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Historical Records of New Zealand

Evidence taken concerning Rope made from New Zealand Flax

Evidence taken concerning Rope made from New Zealand Flax.

Deptford, 15 October, 1821.

Notes of a trial made of a piece of rope, manufactured by Messrs. Simins, two inches and a half circumference:—

page 511

Three strands containing 12 yarns in each strand were tried singly and not one broke with 84 lbs. weight.

Further trial was made by stretching a piece of New Zealand rope, and a piece of King’s rope, each nine feet long, and the latter two inches and a half, and made of three strands, 14 yarns to each strand. The King’s rope gave way under this trial, and the New Zealand flax rope stood.

Four single yarns of the coiled yarn bore 84lbs. when suspended three feet in the clear.

The yarns of the first trial were suspended three feet in the clear, with 105 Ibs. weight attached, and not one broke.

Three yarns out of the twelve of King’s two inch and a half rope broke, when suspended to the same weight.


John Thomas Bigge.