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The New Zealand Evangelist

The Natives

The Natives.

The impressions produced upon the minds of the natives by the late awful visitation, though not so easily perceived by the general observer as that produced upon the European population, has been extensive and salutary, though in many cases superstitious beliefs have been mixed up with their ideas, yet those of them who know and profess the Gospel, have not failed to mark the finger of God in the fearful concussions with which we have been affrighted. They ask “What can this mean? Formerly we had one or two shocks and all was over, but at this time we have had shock after shock, so fearful and so many, that we never saw the like. Is not God angry? Many of those who had given up the profession of Christianity have returned to associate with their fellow worshippers. Their religious assemblies have been crowded and attentive, and there is evidently a revival among them as great as has taken place among the colonists.