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Journal of the Nelson and Marlborough Historical Societies, Volume 1, Issue 5, October 1985


page 3


This issue of the journal contains articles on a wide range of topics and it is pleasing that some of the articles are based either on talks presented at public meetings or on notes prepared for field excursions. The publication of such articles was one of the original objectives of the 'Journal of the Nelson Historical Society', which first appeared in 1955 and was succeeded by the present journal series in 1981.

This year has seen the introduction of a new publication schedule so as to ensure that the journal is printed and distributed well before Christmas. This should eliminate some of the problems eperienced in recent years. Further editorial changes are under consideration and it is expected that these will be discussed in the near future at a joint meeting of the committees of both societies. One possible change is for each society to take responsibility for articles originating in their respective areas although the journal editor would still have overall control. This would allow each society to be fully involved with the journal yet still ensure that the substantial cost benefits associated with a single publication are retained.

Finally I thank your Editor, Mrs Margaret Brown, for continuing to oversee the journal's publication and ensuring that its high standard is maintained. After 8 years Margaret has indicated that she will be stepping down as Editor and I'm sure all will appreciate the time and energy she has given to ensure that our history is recorded.

M. R. Johnston


Nelson Historical Society