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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 15

Catalogue of the Library of the Otago Institute & Museum. Museum buildings, Great King Street

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Catalogue of the Library of the Otago Institute & Museum

Printed at the "Daily Times". Dunedin Office, Dowling Street.

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The Library is open to Members of the Otago Institute, and to any person who shall satisfy the Curator of the Museum that he is engaged in working at any branch of Natural or other Science, requiring works of reference.

It is under the management of the Curator of the Museum, who will afford any information required.

Catalogues of Scientific Instrument makers, &c., may be consulted at the Institute rooms.

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Index of Authors.

Pamphlets marked*

  • * Adams, F. O.—Silk districts of Japan.
  • Adams, H. A.—Genera of recent Mollusca, 3 vols.
  • *Agardh, J.—Om Chatham-oarmes Alger
  • Agardh, C. A.—Systema Algarum
  • Agassiz, A—Echini, 2 vols.
  • Agassiz, L.—Echinodermes.
  • Agassiz, L.—Nomenclator Zoologieus
  • Airy, G. B.—Magnetism
  • Airy, G. B.—Sound
  • Amyot (and Lerville)—Hémiptères
  • Archer, W.—Apothecia in Algœ
  • * Archer, W.—On Ghlamydomyxa labyrintliuloides
  • Archer, W. H.—Progress of Victoria
  • Archer, W. H.—Statistical Register of Victoria
  • Arnott (and W. Hooker)—British Flora
  • Babington, C. C.—British Botany
  • *Baird, S. F.—American Birds in the Smithsonian Museum
  • Baird, Dr. W.—British Entromostraca
  • Baird, Dr. W.—Entozoa
  • Baker, H.—The Microscope
  • Balfour, J. H.—Class Book of Botany
  • Balfour, J. H.—Palæontological Botany
  • Baly, J. S.—Hispidæ
  • Barrow, J.—Medical Dictionary
  • Bastian, H. C.—Beginnings of Life, 2 vols.
  • Bate, C. Spence—Amphipodous Crustacea (British Museum Catalogue)
  • Bate, C. Spence—British sessile-eyed Crustacea, 2 vols.
  • Bates, H. W.—Naturalist on the Amazons
  • Beale, L. S.—Bioplasm
  • Beale, L. S.—How to work with the Microscope
  • Beale, L. S.—Physiological Anatomy
  • *Belanger, M.—Note sur deux Coquilles terrestres
  • Bell, T.—British stalk-eyed Crustacea
  • Bell, T.—Leucosiadese (Crustacea)
  • Belt, T.—The Naturalist in Nicaragua
  • Beneden, P. .T. Van—Animal Parasites and Messmates
  • Beneden (et Dumortier)—Histoire Naturelle des Polypes, &c.
  • Bennett, A. W.—Thomè's Botany, translation by
  • Bentham, G.—Flora Australiensis, 7 vols.
  • Bentham (and Hooker)—Genera Plantarum
  • *Berggren, S. Alger fram Grönlands Islandispage 6
  • *Berggren, S.—Fanerogamfloram pa Grönland
  • Bibron (et Dumeril)—Erpetologie, 11 vols. Bischof, G.—Chemical and Physical Geology, 2 vols.
  • Blainville, H. M. D. de—Manual d'Actinologie
  • Blair, W. N.—Building Materials of Otago
  • Blanchard (et Castelnau)—Histoire Naturelle des Insectes, 3 vols.
  • Blandford, W. B.—Geology of Eastern Persia
  • Blandford, W. T.—Zoology of Eastern Persia
  • Boisduval—Entomologie de 1' Oceanie
  • Boisduval (et Guenèe)—Lepidoptera
  • Bonaparte, C. L.—Conspectus Genera Avium.
  • Bowman (and Todd)—Cyclopædia of Anatomy
  • Brehm, A. E.—Bird Life
  • Brenchley, J. L.—Cruise of H.M.S. "Cura¸oa"
  • Bristow, H. W.—Glossary of Mineralogy
  • * Brown, Dr. R.—Geological Notes on North Greenland
  • Buller, Dr. W.—Birds of New Zealand
  • *Buller, Dr. W.—Disputed Species of Birds
  • *Buller, Dr. W.—Notes on the Ornithology of New Zealand
  • Bushnan, J S.—Ichthyology
  • Busk, G.—Cyclostomatous Polyzoa
  • Butler, A. G.—Diurnal Lepidoptera of Fabricius
  • Butler, A. G.—Lepidoptera Heterocera
  • Butler, A. G.—Satyridæ
  • Candolle, A. P. de—Prodromus Syst. universalis regni vegetationis, 19 vols
  • Candolle, A. P. de—Supplement to above
  • Carpenter, P. P.—Mazatlan Shells
  • Carpenter (and Woodward)—Animal Kingdom
  • Castelnau (and Blanchard)—Histoire Naturelle des Insects, 3 vols.
  • Catlow, A.—Popular Conchology
  • Chambers' Astronomy
  • Chatin, G. A.—Anatomic Comparative Vegetale
  • Chenu, J. C.—Manuel de Conchyliologie
  • Claparede (et Lachmann)—Infusories
  • Clark, H.—Halticidæ
  • Clausius, R.—Mechanical Theory of Heat
  • Cobbold, T. S.—Parasites, a treatise on the Entozoa of Man and Animals
  • Cooke, M. C.—Microscopic Fungi
  • Corda, A.—Ieones Fungorum
  • Cotta, B. von—Rocks Classified and
  • Described Coues, E.—North American Birds
  • Coues, E.—Key to do.
