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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, June 1928

Under the Microscope

page 31

Under the Microscope

[For the benefit of non-members of the Science Society, let us explain that the Amoeba is a unicellular animal; very active and compact. This interesting little creature is found everywhere and lives by surrounding its nourishment with its protoplasm.]

The movements of this interesting new specimen have afforded our scientific correspondent much interest. He reports indefatigable activity in the little creature, which exhibits all-embracing interests. It recently attained a commanding eminence among its surrounding companions, where it is now active.

This organism shows a disposition to marshal and lead its fellows, especially in expeditions to such places as attract its attention. It has recently been observed directing a phalanx attack upon the cheaper seats at Moisewitsch's recitals, and has even penetrated the inner mysteries of the telephone exchange. The little creature seems to create much diversion among its kind. It is found in close association with Agaricus Sutherlandii, Phormium Yeatesii, and Mycor Maskellus. It is tame and amiable and manifests powers of leadership uncommon among the lower branches of life.

It allies itself to a nourishing colony, the Societas Sciential, as central cell, and contributes greatly to the welfare of this organisation, which is of recent growth. The creature exhibits considerable ability in decorating the walls of any habitation that it enters. Just as a spider spins webs of gossamer. Amoeba Northcroftii stretches webs of crepe paper, especially in such haunts as the Gymnasium. Any other nature-lover who has observed interesting traits in the little animal would contribute greatly to the general interest by forwarding them to our science correspondent.