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The Spike or Victoria University College Review June 1917

Olla Podrida

Olla Podrida.

Wanted, a large iron boiler, suitable for pig feed. Apply Boiler, "Evening Post."

Pig iron, we presume.

Gardener, head disengaged, thoroughly understands the routine of gardening; good references; single. Apply Gardener, "Evening Post."

Head and heart both.

Wanted to buy, 4—6 rd House, with all modern conveniences, inside of 2 sections. Apply J.L. "Evening Post."

We seldom get them inside one.

Wanted, by young lady, position in hotel, office or cash desk. Apply R.H. "Evening Post.'

She wants to be in some place with money in it.

"Inmates of Victoria College were also present."—"Evening Post."

The public is assured that mast of them are quite harmless.

page 42

"Chilblain has been searched for the Jervois Handicap, and Barbwire for the Maiden Steeplechase."—"Evening Post.'

We agree that chilblains should be scratched, but barbed wire can hardly be said to be affected by the same treatment. It might retaliate.

"The few authors who have studied attention during sleep."—Ribot, Attention.

Study during sleep is not a practice we would recommend to students, however pressed for time they may be.

Life on a troopship:—

A weary waste of sea and a still more weary waste of food.

Wanted, buyer 6 rooms, built by architect, on penny section. £900. apply Rare Snip, "Evening Post."

Talk about war profits!

Wanted a man to drive a bread cart for three weeks. Raven, Hopper Street.

And no stop-work meetings allowed.

"Justice Bailbache has been appointed chairman of the committee to enquire into the administration of the lying Corps."—"Hawkes Bay Tribune."

We hear there's not a word of truth in it.

In Hawke's Bay harvesters are receiving 22/- per hour.—"Hawke's Bay Tribune."

Time is money in these parts.