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The History of the Canterbury Mounted Rifles 1914-1919

A Regimental Diary

page 265

A Regimental Diary.


Aug. 18 The first man reported to the Mobilisation Camp, Addington.
Sept. 23 The Regiment embarked on the "Tahiti" and "Athenic' at Lyttelton.
25 Went into camp at Lyall Bay and Trentham.
Oct. 14 Embarked on transports "Tahiti" and "Athenic."
15 Sailed.
21 Called at Hobart.
28 Joined the Australian transport fleet at Albany.
Nov. 9 H.M.A.S. "Sydney," one of the convoy's protecting ships, defeated and destroyed the German cruiser " Emdem."
16 Arrival at Colombo.
24 Called at Aden.
Dec. 1 Arrival at Suez.
3 Began disembarkation at Alexandria.
4 Arrived at Zeitoun, a suburb of Cairo.
23 March through the streets of Cairo.
30 Inspection by General Birdwood.


Jan. 9 Parade held for Sir T. Mackenzie, High Commissioner for N.Z.
28 First tactical exercise held in desert, vicinity of signal towers.
Feb. 3 First Turkish attack on Suez Canal.
26 Trek to Bilbeis.
March 12 First Khamsim experienced.
22 Review by Sir H. McMahon, High Commissioner for Egypt.
29 Review by Sir Ian Hamilton.
April 25 N.Z. Infantry landed at Anzac.
May 5 Orders received to go to Gallipoli as infantry.
9 Embarked at Alexandria on " Grantully Castle."
12 Landed at Anzac Cove.
15 Major Overton's first reconnaisance. Raid on Lala Baba.
18-19 Great Turkish attack driven off.
24 Armistice for burying the dead.
25 H.M.S. "Triumph" torpedoed.
28 Capture of "Old No. 3" by 1st Squadron C.M.R,
June 29-30 Second great Turkish attack driven off.
July 1 C.M.R. takes over trenches, Russell Top.
Aug. 5 Regiment moves to No. 2 Outpost.
6 At 9 p.m. moved out to attack Walden Point and Bauchop Hill.
7-8-9-10 The desperate fighting on Chunuk Bair.
21 Attack on Hill 60 (Kaiajik Aghala).
22-23 Holding on to Hill 60.
27 Second and final attack on Hill 60.
Sept. 2 Moved to Cheshire Ridge.
13 N.Z.M.R. Brigade goes to Mudros for rest and reorganisation.
Nov. 10 Returned to Anzac and camped in Waterfall Gully.
27 Relieved Suffolk Yeomanry and a portion of the 162nd Brigade on the Aghyl Dere.
28 A cold blizzard swept the lines.page 266
Dee. 12 Definite steps began to be taken for the evacuation.
18 First portion of Regiment left Anzac.
19-20 Evacuation takes place.
21 At Mudros.
22 Embarked on "Hororata" for Egypt.
26 Arrived at Zeitoun and horses again taken over.


Jan. 18 N.Z.M.R, Brigade inspected by Colonel R. H. Rhodes.
23 Trek to the Canal begun. 29' Regiment arrived Serapeum.
March 6 C.M.R. takes over lines at Ferry Post.
21 H.R.H. The Prince of Wales visited the Regiment.
April 7 Arrived at Salhia.
24 Crossed Suez Canal into Sinai.
25 Moved to head of Military Railway at "Canterbury Post."
May 7-8 Cutting canal from sea to Sabkhet el Bardawil.
11 Moved to Et Maler.
15-16 Reconnaissance—heavy Khamsin.
June 23 Moved to Hill 70.
Aug. 4-5 Battle of Romani.
6-12 Actions of Katia, Ogratina, Bir el Abd. Sept. Advance through the desert.
Sept. Advance through the desert.
Oct. Advance through the desert.
Nov. Advance through the desert.
Dec. 20 Night march to surround El Arish.
22-23-24 Advance on and action of Magdhaba.
Dec. 27 Camped at beach Masaiol.


