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The History of the Canterbury Mounted Rifles 1914-1919

Awards of Decorations and Medals

Awards of Decorations and Medals.

7/297 Acton-Adams, Major P. M., D.S.O., Order of the Nile (4th class) conferred by H.H. the Sultan, m.i.d.
7/689 Alexander, Tpr. F. J., St. George (4th Class), Russian Decoration
7/4 Bain, Sgt. L., m.i.d.
7/659 Barr, Sgt. J. A., D.C.M., m.i.d. (2).
7/1590 Barrett, Cpl. (T/Sgt.) W., M.M.
7/1031 Bilton, Tpr. (T/Sgt.) F. J., m.i.d.
7/170 Blackett, Lt. G. R., M.C., m.i.d.
7/309 Blair, Capt. D. B., M.C, D.S.O., m.i.d. (3).
7/311 Booccck, Tpr. J. M., Serbian Decoration (Silver Medal) awarded by King of Serbia, m.i.d.
7/1030 Brcmner, Sgt. O. H., D.C.M., m.i.d.
7/290 Burrows, Sgt. L., D.C.M.
7/1826 Butterworth, Tpr. S., M.M.
7/1051 Campbell, Sgt. D., D.C.M., m.i.d.
15/29 Chaytor, Lt.-Col. D'A., C.M.G., C.B.E., Egyptian Order of the Nile (3rd Class), m.i.d. (3).
7/528 Clarkson, S.S.M. E., D.C.M., m.i.d.
7/643 Creed, Cpl. (L/Sgt.) W. H. P., D.C.M., m.i.d.
7/707 Davis, L/Cpl. G., m.i.d.
7/1348 Davis, Cpl. P. C, m.i.d. (2).
7/188 Denton, 2nd Lt. T. J., m.i.d.
17391 Diamanti, Tpr. R. J., M.M.
7/437 Doherty, 2nd Lt. P. G., M.C.
7/1352 Duggan, L/Cpl. L., M.M.
7/800 Edwards, L/Cpl. J., m.i.d.
16088 Ferguson, Tpr. H., M.M.
7/598 Findlay, Lt.-Col. J., C.B., D.S.O., Egyptian Order of the Nile (3rd Class), m.i.d. (3).
7/441 Fleming, Sgt. R. A., m.i.d.
7/351 Foster, Sgt. J., M.M.
7/457 Gibbs, Capt. T. L., m.i.d.
12597 Graham, L/Cpl. H. W., m.i.d.
7/1734 Grant, L/Cpl. T. B., M.M.
7/340 Greenwood, L/Sgt. A. R., m.i.d.
7/535 Griffith, Sgt. W. D., m.i.d.
7/516 Harper, 2nd Lt. G. G., D.C.M., m.i.d.
7/517 Harper, 2nd Lt. R. P., D.C.M., D.S.O., M.C, m.i.d. (3).
7/63 Hayter, Lt. C, m.i.d.
7/489 Hindley, Capt. T/Maj. F. L., O.B.E., M.H.S., m.i.d. (4).
7/349 Hurst, Major H C, D.S.O., Order of the Nile (4th Class), conferred by H.H. the Sultan, m.i.d. (5).
7/530 Hutton, Major G. F., D.S.O., m.i.d.
7/218 Jenkins, Tpr. D., m.i.d.
12552 Johnston, 2nd Lt. A. B., M.C, m.i.d.
7/1251 Juggins, L/Cpl. J. F., M.M.
7/1377 Lewis, T/Cpl. T., M.M.
3/1054 Lineham, Cpl. C A., M.M.
7/366 McClatchie, L/Sgt. P. J., M.M.page 264
7/1166 MacFarlane, Capt. L. R. C., M.C.
7/1261 MeGahan, Sgt. J., M.M.
7/1766 McGuckin, Tpr. H., M.M.
7/84 MeKibbin, Sq.-S.M. V. J., m.s.m.
7/90 Martin, Sgt. T/Sq.-S.M. A., D.C.M., m.i.d.
7/1317 Mathias, Lt. G., M.C., m.i.d.
7/376 Mills, A/C. Q.M.S. M. F., M.M.
7/2218 Milne, Lt. M. C., M.C.
7/753 Murchison, Licut. D. B., M.C.
7/380 Murchison, Major D.S., D.S.O., m.i.d.
17553 Murray, Lieut. F. L., M.C., m.i.d.
7/250 O'Brien, Sgt. M. J., D.C.M., m.i.d.
7/764 0'Connor, Tpr. D. J., D.C.M.
7/506 Overton, Major P. J., m.i.d.
7/636 Pavelka, Sgt. M., M.M.
7/583 Pidgeon, Tpr. H., D.C.M.
7/108 Rees, Sgt. F. L., m.i.d.
7/109 Rhodes, Capt. A. E. T., M.C., m.i.d.
7/264 Robertson, Sgt. F., D.C.M
7/1411 Scrimgeour, Tpr., A. R., M.M., Serbian Decoration (Gold Medal), m.i.d.
7/270 Sheridan, Lieut. N. C, M.B.E., M.H.S.
7/1004 Shields, L/Cpl. J., m.i.d.
7/1293 Studholme, Major T/Lt-Col. J., C.B.E., D.S.O., m.i.d.
18128 Sutherland, Cpl. A. J., M.M.
7/277 Taylor, Lt. G. N., m.i.d.
7/1907 Taylor, Cpl. W. J., M.M.
7/1320 Tennent, T/Sq.-S.M. K. B., M.M.
7/134 Thompson, Sgt. W. J., m.i.d.
7/1792 Thomson, Tpr. D. W., M.M.
7/1532 Trotter, Tpr. J. R., M.M.
7/426 White,. Tpr. W. C, Medaille Militaire (French), M.M., Serbian Medal awarded by King of Serbia.
7/1307 Wilson, T/Cpl. C., M.M.
7/486 Young, 2nd Lieut. R. A., M.C.


C.B. Companion of the Order of the Bath.
C.M.G. Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. George.
C.B.E. Commander of the Order of the British Empire.
M.B.E. Member of the Order of the British Empire.
O.B.E. Officer of the Order of the British Empire,
D.S.O. Distinguished Service order.
M.C. Military Cross.
M.M. Military Medal.
m.i.d. Mentioned in Despatches.
m.s.m. Meritorious Service Medal.
m.h.m. Meritorious Service at Home.