  • Cox, E. T.—Geological Survey of Indiana
  • Cox, J. C.—Australian Land Shells
  • *Cox, J. C.—Distribution of Australian Volutes
  • Croll, J.—Climate and Time
  • Cronstedt, A. F.—System of Mineralogy
  • *Crosse, H.—Cones de la Nouvelle Caledonie
  • * Crosse, H.—Description des Coquilles nouvelles
  • *Crosse, H.—Deux esptees de 1' Archipel Caledonienpage 7
  • *Crossc, H.—Fautte Malacologique des Iles Kerguelen
  • *Crosse, H.—Mollusques qui vivent clans le detroit do Behring
  • *Crosse, H.—Une nouvelle espèce de Mitre
  • Crouch, E. A.—Illustrated Introduction to Lamarck's Conchology
  • *Cunningham, Dr.—Birds Nests and Eggs from Straits of Magellan
  • Cuvier (and Griffith)—The Animal Kingdom, 16 vols.
  • Dallas, W. D.—Natural History
  • Dana, J. D.—Corals and Coral Islands
  • Dana, J.D.—Manual of Mineralogy
  • Dana, J. D.—System of Mineralogy
  • D'Archiac (et Haime)—Animaux fossiles du groupe nummulitiquc de l'Ind
  • Danvin, C.—Animals and Plants under domestication, 2 vols.
  • Darwin, C.—Climbing Plants
  • Darwin, C.—Cross and Self-Fertilization in Plants
  • Darwin, C.—Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals
  • Darwin, C.—Fertilization of Orchids
  • Darwin, C.—Forms of Flowers
  • Darwin, C.—Insectivorous Plants
  • Darwin, C.—Origin of Species
  • Darwin, C.—Monograph of the Cirripedia, 2 vols.
  • Darwin, C.—Voyage of a Naturalist round the World
  • Darwin, E.—Zocnomia
  • Daubeny, C.—Description of Volcanoes
  • *Daubreé, M.—Du Platine Natif
  • Decaisne and Le Maout.—System of Botany
  • Deschanel, A. P.—Natural Philosophy
  • Deshayes, G. P.—Conchifera
  • *Deshayes, G. P.—Description d'un Cone Nouveau
  • *Deshayes, G. P.—Les animaux de deux Nayades Asiatiqucs
  • *Dickens, G.—A Guide to Sericulture
  • Dieffenbach, E.—Travels in New Zealand
  • Dobson,.—Catalogue of Chiroptera
  • Drake, J.—Anatomy
  • Drayton, Lieut.—Col.—The Last Glacial Epoch
  • Dufrénoy, A.—Traité de Mineralogie, 5 vols.
  • Dujardin, F.—Helminthes
  • Dujardin. F. (et Hupé)—Echinodermes
  • Dumeril (et Bibron).—Erpetologie, 11 vols.
  • Dumortier (et Van Beneden).—Hist. Nat. des Polypes, &c.
  • Duncan, J.—Beetles
  • Duncan, J.—British Butterflies
  • Duncan, J.—British Moths
  • Duncan, J.—Foreign Butterflies
  • Duncan, J.—Foreign Moths
  • Duncan, J.—Introduction to Entomology
  • Edwards, A. Milne—Carcinologie de la Nouvelle Caledonie
  • Edwards, A. Milne—Oiseaux des Iles Mascareignes
  • Edwards, A. Milne—Oiseaux fossiles, 4 vols.
  • Edwards, H. Milne—Coralliaires, 3 vols.page 8
  • Edwards, H. Millie—Histoire de Crustacés, 4 vols.
  • *Ehrenberg, C. G.—Infusionsthierchen
  • Eisen, G., and A. J. Malgrem——Annelids of Scandinavia
  • Emanuel, H.—Diamonds and Precious Stones
  • Esper, E. J. C.—Pflanzenthiere, 7 vols.
  • Evans, J.—Ancient Stone implements
  • Eydoux (et Souleyet).—Zoology of the "Voyage de la Bonite"
  • Eyton, T. C.—Osteologia Avium
  • Fabricius, J. C.—Systema Antliatorum (Diptera)
  • Fabricius, J. C.—Systema Eleutheratorum, 2 volumes
  • Fabricius, J. C.—Systema Entomologiæ
  • Fabricius, J. C.—Systema Piezatorum
  • Fabricius, J. C.—Systema Rhyngotorum
  • Fairfax, W.—Handbook to Australia
  • Faraday, M.—Various Forces of Nature
  • Fergusson,.—Rude Stone Implements
  • *Finseh, O.—Bemerkungen zu den Ocydromus arten
  • *Finsch, O.—Die Vogel Neu Seelands
  • *Finsch, O.—Die Vogel Neu Seelands (revision)
  • *Finsch, O.—New Species of Coryllis
  • *Finsch, O.—On two New Penguins from New Zealand
  • *Finsch, O.—Uber Clitonyx and Phyllodytes
  • *Finsch, O.—Uber eine Vogelsammlung aus Ostasien
  • *Finsch, O.—Uber eine Vogelsammlung aus Sudwest Gronland
  • Finsch, O. (und Hartlaub)—Ornithologie der Viti, Samoa, und Tonga
  • Fischer, J. B.—Synopsis Mammalium
  • Flower, W. H.—Osteology of the Mammalia
  • Forbes, J. D.—Theory of Glaciers
  • Forbes, J. D.—Natural History of European Seas
  • *Foresti, Dr—Une nouvelle espècc de Cerithium
  • Forster, G.—Vovage round the World, 2 vols.
