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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 38, Number 25. 2nd October 1975

Reply to open letter above (WMSA — Pariah Organisation)

Reply to open letter above (WMSA — Pariah Organisation)

Dear Editor,

This letter is intended as a strong protest to the fabricated story of one Mr William Chang, concerning the WMSSA AGM.

Mr Chang, like some of the budding Malaysian lawyers on campus, is particularly adept at a ritualised form of masturbation called constitutional wrangling; small legal minds can go no further.

We were informed by last year's secretary (Y. S. Soh) that there was an error in the wording of the constitutional amendment. The constitutional amendment for the quorum of the AGM should read as follows: "The quorum for the AGM shall be 20 financial members or half the financial members for the year whichever is the lesser."

The WMSSA AGM was conducted with due constitutional regard in the spirit and intention of the WMSSA and VUWSA constitutions.

There were 34 financial members. Three resided out of Wellington and were unable to make it to the AGM and this brought the membership to 31 — half of this being 15. There were 16 financial members present and the chairperson Ms Dawn Clark ruled that the meeting was constitutional and was to carry on without further interruption from non-financial members.

WMSSA has always conducted itself in the appropriate manner. May I remind Mr Chang that it was WMSA which in the early 1970's had to be whipped into line because of its closed and selective membership. WMSA was the pariah (and still is in some respects) organisation which continually flouted the VUWSA constitution.

We don't believe for one moment that VUWSA is going to take any notice of a voice in the wilderness. A hundred letters from non-financial members will not affect the validity of the WMSSA AGM.

To those of you in WMSA who are going to have bacon and eggs with our dearly beloved Prime Minister Razak, I hope you buggers die of food poisoning. To those of you who are having dinner with him beware, there will be live frogs in your soup.

Yours sincerely,

Kelvin J Ratnam

President WMSSA