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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 13, No. 4. March 23rd, 1950


Of all the problems facing the world today two are the most argent, two are a continuing threat to the existence of mankind: the problems of finding food, and taming power.

We in this comfortable country can scarcely imagine the starvation, squalor and ignorance in which half the human race live. Many of us do not care (being more interested in horses); most do not know what is even now being done; and nearly all would, if challenged, protest with an irresponsible defeatism, "What can I do about it?"

The chief menace to world peace today is the religion of Power, a religion comprised of many jarring sects, each with its own pet dogma: "The Dignity of Authority," "The Fitness of the White Races (or Big Business, or The Intellectuals, or The Workers) to Rule." "The Glory of the 'Balonian State'; worst of all, the anachronistic theory of Sovereignty—a most immoral doctrine which has found far too many able minds ready to prostitute themselves in its service. (This state of affairs was ably criticised by Dr. K. R. Popper in "The Open Society and its Enemies," a book which is obtainable from the Wellington Public Libraries).

These problems are world-wide, and must be attacked the world over. Everywhere men and women of good will have an individual duty to all other individuals to study these problems, and work and pay for their solution. Most of us have been guilty of criminal negligence. [unclear: But] we need not continue to be so guilty. There is a way for every individual to help the human struggle to build a lasting peace, and to make the Universal Declaration of Human Rights a living reality.