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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 6 (October 2, 1933)


One visitor after another, year after year, tells New Zealanders that their country has marvellous scenery, beyond the power of pen to describe or brush to paint worthily. When will this “natural capital” pay big dividends?

Well, fellow-New Zealanders, you have a country known as “The Brighter Britain of the South,” The Wonderland of the Pacific,” “The Playground of the Pacific,” “The Sportsman's Paradise,” and “God's Own Country.” What are you doing to gain big dividends from that marvellous natural capital of scenic charm, health-giving waters, troutteeming rivers and lakes, and haunts of swordfish? When will the wide world send its tens of thousands every year to these isles of enchantment and refreshment? When will New Zealand have its proper place in the itineraries of people of the six continents? This will happen when New Zealand's people—especially those who are directly interested in the tourist industry-decide on action which the natural wealth deserves.

New Zealanders, how many of you know your own country thoroughly? As a reminder of your Islands’ claim to the notice of the world's tourists here is a brief survey of the principal spectacular features, from North to South:—