  • Forster, J. R.—Descriptions Animalium in itineribus ad mare Australis
  • Fox, C. B.—Ozone and Antozone
  • Fresenius, C. R.—Qualitative Analysis
  • Gaimard (et Quoy)—Zoology of the "Voyage d'Astrolabe"
  • Gaimard (et Quoy)—Zoology of the "Voyage de l'Uranie et la Physicienne "
  • Garnet (et Lesson)—Zoology of the "Voyage de la Coquille"
  • Garrett (und Günther)—Fische der Südsee
  • Gerrard, E.—Bones of Mammalia in the British Museum
  • Gervais (et Walckenceer)—Aptères
  • Glaisher, J.—Travels in the Air
  • *Goes, A.—Amphipoda maris Spitzbergen
  • *Goes, A.—Crustacea podophtlialma marina Sueciœ Goldsmid,.—Eastern Persia
  • Gosse, P. H.—Actinologia Britannica
  • Gosse, P. H.—Evenings at the Microscope
  • Gottschc (Lindenberg and Nees ab Esenbeck) Synopsis Hepaticarum
  • Gould, J.—Handbook to Birds of Australia
  • Gray, Asa.—Darwinianapage 9
  • Gray, G. R.—Birds of the Pacific
  • Gray, G. R.—Hand List of Birds
  • *Gray, G. R.—List of the Birds of New Zealand
  • Gray, G. R.—List of the Capitone and Pieidæ
  • Gray, G. R.—List of the Gallinæ
  • Gray, H.—Anatomy
  • Gray, J. E.—Brachiopoda
  • Gray, J. E.—Carnivorous, Thick-skinned, and Edentate Mammals
  • Gray, J. E.—Catalogue of Batrachia Gradienta
  • Gray, J. E.—Catalogue of Lizards
  • Gray, J. E.—Catalogue of Pteropoda
  • Gray, J. E.—Catalogue of Shield Reptiles, part 1
  • Gray, J. E.—Catalogue of Shield Reptiles, part 1, supplement
  • Gray, J. E.—Cephalopodia Antepedia
  • Gray, J. E.—Echinida
  • Gray, J. E.—Edentate, Thick-skinned and Ruminant Mammals
  • Gray, J. E.—Guide to the Mollusca
  • Gray, J. E.—Hand-list of Seals
  • Gray, J. E—List of Shield Reptiles
  • Gray, J. E.—Lithophytes
  • Gray, J. E.—Lizards of Australia and New Zealand
  • Gray, J. E.—Mammals, Birds, and Reptiles of Nepaul
  • Gray, J. E.—Monkeys, Lemurs, and Fruit-eating Bats
  • Gray, J. E.—Olividæ
  • Gray, J. E.—Pennatularüdæ
  • Gray, J. E.—Ruminantia
  • Gray, J. E.—Seals and Whales
  • Gray, J. E.—Seals and Whales Supplement to
  • Gray, J. E.—Species of Star Fish
  • Gray, J. E—Synopsis of Whales and Dolphins
  • Gray, J. E.—Tortoises and Crocodiles
  • Griffiths, W.—Cryptogamous Plants
  • Griffiths (and Cuvier)—Animal Kingdom, 16 vols.
  • Griffiths (and Henfrey)—Micrographic Dictionary
  • Guenée (et Boisduval)—Lepidoptera
  • Guillemin, A.—The Forces of Nature
  • Günther, A.—Batrachia Salienta
  • Günther, A.—Catalogue of Fishes
  • Günther, A.—Colubrine Snakes
  • Günther (and Garrett)—Fische der Südsee
  • Haan, W. de—Crustacea Fauna Japonica
  • Haast, J. von—Climate of the Pleistocene Period in New Zealand Haast, J. von—Excavation of Lake Basins
  • Haast, J. von—Geology of Canterbury and Westland
  • *Haast, J. von—Glaciation of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • * Haast, J. von—Glaciers and Rock Basins of New Zealand
  • Haeckel, E.—Evolution of Man, 2 vols.
  • Haeckel, E.—Radiolarien
  • Hagen, H.—Termitina
  • Haime (et D'Archiae)—Animaux Fossiles du Groupe Nummulitique de l'Indpage 10
  • Hamilton, 11.—British Fishes
  • Hamilton, R.—Marine Amphibia
  • Harris, T. W.—Injurious Insects
  • Harting (and Mosenthal)—Ostriches and Ostrich Farming
  • Hartlaub, G.—New Birds from Fiji
  • Hartlaub (und Finsch)—Ornithologie der Viti, Samoa, und Tonga
  • Harvey, W. H.—Nereis Australia
  • Harvey, W. H.—Phycologia Australica
  • Hayden, F. V.—Bulletin of U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories
  • Hayden, F. V.—Geological Survey of Colorado
  • Hector, J.—Geology of Otago
  • Hector, J.—Phormium Tenax
  • Henderson (and Hume)—Lahore to Yarkand
  • Henfrey, G.—Vegetation of Europe
  • Henfrey's Botany, by Dr. Masters
  • Henfrey (and Griffiths)—Micrographic Dictionary
  • Hennessey, H.—Flotation of Sand
  • *Hennessey, H.—Thickness and Structure of the Earth's Crust
  • *Hennessey, H.—Water in Relation to Climate
  • Hochstetter, F. von—Lectures on Geology of New Zealand
  • Hochstetter, F. von—New Zealand
  • Hoeven, J. Van der—Handbook of Zoology
  • Hollister, O. J.—Mines of Colarado
  • Hombron (et Jocquinot)—Zoology of the "Voyage au Pole Sud"
  • Hooker, Sir J. D.—Flora Antarctica, 2 vols.
