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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69

The Play

The Play.

Play commenced at half-past eleven. Mr. Davis won the toss from Kissling, and elected to bat. The Auckland team was placed as follows:—Kissling, captain, third man, and long-field; Rees, bowler and slip; Fowke, wickets; Lusk, slip and bowler; Kelly, long-off and long-leg; Neill, mid-on; Yates, short-leg; Gardner, long-on and cover-point; Lynch, cover-point and long-on; Hawkins, point; Stemson, long-field; MacCorinick and S. Davis, umpires. Robinson and Youill appeared first for New South Wales. Between two and three hundred were on the ground at the start. As Robinson and Youill appeared they were received with a round of applause. Robinson took strike to Rees from the Newmarket end. Off Rees' third Robinson hit to mid-on, and scored 2. Lusk trundled from the Hospital end. Youill hit his first to leg for one. Rees bowled a maiden to Youill, a bye being scored off the last ball. Youill hit Lusk's first to leg for, while Robinson hit him to long on for 2, and followed up by hitting the last for 3 to square leg. Robinson drove Rees to long on for 1, Neill mulling the ball. Youill scored 1 by an uppish stroke of the last ball past third man. Youill scored. Robinson got a pretty forward cut off Lusk's first for 2. Youill cut Rees first for 1. Robinson placed Reed hard to extra mid-off, and Youill not responding to his call, he was badly run out. Telegraph: 1—10—18. McClinchy filled the vacant crease. Youill drove Lusk for 1 and followed up by cutting Rees for 3. Youill lifted Lusk out of the ground for 3. McClinchy stepped out to Lusk and broke his duck by hit ting him for 1; and scored 1 to leg off Rees. Youill by a forward stroke for 3 off Rees brought 30 up. McClinchy then gave Kelly an easy chance off Rees, which the fielder refused. Stemson replaced Lusk at the Hospital end. McClinchy drove .Stemson's fourth along the carpet for 2, and Youill lifted Rees to square-leg for 3. Stein-son bowled two maidens in succession. Rees gave McClinchy a full-pitcher, which he drove For 3. Youill lifted Rees to deep field, where Hawkins make an attempt to catch with bis left hand and mulled, the result 2 being scored. McClinchy obtained 2 for a drive off Stemson. McClinchy was applauded for a pretty cut for 2 off Stenison. Youill drove Rees for land scored 1 by a fluky hit to leg, and followed up by driving Rees in the next over for 1. Neill relieved Stenison, and Youill drove his fourth ball for 2, bringing 50 up, and in the next over repeated the dose by a pretty drive, and then scored 2 by a square-leg hit A very high hit to square-leg brought 2 to Youill, and his partner added 3 more to the score for a nice hit to leg, bringing 60 in sight. The next ball from Neill was lifted high out to the long-field by Youill, and Stenison was given a chance of bringing off a well-judged catch. (50—2—33 was signalled as Cottam appeared, and the newcomer safely negotiated a very puzzling maiden over from Rees. A single was obtained by each bats-man in Neill's next over. Cottam appeared to be much troubled by the deliveries of the left-hander. Yates was conspicuous for good fielding at short-leg. Mainly through the aggressive tactics of McClinchy the rate of scoring increased, and 70 was soon hoisted. Kelly now relieved Neill at the Hospital end, and started with a no ball. Cottam opened his shoulders, and lifted the new bowler hard to long-field, obtaining 3 for the stroke. Both batsmen were scoring pretty rapidly, and 80 was brought to view. Cottam had a very narrow escape of being run out, but his exceptional pace just pulled him through. Rees, who had been bowling since the start, now secured his first wicket, Cottam being the victim: 85—3—11. Clarke was next, and his partner welcomed him by driving Kelly for a single. Clarke opened, his account by lifting Rees high to mid-off, and a single to McClinchy for a skilful on stroke, brought 90 onthe board. This bats-man continued to do most of the scoring, and page 79 at half-past one the usual adjournment was made for luncheon, the score standing at 93, for three wickets, McClinchy not out.

