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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 20. 1972

Colombo Plan Bias

Colombo Plan Bias

It is also worthwhile to point out that Victoria University of Wellington and other New Zealand Universities or institutions higher studies have also played a significant and complimentary role in association with [unclear: Mala] bureaucrat capitalism in Malaysia by [unclear: 'manufacturing] more young Malay tools or lackeys for Malaysian [unclear: pu] regime. By 1971, there were approximately 60 [unclear: Mara] scholarship and loan holders in New Zealand ([unclear: represent] about ¼ of the total number of students for overseas studies under Mara scheme') in addition to 179 [unclear: Colo] bo Plan scholarship students from Malaysia. The [unclear: Malays] Mara-Colombo Plan scholarship students constitute about 1/3 of the total number of Colombo Plan students in New Zealand! The number of Malaysian [unclear: students] Colombo Plan scholarships in Wellington Region [unclear: totole] 63 in 1971 of which 27 Colombo Plan students [unclear: stude] at Victoria University of Wellington. Apart from [unclear: Colli] Plan students from Malaysia, the number of Mara [unclear: sa] larship and loan holders at Victoria University of [unclear: Well] ton was 11, adding with one each from Malaysian [unclear: Fad] Scholarship and Yayasan Tengku Abdul Rahman, etc. is said that by March, 1972 there are 34 Mara- [unclear: Colombo] Plan students at Victoria University of [unclear: Wellington] Among Mara scholarship and loan holders, almost [unclear: all] of them are doing B.C.A. courses which implies that Victoria is engaging in professional and business training of young future Malay bureaucrats is the rapid rise of Malay bureaucrat capitalism. When these group of government-financed students return home, they [unclear: immediatly] become the bureaucrats. Political, economic, social [unclear: an] educational tools and work for the interests of [unclear: Malay] bureaucrat capitalist and comprador capitalists who exploit ruthlessly the Malayan people particularly [unclear: the] Malay peasants. This may also imply that [unclear: Victoria] and other New Zealand universities are serving directly indirectly the interests of imperialism, neo-[unclear: colonia] fascism, racism and reactionary regimes in Southeast Asia. For example, VUW offers a professional and [unclear: bus] iness training ground for the Colombo Plan [unclear: scholarshi] students of Mara scholarship and loan students or the like sent by the puppet governments of South [unclear: Vietna] Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia (and [unclear: also] Taiwan). The New Zealand people and students must investigate and question further this bloody business and stop the New Zealand universities turning into [unclear: train] camps of the tools and lackeys of imperilalism, [unclear: neo-colo] ialism and fascism. Another alarming example is that [unclear: the] New Zealand Police Training Centre has arranged [unclear: exper] training courses with police dogs for high ranking [unclear: poilce] from Singapore in order to raise the standard of the [unclear: technique] of political suppression against the people [unclear: strugg]. The Mr. John's tactices are now becoming the latest [unclear: ki] expretise export to the developing countries under [unclear: the] pretext of "regional cooperation" or Colombo Plan [unclear: or] the like.

Riot Damage in Kuala Lumpur

Riot Damage in Kuala Lumpur

Straits Times

Criticism has also been levelled against Bank [unclear: Buimp] for operating like any ordinary private bank among [unclear: the] big capitalists when its function is supposed to be [unclear: to] the 'sons of the soil'. The Bank Kerjasama (the Cooperative Bank) instead of doing something to uplift the rural peasants, directly serve the interests of the feudal landlords. So also with Fama.

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The FLDA (Federal Land Development Authority), in one instance allotted 33,500 acres land to the Economic Board of Trengganu and the National Financial Construction Board, headed by the puppet Chief Minister of Trengganu, Ibrahim Fikri, for planting oil palm. This puppet is connected with the Insurance Copperative Society of Malaysia in this venture. He has received M$50 million from public funds for developing this scheme. It was this same Ibraham Fikri who had bluntly told the unemployed youths of Trengganu demanding land for cultivation that there was no land available for distribution to the people.

In short, none of the organisations set up ostensibly to improve the welfare and livelihood of the Malay masses has brought them any direct or indirect benefit. The policy and measures of Razak clique are entirely aimed advancing the selfish class interests of the rapacious Malay feudal landlords and bureacrat capitalists whom they represent and further impoverishing the broad masses of the Malay peasants and working people.

The Malay bureaucrat capitalist class, which controls the UMNO Party, has grown out of the Malay feudal landlords and bureaucrats who were formerly in the employ of the British colonial regime. They have, within the short space of a decade so, aquired much wealth and influence by defrauding and plundering the Malay masses. A few of them may be quoted typical example: