus stop, and both run 5 buses per hour, at equal intervals.

Two enterprising students intended to travel by the outer route catching a bus which left the bus stop in question at 1.47. However, after a hearty lunch at a certain well-known city hotel, they both dropped off to sleep. When they awoke, they had no idea of the time, for one of them had come out without his watch, and the other, who had forgotten to wind his time-piece, could see that the time of 10.30 shown by his otherwise excellent chronometer was palpably untrue.

So they set off to catch the first bus that came along. "Sure to be an inner route" said the first student resignedly. "Ah no," said the second student, who had a few more clues. "The chances are two to one that it will be an outer route." Furthermore, this student with the few more clues was right.

At how many minutes after the hour do the inner route buses pass the bus stop in question?

Incidentally, the length of the table traversed by the miniature turtle in his adventures recounted in the last issue, was 72 inches.