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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 12. June 28, 1939



Hutt and Old Boys Games

This year's University Team, like all Varsity sides, has the Knack of turning on really indifferent games followed immediately by football of a much better class. Against Old Boys, Varsity played as poor a came as anyone could have despaired to see; against Hutt one week later the side, despite weaknesses, was much more convincing.

In both games Race at half was in good form and against Hutt his performance was an outstanding one. He was directly responsible for three of the five tries scored, scoring one himself and converting two of the tries. His outstanding play inspired the other backs to greater efforts and after the lamentable display against Old Boys this rejuvenation was most welcome.

The Backs.

The Varsity five-eighths are still the main weakness of the back-line. Against Old Boys their general play was poor and defence indifferent. Against Hutt their play improved but pointless kicking is still a weakness of their play, and their handling and giving of passes very ragged. With a powerful three-quarter line outside them it should be the Varsity team's ambition to give the three-quarters a run as often as possible but this idea apparently escapes the insides' attention far too often. Tricklebank against Old Boys was off form and played his worst game this season, but his play against Hutt was much improved and he showed much more of his old dash. He scored one good try.

Eastwood against Old Boys scored a brilliant try from centre and defended grimly. He is a great scoring man given just half a chance, but against Hutt he did not get one run. His defence however was all that was required. O'Regan seems to have struck a bad patch in his handling, but against Hutt he improved as the game progressed. Kissel played his best game this season against Hutt and it is to be hoped that he will continue to improve. He is still a little [unclear: lackadaisical] in his play, which tends to unnerve the side.

Forwards Impressive.

The forwards are still going well though in the Old Boys game they missed their leader Burke and also the presence of McVeagh and Meads. They were a little spasmodic in this game though they battled well. Against Hutt the pack was most impressive and Burke commanded most of the ball, giving the Varsity backs the chance to call the tune—and call it right merrily they did.

McVeagh, McNicol and Hansen were in fine form and the two Shannons continue to show their consistent dash. The tackling of these two forwards must have been a delight to the onlookers against Hutt. Stacey is another whose tackling has been first rate.

Varsity seems to be on the improve, though it is hard to judge after two games so different from each other. The weaknesses in defence in the backs are still in evidence however and a disinclination to go down on the ball still to be seen. Hutt did not capitalize on Varsity's mistakes, but other sides most certainly will.

It is, however, a pleasant sight to see a team pull up so well after a heavy loss and it shows that Old Man Despair is no member of the side.

After all, the All Blacks were beaten 17 to nil in the first test in 1928, and who won the second?


Next Saturday


  • Seniors v. Oriental, Kelburn.
  • Juniors 1st v. Technical Old Boys, Wakefield 1.
  • Juniors 2nd v. Eastbourne, Kilbirnie 2.
  • Juniors 3rd v. Poneke, Kilbirnie 3.
  • Thirds 1st v. St. Patrick's, Western Park.
  • Thirds 2nd v. Seatoun, Kilbirnie 1.


  • To meet at the end of the [unclear: Berhampore] tram section at 2.15 p.m.