  • Hooker, Sir J. D.—Flora Novæ Zealandise, 2 vols.
  • Hooker, Sir J. D.—Handbook to New Zealand Flora
  • Hooker, Sir W. J.—English Flora—Cryptogamia
  • Hooker, Sir W. J.—Musci Exotici, 2 vols.
  • Hooker (and Arnott)—British Flora
  • Hooker (and Bentham)—Genera Plantarum
  • Hope, F. W.—Coleopterists' Manual
  • *Humbert (et Saussaure)—Descriptions de Divers Myriapodes
  • *Hume, A. O.—Observations on Blandford's Ornithological Nots
  • Hume (and Henderson)—Lahore to Yarkand
  • *Hunt, Sterry—Chemistry of the Earth
  • Hupe, H. (et Dujardin)—Echinodermes
  • *Hutton, F. W.—Birds of the Southern Ocean
  • Hutton, F. W.—Elements of Geology
  • Hutton, F. W.—New Zealand Birds and Fishes
  • *Hatton, F. W.—On an Opevculated Infusorian
  • *Hutton, F. W.—Revision des Coquilles de la Nouvelle Zealande
  • *Hutton, F. W.—Uber die Arten den Gallung Ocydromus
  • Hutton and Ulrich.—Geology of Otago
  • Hutton, J., .and Lindley.—Fossil Flora of Great Britain
  • Huxley, T. H.—Anatomy of the Vertebrata
  • Huxley, T. H.—Atlas of Comparative Osteology
  • *Jack, R. L.—Till near Loch Lomond
  • Jacquinot (et Hombron).—Zoology of the "Voyage au Pole Sud"page 11
  • James, Sir H.—Instructions for Meteorological Observations
  • Jardine, Sir W.—Bees
  • Jardine, Sir W.—British Birds, 4 vols.
  • Jardine, Sir W.—Cetacea
  • Jardine, Sir W.—Felinæ
  • Jardine, Sir W.—Gallinaceous Birds, 2 vols.
  • Jardine, Sir W.—Humming Birds
  • Jardine, Sir W.—Monkeys
  • Jardine, Sir W.—Pachydermes
  • Jardine, Sir W.—The Perch Family
  • Jardine, Sir W.—Ruminantia
  • Jardine, Sir W.—Sunbirds
  • Jerdon, Dr—Birds of India, 3 vols.
  • Jones, J. T. R.—Animal Kingdom
  • Johnston, G.—British Sponges and Lithophytes
  • Johnston, G.—Worms
  • Johnston, G.—British Zoophytes
  • Johnston, G.—Introduction to Conchology
  • Johnstone, J. F.—Analysis of Soils
  • Jukes, J. B.—Manual of Geology
  • Kaup, J. J.—Lophobranchiate
  • Fishes Kirby (and Spence).—Introduction to Entomology, 4 vols.
  • Kirk, T.—New Zealand Timbers
  • Koch, L.—Arachniden Australien
  • Kolliker, A.—Human Pathology
  • Krauss, F.—Crustaceen Suclafrikanischen
  • *Krefft, G.—Australian Vertebrata
  • Krefft, G.—Snakes of Australia
  • Lachmann (et Claparede).—Infusories
  • Lacordaire, T.—Genera des Coleopteres, 7 vols.
  • *Layard, E. L.—Further Notes on South African Ornithology
  • Laycock, T.—Mind and Brain
  • Leach, W. E.—Crustacea Malacostraca Podophthalmata
  • Lee, J.—Introduction to Botany
  • Legrand, W.—Tasmanian Land Shells
  • Lehwann, C. G.—Physiological Chemistry
  • Le Maout (and Decaisne).—System of Botany.
  • Lenormant, F.—Manual of Ancient History
  • Lepelletier, A.—Hymenoptères
  • Lerville (et Amyot).—Hemiptères
  • Lesquereux, L.—Cretaceous Flora of the Territories
  • Lesson, R. P.—Acaléphes.
  • Lesson (et Garnet).—Zoology of the "Voyage de la Coquillo"
  • Lewes, G. H.—Aristotle
  • Lindenberg (Gottsche and Nees).—Synopsis Hepaticarum.
  • Lindley, J.—The Vegetable Kingdom
  • Lindley (and Hutton).—Fossil Flora of Great Britain
  • Liudsay, W. L.—Contributions to New Zealand Botany.
  • Lindsay, W. L.—Auriferous Quartzites of Scotland
  • *Lindsay, W. L.—The Goldfields of Auckland, N.Z.page 12
  • *Lindsay, W. L.—The Goldfields of Otago, N.Z.
  • Liversidge, A.—Minerals of New South Wales.
  • *Ljungman, A.—Om nagra nya arter af Opliiurider
  • *Ljungman, A.—Ophiuroidea viventia hue usque cognita
  • Loew, H.—Dipteren-Fauna Sudafrika
  • *Loven, S.—En ny art af slagtet Spatangus
  • *Loven, S.—Odontophore of Mollusea
  • *Loven, S.—Om Echinoideernas bygnaad
  • *Loven, S.—Om en marklig art af Spongia
  • *Loven, S.—On Hyponome Sarsi
  • *Loven, S.—On Leskia mirabilis
  • *Loven, S.—Phanogenia
  • Lubbock, Sir J.—Origin and Metamorphoses of Insects
  • Lubbock, Sir J.—Origin of Civilization
  • Lubbock, Sir J.—Prehistoric Times
  • Lucas—Annelida, Crustacea, Arachnida and Myriapoda
  • Ludlow, W.—Reconaissance of the Black Hills, Dakota
  • MacGillivray, J.—Zoology of the "Voyage of the Rattlesnake"
  • Macquart—Diptera, 2 vols.