After lunch McClinchy and Clarke took up their places at the wicket. Clarke taking the bowling from Rees, and snicked the third to leg for 1. Kelly resumed the bowling at the Hospital end, and Clarke brought 100 up by hitting him to leg for 4. The next ball Kelly had his revenge, by getting Clarke caught by Gardner at point. Telegraph: 100—4—8. Cowper filled the vacant crease, and contented himself by playing the remaining balls of the over. Off Rees' second ball McClinchy was smartly caught by Fowke. Telegraph: 100—5—34. Joe Davis, the captain, took McClinchy's place, and was applauded as he appeared at the wicket. Off Kelly's first ball of the next over Cowper scored by a pretty cut, and then Davis scored 2 by a square-leg hit. Davis hit Kelly nicely to leg for one, and then Cowper cut the same bowler for a similar number. Rees bowled three maidens in succession, and Kelly sent down his second, and then Rees trundled his fourth and fifth maidens. Davis broke the monotony by hitting Kelly to leg for one, and Cowper helped the score along by driving the same bowler to the off for 2. Davis spoilt Rees' maiden by hitting him to leg for two. Davis lifted Kelly to long-field for one, and Cowper scored two off the same bowler by an off-drive. Davis Snicked Rees to leg for 2. Lusk relieved Kelly at the Hospital end, and off his second Cowper stole 1, and Davis lifted the fourth to leg for 2. The no was quickly followed by the 120. Davis got another three for one of his characteristic leg hits, and his partner added a single for a nice stroke to the on side, and followed it up by cutting Rees very prettily tor a brace. When the total was at 128 Davis got Lusk at short slip a I chance of securing a good catch off Rees, but the Gordon man failed to hold it, and the batsman showed his appreciation of the let off by bitting the next ball to leg for three, bringing 131 in sight. A neat back cut by Cowper gained him a couple. Kelly at this juncture showed some smart bits of fielding at mid-off. Davis made a couple of uppish strikes to the off-side, but none of the fieldsmen were in the proper position, and runs were scored, 140 having to be put up, and Hawkins relieved Lusk, Davis hitting the second ball for a triplet. The rate of scoring did not decrease, and soon got to 149, when Davis lifted a soft one from Hawkins to square-leg where Lynch was in waiting, and the genial skipper had to retire for a well earned 32. 149—6—was the record as Newell filled the hiatus, but a smart catch behind the wickets dismissed him before he could score, and the first duck's egg of the team had to be recorded. Callaway appeared at the vacant crease, and drove Rees to long-off for 3, and off Hawkins' first obtained 3 by a pretty drive. Hawkins mulled a drive from Cowper, and resulted. Cowper got 1 by a nice drive off Rees, Lynch fielding well, and Callaway drove the left-bander for 1, and afterwards got a like number by a leg hit off Hawkins. Off Hawkins' next, Cowper was grandly caught at slip by Rees with his left hand. Telegraph: 159—8—18. J. Shepherd took the Carlton player's place. Callaway obtained 2 by a pretty leg hit off Rees. Shepherd broke his duck by a nice leg hit for 1, and Callaway drove Hawkins for 1, after which Shepherd was nearly run out through the Mossvale man refusing to respond to his partner's call. Off the first of Rees' next Callaway got a single by a pretty off drive, and repeated the dose off Hawkins. He then opened his shoulders to Rees, but was grandly caught in the long field by Gardiner. Telegraph, 165—9—13 Josephs stepped into the vacant wicket, and Shepherd scored two by a leg hit off the Gordon man, and cut the same bowler for a single. Josephs broke the ice by a flukey hit to leg, getting a simple for the stroke, and then skied one from Hawkins to leg, where Yates safely negotiated the catch, and the New South Wales innings closed for 169.

After the wicket was rolled, New South Wales took the field, and were soon followed by Yates and Neill, the pioneers of the Auckland. Callaway started bowling from the Brewery end to Neill, and sent down a maiden. Newell took the ball at the Hospital end, and off his third Yates got 3 by a nice cut, and off the last ball of the over Neill was smartly caught by Davis at point. Telegraph, 3—1—0. Lusk filled the vacancy, and Callaway sent down a maiden to him. Yates from an overthrow obtained 3, and then Lusk was clean bowled by a beauty from Newell. Telegraph, 7—2—0. Lynch appeared in place of Lusk, and was bowled first ball by the Sydney Club man. Telegraph, 7—3—0. Kissling filled the crease left by the United player, and hit Newell's last ball for 3. Kissling cut Callaway for a single, and Callaway bowled a maiden to Yates, and Newell followed suit to Kissling, and Callaway bowled another maiden to Yates, while Newell sent down his second in succession to the Gordon man. The batsmen were now playing very carefully, the bowling appearing too good to score off, and the play became rather monotonous until Kissling broke the ice by scoring one by a leg-hit off Newell. Kissling obtained a single by an off drive from Callaway, Cottam fielding rather loosely. Yates cut Callaway for 1, while the Gordon skipper played the remainder of the over carefully, and maidens again became common. Kissling obtained in the slips off Callawav, and took another maiden from Newell. Yates lifted Newell to long-field for 1, Cowper fielding smartly Kissling drove Newell to the off and Cottam mulling badly two resulted, and then Yates drove Callaway in his next for a single. Telegraph: 20. Yates opened his shoulders to Newell, and got three by a nice off hit; then the skipper obtained one by a leg stroke. In Callaway's next over Kissling was neatly taken at slip by Newell. Telegraph 24—4—10. Kissling was cheered on returning to the pavilion, having played well for his runs.

"Our Johnny" took the vacant crease, and negotiated the remainder of the over in safety. In Newell's next over Yates received applause for a fine off drive for five. Yates now appeared more confident, and brought 30 up by a drive off the Carlton bowler, and Fowke obtained a couple by a leg stroke. Yates next hit Newell for two, and followed up by a drive for one. Fowke earned applause for a pretty drive for page 80 three to the on, and then cut Callaway for a brace. The wicket now appeared to cut up a bit, Callaway's bowling bumping a good deal, one ball getting up a couple of feet over Fowke's head. Yates got two by a clean drive off Newell owing to Cowper's slow return. Owing to the light getting very bad the umpires decided to draw the stumps at a quarter to six, and appended are the scores:—
New South Wales.—First Innings.
H. Robinson, run out 10
G. Youill, c Stemson, b Neill 33
W. A. McClinchy, c Fowke, b Rees 34
J. Cottam, b Rees 11
A. Clark, c Gardiner, b Kelly 8
G. Cowper, c Rees, b Hawkins 18
J. Davis, c Lynch, b Hawkins 32
A. Newell, c Fowke, b Rees 0
S. Callaway, c Gardiner, b Rees 13
J. Shepherd, not out 2
J. Josephs, c Yates, b Hawkins 1
Extras 7
Total 169
Bowling Analysis.
Overs. M'dns. Runs. Wkts.
Rees 45 15 72 4
Lusk 11 1 28 0
Stemson 6 3 7 0
Neill 5 0 17 1
Kelly 15 4 27 1
Hawkins 8 2 11 3
Kelly bowled 1 no ball.
Auckland.—First Innings.
Yates, not out 25
Neil, c Davis, b Newell 0
Lusk, b Newell 0
Lynch, b Newell 0
Kissling, c and b Newell 7
Fowke, not out 7
Total for 4 wickets 42
Bowling Analysis.
Overs. M'dns. Runs. Wkts.
Callaway 18 9 12 1
Newell 17 7 30 3