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Proposals of Mr. Sydney David Taiwhanga, M.H.R., for the Colonization and Settlement of Maori Lands

The New Zealand Constitution Act. — English Version

The New Zealand Constitution Act.

English Version.

"The New Zealand Constitution Act, 1852."— 15 and 16 Victoria, Cap. 72, Sec.71.

Her Majesty may cause Laws of Aboriginal Native Inhabitants to be maintained.

Passed 30th of June, 1852.

Section 71.—And Whereas it may be expedient that the Laws, Customs, and Usages of the Aboriginal or Native Inhabitants of New Zealand, so far as they are not repugnant to the general principles of Humanity, should for the present be maintained for the Government of themselves, in all their relations to and dealings with each other, and that particular districts should be set apart within which Laws, Customs, or Usages should be so observed. It should be lawful for Her Majesty, by any Letters Patent to be issued under the Great Seal of the United Kingdom from time to time to make Provisions for the purposes aforesaid, any repugnancy of any such Native's Laws, Customs, or Usages, to the Law of England or to in any part thereof, in any wise notwithstanding.