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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 3, No. 4. 1940

So They Began

So They Began

It is unfortunate that most Varsity choruses start off weakly, (due probably to lack of practice), and "Let us Have a Conference" was no exception. However, once into their stride, there was no lack of vigour. Of the music, original by J. McLaughlin, I liked "Centennial Blues" best, and also the appearance and disappearance of Professor Freud, plus footlights, into the orchestra on the second night.

Then to John Carrad's show. John has a reputation for original words and music. "What a lady Josephine must have been." He did not disappoint us in "You Can't Pick a Winner". "Ragtime Lay" and "Eldorado" I rank as amongst John's best productions, and "Drifting down Caroline Bay" was not far behind. Captain Cook (Paul Taylor) and Miss Centenary (Paul Powell) stood out amongst the principals. The first, for his singing (one of the best that V.U.C. has produced), and the second as being particularly seductive and enticing. The 1940 High Steppers, recalled, each night, were classic. I noted the willowy wisp first on the right, and a cone hither smile fifth from the right. The Jitterbugs were most effective when Jitterbugging. Unfortunately their act was spolit by bad spotting on the first night.