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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 14, No. 7. June 25, 1951

J'Accuse ! ! !

J'Accuse ! ! !

Sir,—The first article attacking the Peace Movement makes many statements which are far from fact.

It has never been the intention of the World Peace Council to supplant the U.N. It is trying to make the U.N. work as the Charter intended. The Peace Council sees in the U.N. the means of settling disputes and is disturbed at the situation where disputes in Indonesia and Palestine can be settled by arbitration yet the Korean affair has been handled without hearing the North Korean case, and no serious effort has been made to end the war which is destroying towns and civilians.

The writers of the article who say that the Peace Movement has "failed to catch on in countries like N.Z." have had very little connection with it. The recent Peace Congress in Auckland showed that despite press hostility and silence, the movement in this country is firmly established.

"The Government of the USSR belives that despite the differences in economic systems and ideologies the co-existence of these systems and the peaceful settlement of differences between USSR and the USA are not only possible but absolutely necessary in the interests of universal peace." Stalin in an interview with Stasson, 1947.

Why has the editor suppressed my article on the. N.Z. Peace Congress? Lack of space is no excuse as you have given considerable space to piffle about Extrav. That I am not a Salient staff member falls down when I hear that R. E. Hereford who wrote on common common rooms is not on Salient staff!

W. H. McLeod.

(Your article had to be retyped. The Peace Movement receives more space than its support warrants, because Salient suppresses nothing fit to print. There is no need to answer excuses I have not made and do not intend to make.—Ed.)