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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 16. 1972

Best Pissed On?

Best Pissed On?


I am becoming increasingly pissed off with the petty politics that go on within this University. The latest donation of $2,000 (not publicised by Salient in its last issue I might add) to North Vietnam serves to stress my point.

How 130 students can give away $2,000 of other peoples money, never ceases to amaze and the fact that Exec have already passed the Cheque - (although it is post dated to allow for an S.G.M. to reconsider the matter) makes me wonder just how weak Cullen is. At last years elections you may remember that there were two main candidates Cullen and Tim Groser. Cullen won fairly comfortably thanks to the support by the more conservative, more rational members of this University.

And yet Cullen has proved himself as one of the weakest Presidents we have seen. He has allowed himself to be manipulated by those of the likes of Alick Shaw into a position where he bows to their wants.

While I must admit that it demonstrates a shrewd move on the part of these "politicians" it makes me wonder just who holds the strings in this University. Cullen is the puppet; Who is making him dance? Cullen will undoubtedly in reply look to S.R.C. but that's a white elephant in itself. Its only effect has been to cause more S.G.M.s being called to reverse ridiculous motions. You see it is easy to stack an S.R.C. One only needs to muster about 30 of your mates to get something passed because half those in the Union Hall on that day are there every day eating their lunch.

If S.R.C. was held in an obscure lecture theatre somewhere, I sincerely doubt whether a quorum could be mustered. Agreed it is ideal for such things as voting for student reps and other administrative tasks, but for major policy decisions it is undemocratic.

What I would like to see is a referendum held on major issues once a term. Cullen will be quick to point.out the cost. Out of 6,300 students the motion of 130 is not bad. Lets see if you can change your step a little Pete.