  • Malgrem, A. J. (and Eisen).—Annelids of Scandinavia
  • *Marne, E.—Bulimes auriculiformes de la Nouvelle Caledonie
  • *Marsh, Prof.—Odontornithes
  • Masters, Dr.—Henfrey's Botany
  • Masters (and Pascoe).—List of Australian Longicornes
  • * Mayer, A. M.—The Earth as a Magnet
  • McCoy, Prof.—Paleontology of Victoria
  • McGillivray, W.—British Quadrupeds
  • Meyer, A. B.—Notiz ueber die Vogel von Celebes
  • *Meyer, A. B.—On Epimachus wilhelminœ
  • *Meyer, H. L.—British Birds and Eggs
  • Miller, W. A.—Elements of Chemistry, 3 vols.
  • Mivart, St. Geo.—Genesis of Species
  • Mivart St. Geo.—Man and Apes
  • Moggridge, J. F.—Harvesting Ants and Trapdoor Spiders
  • Moggridge, J. F.—Supplement to do.
  • Morgan, A. de—Budget of Paradoxes
  • Mortier, B. C. du—Hepaticæ Europæ
  • Mosenthal (and Harting)—Ostriches and Ostrich farming
  • Mueller, Baron von—Observations on new Vegetable Fossils
  • Mueller, Baron von—Plants indigenous to Victoria, Part I.
  • Müller, C.—Synopsis Muscorum frondosorum
  • Müller, Fr.—Facts for Darwin
  • Muller (und Tröschel)—System der Asteriden
  • Muspratt, J.—Text-book of Chemistry, 2 vols.
  • Nares, Captain—Voyage to the North Pole
  • Nees ab Esenbeck (Gottsche and Lindenberg)—Synopsis Hepaticarum
  • Neumayer, G.—Anb. zu Wissen, beob. a reisen
  • Neumayer, G.—Meteorological Observations in Victoria
  • Newport, G.—Myriapoda (Chilopoda)
  • Nicholson, H. A.—Manual of Palæontologypage 13
  • Nicholson. H. A.—Manual of Zoology
  • Noad, H. M.—Students' Text-book of Electricity
  • Nylander, W.—Synopsis Lichenum, Vol. I.
  • Owen, R.—Anatomy of the Invertebrates
  • Owen, R.—Anatomy of the Vertebrates
  • Owen, R.—Fossil Mammals of Australia
  • *Owen, R—New Zealand Plesiosaurus
  • Owen, R.—Palæontology
  • Owen, R.—Parthenogenesis
  • Owen, R.—Wingless Birds of New Zealand, 2 vols.
  • Packard, A. S.—Guide to the Study of Insects
  • Parnell, E. A.—Chemical Analysis
  • Pascoe—Zoological Classification
  • *Pascoe (and Masters)—List of Australian Longicornes
  • Paxton, J.—Botanical Dictionary
  • Pelterd, W. F.—Tasmanian Land Shells
  • *Pelzeln, A. von—Sangethiere und Vogel aus Ostasien und America
  • *Pettigrew, Dr.—Physiology of Wings
  • Pfeiffer, L.—Mollusca (Auriculidæ)
  • Pffciffer, L.—Mollusca (Pulmonata)
  • Phillips, J. A.—Manual of Metallurgy
  • Phillips, J. A.—Vesuvius
  • Pictet, F. J.—Palæontology
  • Pratt, A.—British Grasses and Sedges
  • Procter, W.—Air and Water
  • Proctor, R. A.—A new Star Atlas
  • Proctor, R. A.—Other Worlds than Ours
  • Proctor, R. A.—Saturn and its System
  • Proctor, R. A.—The Orbs around us
  • Quatrefages, A. de—Annèles, 3 vols.
  • Quoy (et Gaimard)—Zoology of the "Voyage d' 'Astrolabe' "
  • Quoy (et Gaimard)—Zoology of the "Voyage cle 1' 'Uranie' et la 'Physicienne'"
  • Rambur, P.—Néuroptères
  • Ramsay, E. P.—Catalogue of Australian Birds
  • Reclus, E.—Ocean, Atmosphere, and Life
  • Reeves, L.—Conchologia Iconica, 20 vols.
  • Richardson (and Watts)—Chemical Technology, 7 vols.
  • Roscoe, H. E.—Spectrum Analysis
  • Rowley, G. D.—Ornithological Miscellany
  • Rumphius, G. E. Herbarium Amboinense
  • Russell, II. C.—Climate of New South Wales
  • Sachs, J.—Text-book of Botany
  • *Salvin, O.—Psittacidæ of Central America
  • *Saussure (et Humbert)—Description de divers Myriapodes
  • Sawkins (and Wall)—Geology of Trinidad
  • Schellen, H.—Spectrum Analysis
  • Schellenberg, J. R.—Genres cles Mouches (Diptéres)
  • Sehimper, W. P.—Synopsis Muscorum Europæorum
  • Schmidt, A.—Atlas der Diatomaceen-kundepage 14
  • Schomburgk, R. H.—Fishes of Guiana, 2 vols.
  • Scott, A. W.—Seals and Whales
  • Scrope, G. P.—Extinct Volcanoes of France
  • Scrope, G. P.—Volcanoes
  • Seeinan, B.—Flora Vitiensis (Fiji)
  • Selby, P. J.—Parrots
  • Selby, P. J.—Pigeons
  • Semper, Dr O.—Archipel del Phillipien (Holothurien)
  • *Semper, Dr O.—Uber Neritopsis und Cyclidia
  • Serville, A—Orthoptères
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Meteorological Observations, Instructions for Sir H. James
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Mineralogy & Mining.

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*Platine Natif. Du M. Daubrée

Miscellaneous (Including Archaeology, Astronomy, Microscopy, &c).

Agriculture of Victoria, Report on
Anleitung zu Wissenschaftlichen Beobachtungen auf Reisen G. Neumayer
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Astronomy Chambers
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Fuel of the Sun, The W.Mathieu Williams
History of the Theory of Probability T. Todhunter
How to work with the Microscope L. Beale
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Lectures in the Technological Museum, Victoria
Medical Dictionary J. Barrow
Microscope, The H. Baker
Microscopist, The Wythe
Mind and Brain T. Laycock
Molecular and Microscopical Science Mrs. Somerville
New South Wales, Description of P. E. de Strzelecki
New South Wales, Progress and Resources
New Zealand Exhibition (1865) Catalogue
New Zealand Exhibition (1865)—Jurors' Reports and Awards page 20
Orbs around us, The R. A. Proctor
Origin of Civilization Sir J. Lubbock
Other Worlds than Ours R. A. Proctor
Prehistoric Times Sir J. Lubbock
Primitive Culture Tylor
Rude Stone Implements Fergusson
Saturn and its System R. A. Proctor
*Sericulture, A Guide to G. Dickins
*Silk Districts of Japan F. O. Adams
Star Atlas, A new R. A. Proctor
Transit of Venus—Instructions to French Expeditions
Victorian Exhibition, 1875
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Victoria, Statistical Register of W. H. Archer


Animaiix fossiles du groupe nummulitique del'Ind D'Archiac et Haime
British Fossil Crustacea H. Woodward
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*New Zealand Plesiosaurus R. Owen
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*Odontornithes Professor Marsh
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Palæontologica Indica
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Voyages and Travels.

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Eastern Persia Goldsmid
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Naturalist on the Amazons H. W. Bates
New Zealand F. von Hochstetter
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Travels with Leichart
Voyage au Pole Sud et dans "l'Oceanie" Hombron et Jac
(Zoology) quinot
Voyage d' "Astrolabe" (Zoology) Quoy et Gaimard
Voyage de la "Bonite" (Zoology) Eydoux et Souleyet
Voyage de la "Coquille" (Zoology) Lesson et Garnet
Voyage de 1' "Uranie" et la "Physicienne"
(Zoology) Quoy et Gaimard
Voyage of the "Erebus" and "Terror" (Zoology)
Voyage of the "Rattlesnake" (Zoology) J. Macgillivray
Voyage of the "Samarang" (Crustacea and
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Anatomy J. Drake
Anatomy H. Gray
Anatomy, Cyclopaedia of Todd and Bowman
Anatomy of the Invertebrates T. H. Huxley
Anatomy of the Invertebrates R. Owen
Anatomy of the Vertebrates R. Owen
Anatomy, Physiological L. S. Beale
Animal Kingdom Carpenter & Woodward
Animal Kingdom, 16 Vols. Cuvier & Griffiths
Animal Kingdom J. T. R. Jones
Animal Parasites and Messmates P. J. van Benedenpage 23
*Animaux de deux Nayades Asiatiques-Les G. P. Deshayes
Anneles, 3 vols. A. de Quatrefages
Annelida, Crustacea, Arachnida, and Myriapoda Lucas
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Aptères Walckenaer et Gervais
Arachniden Australien L. Koch
*Archipel Caledonien, Deux espèccs de l' M. Crosse
Archipel der Philippien (Holutherien) Dr. Semper
Asteriden, System der Müller und Tröschel
Auriculidæ (Mollusca) L. Pfeiffer
Batracliia Salienta A. Günther
Bees Sir W. Jardine
Beetles J. Duncan
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Birds and Eggs, British H. L. Meyer
Birds and Fishes of New Zealand F. W. Hutton
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Birds, Catalogue of R. B. Sharpe
Birds, Catalogue of Australian E. P. Ramsay
Birds, Conspectus Genera Avium Prince C. L. Bonaparte
*Birds, Disputed Species of W. Buller
*Birds, from Fiji, new Hartlaub
Birds, Hand List of G. R. Gray
Birds in the Museum of the Asiatic Society, Catalogue of Bird Life A. E. Brehrn
Birds', Nests and Eggs of Indian
