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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 21, September 6, 1976.

Gregory Minor

Gregory Minor

Mr Harry H. Hendon,

Manager, C & I Engineering, General Electric Company, 175 Curtner Avenue, San Jose, California.

Dear Harry,

This is to inform you that I am resigning from the General Electric Company effective today.

My reason for leaving is a deep conviction that nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons now present a serious danger to the future of all life on this planet.

I am convinced that the reactors, the nuclear fuel cycle, and waste storage systems are not safe. We cannot prevent major accidents or acts of sabotage. I fear that continued nuclear proliferation will quicly consume the limited uranium supply and force us into a plutonium-based fuel economy with even greater dangers of genetic damage and terrorist or weapons activity.

From my earliest days at Hanford, I have been deeply concerned about the dangers of radioactivity. I can still remember my wife's shock at having a container for urine sampling placed on our front doorstep for the use of our family. I wonder now if that police-state atmosphere at Hanford wasn't an omen for all people for the future.

I cannot be a part of an industry that promotes a policy that would lead our generation to consume 30 years of nuclear power for our own selfish purposes and leave behind radioactive wastes that will be a health hazard for thousands of generations to come.

In recent months I have become increasingly dismayed at the industry's opposition to the Nuclear Safeguards Initiative. I have seen the attempts to confuse and whitewash the issues by claiming that there are no unsolvable problems and appealing to individual's fears for their jobs. The public must be told that there are many problems. I am confident that an informed public - given the truth - will decide against continued nuclear proliferation.

I am also sure that there are others in the industry who share my concerns and I hope my decision will cause them to stop and consider the enormous implications and dangers of the nuclear legacy we are creating.

Greg Minor - Opposed to nuclear energy.

Greg Minor - Opposed to nuclear energy.


Gregory C. Minor

Manager. Advanced Control & Instrumentation cc:

A. Rubio

S. Levy

R. H. Beaton

minor speaks ~

V.U.W., Thurs. 9th in the Union Hall, 12 noon.

Teachers' College, Mon. 13th, 12 noon

Y.W.C.A., Ewen Hall, 355 Willis St., Thurs 9th Sept. at 8p.m.