Jan. 8 Night march on Rafa.
9 Battle of Rafa.
10 Return to El Arish.
Feb. 23 Reconnaissance of Khan Yunus.
Camped on beach at Rafa.
March 11 First reconnaissance of Gaza.
25 Final reconnaissance of Gaza and the crossings of the Wadi Ghuzze.
26 First Battle, of Gaza.
April 17-18-19 Regiment crosses Wadi Ghuzze at Shellal. Second Battle of Gaza.
April 20-May 22 Reconnaissances east of Wadi Ghuzze.
May 22-23 Raid upon Beersheba-Asluj railway.
June 8 On beach at Marakeb.
Oct. 16 Special parade for presentation of honours and awards by General Allenby.
24 Moved to Esani.
29 Moved to Asluj.
30 Advance on Beersheba by all-night march.
31 Action of Beersheba and capture of Tel el Saba.
Nov. 1-6 Actions of Ras el Nagh and Tel Khuweilfeh.
7-8-9 Occupying position Kb el Ras.
10-11-12 Rode north through Plain of Philistines and reached Hamame (near Ascalon).
13 Advanced to Yebna.
14 Action of Ayun Kara.
17 Took over the City of Jaffa.
24 Advanced across River Auja and seized enemy covering positions.
25 Action of Khirbet Hadrah and withdrawal across river.page 267
Dec. 4-10 Holding lines between Jaffa and foothills.
11 Allenby's entry into Jerusalem.
13 Moved to sandhills at Esdud.


Jan. 20 Moved to Nalin.
Feb. 3 Moved to Ayun Kara (Rishon le Zion).
17 Arrived at Bethlehem.
19-20-21 Advance on Jericho.
22 Reconnaissance of Jordan.
22-23 Marched up to Jerusalem.
26 Returned to Rishon le Zion.
Mar. 13-18 March to Bethlehem.
20 Arrived at Talaat ed Dumm (in the Wilderness).
24 Crossed the Jordan.
25-26 Climbing Mountains of Moab.
27-30 Attack upon Amman and capture of Hill 3039.
31 Retirement to edge of plateau.
April 1 Descent to the Jordan.
2 Camped near Jericho.
30 Action on east side of the Jordan.
May 1-6 Raid on Es Salt.
16 Moved to Talaat ed Dumm.
27 8th Squadron goes to Richon.
28 Regiment camped near King Solomon's Pools.
June 3 Special King's Birthday Parade at Bethlehem.
14 Back in Jordan Valley—camping at Ain ed Duk.
26 The Turks began long range shelling with "Jericho Jane."
July 14 Combined German-Turk attack driven off.
19 Camped at Talaat ed Dumm.
27 Camped near King Solomon's Pools.
Aug. 16 Returned to the Valley of the Auja River.
Sept. 21 Advanced up west bank of Jordan.
22 Captured Damieh Bridge.
23 Capture of Es Salt.
24 Regiment moved to Suweile.
25 Capture of Amman.
Oct. 2 8th Squadron goes to Madeba.
3 Regiment moved to Kissir.
4 Return to the Jordan.
8 The Regiment rode out of the Valley for the last time.
14 Reached Ayun Kara.
Nov. 13 The Regiment, without horses, entrained at Ludd.
14 Arrived at Kantara.
27 Embarked on " Huntscastle."
Dec. 5 Disembarked at Maidos, at the Dardanelles. Visits to the old battlefields.


Jan. 17 A party of officers and other ranks visited ancient Troy.
19 Embarked on "Norman."
22 Arrived Port Said and went to Rafa.
March 23 Regiment mounted moved to Tanta.
April, May, June Patrolling in the Delta.
June 17 Camped at Chevalier Island.
30 First portion of Regiment embarked on "Ulimaroa."
July 23 Remainder of Regiment embarked for N.Z. on "Ellenga."
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A colour map, scale 1:100,000, of Sinai and the surrounding region including the coast bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

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