Birds', Nests and Eggs from Straits of Magellan Dr. Cunningham
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*Birds of New Zealand, List of the G. R. Gray
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Birds of North Western America E. Coues
Birds of the Pacific G. P. Gray
*Birds of the Southern Ocean F. W. Hutton
Birds of Western Africa, 2 vols. W. Swainson
Blattariæ (Orthoptera), 2 vols. F. Walker
Bones of Mammalia in the British Museum E. Gerard
Brachiopoda J. E. Gray
Bryozoa, Scandinavian F. A. Smith
*Bulimes auriculiformes de la Nouvelle Caledonie E. Marne
Butterflies, British J. Duncan
Butterflies, Foreign J. Duncan
Capitone and Picidœ, List of G. R. Gray
Carcinologie Nouvelle Caledonie A. Milne Edwardspage 24
Cephalopodia Antepedia J. E. Gray
*Cerithnum Unc Nouvelle espèce de Dr Foresti
Cetacea Sir W. Jardine
Chiroptera, Catalogue of Dobson
* Chlamydomyxa labtyrinthuloides. On W. Archer
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Clitonyx und Phyllodytes, Ueber O. Finsch
Coleoptera of the Canaries T. V. Wollaston
Coleoptera of Madeira T. V. Wollaston
*Coleoptera, Nouveaux genres et Nouvelles espèces de Lamellicornes Dr Sharp
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Colubrine Snakes A. Günther
Conchifera G. P. Deshayes
Conchologia Ieonica, 20 vols. L. Reeves
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Conchology, Introduction to G. Johnstone
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*Coquilles terrestres, Note sur deux M. Belanger
*Coryllis, New species of O. Finsch
Cossonidœ, Genera of T. V. Wollaston
*Crastacea, Amphipoda maris Spitzbergian A. Goes
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Crustacea, British sessile-eyed, 2 vols. C. Spence Bate
Crustacea, British stalk-eyed T. Bell
Crustacea, Fauna Japonica W. de Haan
Crustacea, (Leucosiadæ) T. Bell
Crustacea, Malacostraca Podophthalmata W. E. Leach
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Dodo and its Kindred H. E. Strickland
Dogs, 2 vols. Lt.-Col. C. H. Smithpage 25
Echini, 2 vols. A. Agassiz
Echinida J. E. Gray
Echinodèrmes L. Agassiz
Echinodèrmes F. Dujardin et H. Hupé
*Echinoideernasbyggnad, Om S. Loven
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Entomologise, Systema J. C. Fabricius
Entomology, British J. F. Stephens
Entomology, Introduction to, 4 vols. Kirby and Spence
Entomology, Introduction to J. Duncan
Entomostraca, British W. Baird
Entozoa Dr Baird
*Epimachus Wilhelmnœ A. B. Meyer
Erpetologie, 11 vols. Dumeril et Bibron
Expression of the emotions in Man and Animals C. Darwin
Facts for Darwin Fritz Muller
*Faune Malacologique des lies Kerguelen H. Crosse
Felinse Sir W. Jardine
Fischee der Südsee Garrett & Günther
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Fishes, Catalogue of, 8 vols. A Günther
Fishes, Lophobranchiate J. J. Kaup
Fishes of Guiana, 2 vols. E. H. Schomburg
Flycatchers W. Swainson
Gallinaceous Birds, 2 vols Sir W. Jardine
Gallinæ, List of G. R Gray
Geographical Distribution and Classification of Animals W. Swainson
Halticidæ H. Clarke
Harvesting Ants and Trapdoor Spiders J. T. Moggridge
Harvesting Ants and Trapdoor Spiders, Supplement to J. T. Moggridge
Helminthes F. Dujardin
Hemiptères Amyot and Serville
Hemiptera Heteroptera, 8 vols. F. Walker
Hispidse J. S. Baly
Homoptera F. Walker
Horses, 2 vols. Lt.-Col. C. H. Smith
Human Pathology A. Kolliker
Humming Birds, 2 vols. Sir W. Jardine
Hymenoptera F. Smith
Hymenoptera, British F. Smith
Hymenoptères A. Lepelletier
*Hyponome Sarsi,. On S. Loven
Ichthyology J. H. Bushnan
*Infusionsthierchen C. G. Ehrenberg
*Infusorian, On an Operculated F. W. Hutton
Infusories Claparede ot Lachmannpage 26
Insecten, Ausereuropaische Zweiflugelige, 2 vols. C. Wiederwann
Insects, Guide to the Study of A. S. Packard
Insects, Histoire Naturelle des, 3 vols. Castelnau et Blanchard
Insects, Injurious T. W. Harris
Insects, Introduction to the Study of, 2 vols. J. O. Westwood
Insects, Origin and Metamorphoses of Sir J. Lubbock
Lepidoptera Boisduval et Guenée
Lepidoptera of Fabricius, Diurnal A. G. Butler
Lepidoptera Heterocera A. G. Butler
Lepidoptera Heterocera F. Walker
*Leskia Mirabilis, on S. Loven
Lithophytes J. E. Gray
Lizards, Catalogue of J. E. Gray
Lizards of Australia and New Zealand J. E. Gray
*Longicornes, List of Australian Pascoe and Masters
Longicornia A. White
Mammals, Birds, and Reptiles of Nepaul J. E. Gray
Mammals, Carnivorous, Thick-skinned, & Edentate J. E. Gray
Mammals, Edentate, Thick-skinned, & Ruminant J. E. Gray
Mammals, Introduction to the Study of Lt.-Col. C. H. Smith
Mammals, Natural History of the G. H. Waterhouse
