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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 1, No. 11 June 15, 1938

God or Man?

God or Man?

The Church existed to tell people that God had come into this world. In popular Jargon. "To clean up the mess." It was important, therefore, that people should have a clear conception as to who Jesus of Nazareth really was (or is!). God or Man? This was the burden of the address on the Wednesday evening.

To doubt the historicity or Jesus was no longer a live issue. Reputable secular historians agreed as to the veracity or the gospel records concerning the life and work of Jesus, Whatever they thought about the resurrection story, these facts were Indisputable:—

(1) The disciples believed that Jesus was risen from the dead, and (1) that He was the Messiah: (3) the growth of the Church.

What a man thinks of Christ will possibly depend upon his predilections. Maybe he will be agreeable to recognise Jesus as the greatest moral teacher or the supreme of the way of life, and therefore to call Him divine. But by approaching the question "Who was Jesus?" in this fashion they will never discover what the Christian Church has known Him to be. When Jesus was asked by the Council of the Sanhedrin whether he was the Messiah be was making a claim to deity.