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Diary of William Golder, 1873


“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

Feb 13 Sat feb.

Day fine—feeling fatigued from yesterdays exertions
I staid in today and distributed type—afternoon
sowed some turnip seed—James gone to town
John home today—gave me 22/ to pay rates—he is kind

24 Sexagesima Sun

Day wet SE. at home all
day when john went away I gave him two
books of arithmetic and grammar to study in his
leisure week-day hours.

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

35 Mon

day fine—planting cabbages—the
young horse neck-boil beginning to burst
—I tilling and P Speedy & John Pringle were up
the hill today—and went down again about dinner
time with a sheep in the trap—at night distributing
type. 2 ½ pages

4 6 Tu

Day fine after attending to the sick horse
and cleaning away the running matter from
its broken boil—I went gathering grass seed
& the horse seems a good deal better—at night
distributed 2 pages type

5 7 Wed

day fine after attending to the horse I
gathered some grass seed—afternoon Mary
gone to the Hutt—I finished distributing type
of E sheet and began to adjust Brevier type—
did a P and E.

6 8 Th
Half Quarter Day

day fine—forenoon gathered up the hay
seed in the hayshed—and sat it to dry
in the sun—did a few letters adjusting—afternoon
gathering some cocksfoot and burning rubish [sic]
and threw some dirty seed on some burned places

7 9 Fri●

morning looked like rain forenoon
sowed the grass seed I baged [sic](2) yesterday—being
damp in the afternoon I finished type ajusting [sic]
in the brevier case which may prove an advantage
by and by.

8 10 Sat

day fine felt somewhat strange did
a little to arrangeing musical lessons—
afterwards writing an educational letter
in pencil

9 11 Quinquagesima Sun

Mr Moir up this after
noon, Mr Singer came up also to bid us
all good bye, as he is appointed for
Pauhatanui school

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

102 Mon

morning fine after Breakfast—and other
things done I went to the Hutt for voting—paid
road and school rates—got the Education act
to read—got home again by three. Had letter with
Carter from Quintin—his son Quintin died of fever

11 13 Shrove Tu

writing the letter to the NZ
mail on the Education question, so as to
send it for insertion in time day fine.

12 114 Ash Wed
St. Valentine

day fine, sent the communi
-cation by Charles to the
Independent office.—sowing grass seed
gathered from beneath the hay rack and from
the stable loft—a heifer calved—Gosling helped
to boil it—James refused to assist

13 125 Th

day fine staid in writing on the Education
question, the day being rather damp to
be out

14 136 Fri ☽
Cambridge Term divides

day fine after cow
milking sowed grass seed—afternoon
helping to make a road to wood cutting

15 147 Sat

day fine rewrote 2 sheets of com
munication—John came down here
tonight—saw pourtraits from home

168 Quadragesma Sun
Ember Week

day fine—attended church
at Hutt—at the Communion
had dinner with Mr McIlvride

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

17 169 Mon

Day fine—to day cutting fern and
other rubbish to clear ground—Mary
gone to town today to see jessie—

18270 Tu

day fine—busy cutting fern
and rubbish for burning off—Mary
all day at Mr Jollys[gap — reason: unclear]

19281 Wed
Ember Day

morning dampish but turned out fine
during the day—cutting fern and rubbish

20 1922 Th

day fine cutting fern—Gosling
had fires, the from the SE the wind was
and blew fire into his hedge and
burned some of it.

21203 Fri
Ember Day

day damp—In doors began type
setting prose work Education

224 Sat ❍
St. Matthias. Ember Day

day fine setting type and cutting fern
did near a page at night

2325 Sun—2 in Lent

at the Hutt to-day
and at the meeting on the hill Mr Hanes
text LukXIII, 5, Except ye repent

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

246 Mon

day fine Cutting fern—

257 Tu

day fine Cutting fern—

268 Wed

day fine cutting furze hedge
heard Death is committed for trial, also
old Mr Sims Porirua.

279 Th

day very hot—I remained in doors
all day type setting, Mary at the Hutt
in afternoon. James to town

281 March [sic: Feb] Fri
St. David's Day

day hot—Cutting bush rubbish
at the bend of the hay paddock
road above the well—and set up a page of type