Mammalium, Synopsis E. B. Fischer
Marsupials G. H. Waterhouse
*Mitre, Uue nouvelle espèece de H. Crosse
Mollusca, Genera of Recent, 3 vols. H. and D. Adams
Mollusca, Guide to the J. E. Gray
Mollusca, Manual of the S. P. Woodward
*Mollusca, Odontophore of S Loven
*Mollusques qui vivent dans le detroite de Behring H. Crosse
Monkeys Sir W. Jardine
Monkeys, Lemurs and Fruit-eating Bats J. E. Gray
Moths, British J. Duncan
Moths, Foreign J. Duncan
Myriapoda (Chilopoda) G. Newport
*Myriapoda, Description de divers Humbert & Saussure
*Myriopodologie Skandinaviens A. Stuxberg
Natural History W. S. Dallas
*Natural History of European Seas Forbes
Neritopsis und Cyclidia, Ueber O. Semper
Nomenclator Zoologicus L. Agassiz
Neuroptercs P. Rambur
*Ocydromus, Ueber die arten den Gallung F. W. Hutton
*Ocydromus. Arten. Bemerkungen zu den O. Finsch
Oiseaux des Iles Mascareignes A. Milne Edwards
Oiseaux, fossilles A. Milne Edwards
Olividse (Mollusca) J. E. Gray
*Ophiurider, Om nagra na arten af A. Ljungman
*Ophiuroidea viventia hue usque cognita A. Ljungman
Ornithologie der Viti, Samoa und Tonga Finsch und Hartlaubpage 27
Ornithological Miscellany G. D. Rowley
*Ornithological Notes, Observations on Blandford's A. O Hume
*Ornithology, Further Notes on South African E. L. Layard
*Ornithology of New Zealand, Notes on the W. Buller
Orthoptères A. Serville
Osteologia Avium T. C. Eyton
Osteology, Atlas of Comparative T. H. Huxley
Osteology of the Mammalia W. H. Flower
Ostriches and Ostrich farming Mosenthal & Harting
Pachydermes Sir W. Jardine
Parasites, A Treatise on the Entozoa of Man and Animals T. S. Cobbold
Parrots P. J. Selby
Passalidæ (Coleoptera) F. Smith
*Penguins from New Zealand, Two new O. Finsch
Pennatularüdæ J. E. Gray
Perch Family, The Sir W. Jardine
Pflanzenthiere, 7 vols. E. J. C. Esper
*Phanogenia S. Loven
Phasmidæ (Orthoptera), 4th vol. J. O. Westwood
*Physiology of Wings Dr. Pettigrew
Pigeons P. J. Selby
Polypes composés d'eau douce, Histoire Naturelle des Dumortier et Van Bcneden
*Psittacidæ of Central America O. Salvin
Pteropoda, Catalogue of J. E. Gray
Pulmonata (Mollusca) L. Pfeiffer
Radiolarien E. Haeckel
Reptiles, Catalogue of Shield, Part I. J. E. Gray
Reptiles, Catalogue of Shield, Supplement to J. E. Gray
Reptiles, List of Shield J. E. Gray
Quadrupeds, British W. Macgillivray
Rhyngotorum Systema J. C. Fabricius
Ruminantia J. E. Gray
Ruminantia, 2 vols. Sir W. Jardine
*Sangethiere und Vogel aus Ostasien und America A. Von Penzeln
Satyridæ A G. Butler
Seals and Whales J. E. Gray
Seals and Whales, Supplement to J. E. Gray
Seals and Whales A. W. Scott
Seals, Handlist of J. E. Gray
Shells, Australian Land J. C. Cox
Shells, Genera of Sowerby
Shells, Mazatlan P. P. Carpenter
Shells of the "Bonite" Eydoux et Souleyet
Shells, Tasmanian Land W. Legrand
Shells, Tasmanian Land W. F. Pelterd
Snakes of Australia G. Krefft
*Spatangus, En ny Art af Slagtet S. Lovenpage 28
*Spongia, Om en Marklig Art af S. Loven
Sponges and Lithophytes, British G. Johnstone
Starfish, Species of J. E. Gray
Sun Birds Sir W, Jardine
Termitina (Neuroptera) H. Hagen
Tineina, Natural History of the, 10 vols. H. T. Stainton
Tortoises and Crocodiles J. E. Gray
*Vertebrata, Australian G. Krefft
*Vogel, New Seelands, Die O. Finsch
*Vogel, New Seelands, Revision O. Finsch
*Vogel, von Celebes, Notiz ueber die A. B. Meyer
*Vogelsaminlung aus Sudwest Gronland, Ueber cine O. Finsch
*Vogelsammlung aus Ostasien, Ueber eine O. Finsch
*Volutes, Distribution of Australian J. C. Cox
Voyages (Zoology) see page
Whales and Dolphins, Synopsis of J. E. Gray
Wild Animals J. Wolf
Worms, British G. Johnston
Zoological Classification Pascoe
Zoological Sketches J. Wolf
Zoology, Handbook of J. Van der Hoeven
Zoology, Manual of II. A. Nicholson
Zoology, New Zealand
Zoology of Eastern Persia W. T. Blandford
Zoology of South Africa A. Smith
Zoonomia Erasmus Darwin
Zoophytes, British G. Johnston
The following books are on order and to arrive:—
  • Voyage d'Astrolabe—Botanie par Lesson et Richard
  • Voyage au Pole Sud—Botanie (Cellular et Vasculaire) par Montaigne et Deeaisne
  • Ralf's British Desmidiæ
  • Hassal's Fresh Water Algæ
  • Jardine's Illustrated Scottish Salmonidæ
  • Hooker's Flora Tasmanica
  • Dujardin's Histoire Naturelle des Zoophytes infusories
  • D. F. Stein—Der organismus infusionsthiere
  • W. S. Kent—Manual of the Infusoria
  • Sir W. Hooker's British Jungermanniæ
  • J. Payer—Organogenie de la Fleur
  • Dr Trösehel—Das Gebiss der Schnecken zur Berundung einer Natur-lichen Classification
  • Dana's Crustacea and Zoophytes of the American Exploring Expedition