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Diary of William Golder, 1873


page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

1 Mon

2 Tu

1 3 Wed ☾

2 4 Th

3 5 Fri
Dividends due at the Bank

4 6 Sat

Day fine—hoeing potatoes.
altered some boxes of typecase. Got this
book tonight, the only one Charles could get
when in town today —

5 7 Sun—1 aft Epiph

felt rather unwell
had to get out during the night with
Dysentry,—staid at home. Mr Hanes
up the hill today—instead of Singer—[gap — reason: unclear]

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

6 8 Mon

Misty and Damp S.E. altered some boxes
of type case—Gosling came in, and told me of a
Board meeting of roads today at the Hutt.—
I wrote a requisition for special government grant
and took it down—the Belmont road not let.

7 9 Tu
Fire Insurance Ceases

Misty and damp—Had long search for cows
this morn. Jeanie with the bell
not found—all day little done—I hoed some potatoes
—the rain as it has come gently is a great blessing
making the parched grass again to spring.—

8 10 Wed ●

morning fine—during alternate
sunshine and showers near night and a fresh S.E.
dark blast came on—so did not go for the cows
—Mary at the Hutt with Mrs Gosling—sent word to
John, about the road contract—finished hoeing potatoes
to night got word about the lost cow away two days.

9 11 Th
Hilary Term begins

day fine—found the lost cow this morning
with a broken leg in a place where
it could not get out for logs[gap — reason: unclear]—It appears it had been
pushed down the hillside and so hurt itself—it has stood
there for 2 days and nights with nothing to eat. We killed it
to save any further loss—While at the Hutt I put John’s
papers in the post office; sent to D. Speedy.

1012 Fri

fine day—cutting up and salting the caracase
of poor cow Nany. Gave Gosling, hind leg for
his help. at night did some questions in Arith
metic. May almighty grace sustain me in
examination tomorrow.

113 Sat
Cambridge Term begins

day fine—I went to town, walked all the
way—I went to the Education
board office—but was disappointed in my
expectations—Examination day posponed
till 23 & 24th of the month—expenses 4/-

124 Sun—2 aft Epiph

morning rainy—I staid at
home feeling fatigued with yesterdays walk, and
day unfavourable.—Mr Hanes today in the after
noon gave a very serious and applying discourse from
Matthew XI,28 Come unto me &c.

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

13 15 Mon
Oxford Term begins

morning fine, Feeling still fatigued with
Saturdays journey, I did feel able
in forenoon to go mowing—so did something
to correcting proofs for printing. Afternoon
went a mowing a little—about 1p.m. while we
were at dinner P. Speedy rode past homeward.

14 16 Tu

Today wet and stormy. Printing off the
No 8 sheet.—got it done by shortly after 9 P.M.
night fine at present at 10 oclock.

15 17 Wed

day fine. Mowing—Had a visit
from Murry—going up to his ground—
I feel not very strong for mowing though
the grass is light—Heard[gap — reason: unclear] of Jessie being badly in
the convent. told Mary to take her some Milfois[gap — reason: unclear]
to make tea with to cause persperation.

16 18 Th

day fine Mary went to town to see Jessie
I sent with her some yarrow—and popular
bark—to promote perpersperation [sic: perspiration] and create
an appetite. Self cutting grass—and when tired
at that work—practising among Decimals &c

17 19 Fri

Last night when Mary came home she said
I must go to see Jessie—today I went. She was in great ex
citement, full of chat, after she was made to know
me—I saw the Doctor—he said she was in a low fever
I asked if she had had a vomit—to clean her stomach, but
got angry and said, he would not be cross questioned &c and I
might take her under my own care.—he was surly—I left him—
told the nun to give her some yarrow tea a night—
got home by 6 John James and Mary were down too

18 20 Sat

morning a little damp, but clearing up during day
I[gap — reason: unclear] did some mowing—and in the afternoon while
resting from work did some sums—Mary at Hutt
in the afternoon—John came up with her at night

19 21 Sun—3 aft Epiph

Mr Singer today
no morning printing, in afternoon only
self & Scholes and two children and himself met—
fire in the haypaddock—Strong winds. &c

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

202 Mon

Morning fine,—mowing hay—James
raking together what was cut previously in order
to take it in on the afternoon—when getting the horse
for that purpose—thunder was heard at a distance and
soon the rain began to full baulking our intentions.
I busied myself afterward with arithmetic—Mary came
home tonight about 10PM—Jessie dangerous

213 Tu

Morning fine afternoon thunderstorm
Charles gone to town self indoors looking
over lessons for examination James began
work — mowing.

224 Wed

Morning fine—Self busy at arith
metic—Charles wood cutting James mowing
took in afternoon took in some hay—

235 Th
Conversion of St. Paul

Went to town by the van to the schoolmasters
examination—About noon I got
my examination paper on grammar—about 3
oclock got another paper on Arithmetic—did the[gap — reason: unclear]
half of it, when told it was time to stops —Being
invited I was accommodated by Mr Rolf for the night

246 Fri

—By 10 this morning, went to work on my
examination papers—about noon got another
on Geography and English history.—got nearly
through Geography when told it was time to leave off
—I went and saw Jessie at the convent—she was getting

257 Sat

This morning went to work on my papers
and got through them by about noon—which closed
the examination—I was asked if I had applied for
Belmont—and what salary I expected—I left that to
the decision of the Board.

268 Septuagesima Sun

I went to the Hutt Church—
Afternoon—Mr Tomkins on the Hill

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

279 Mon

This morning went raking the hay
together—while James mowed some more—
in afternoon took all into the hayshed. She[gap — reason: unclear]
was fine but breezy

38 [sic: 28]0 Tu

This morning a little damp—before distri-
buting types I printed another quire—afternoon
put a new handle or sned[gap — reason: unclear] on the small steele syesh
scythe to cut fern—Both Charles and James to
town—Charles came home first—James ½ hour after

2931 Wed
Hilary Term ends

Day fine—James & Charles wood cutting
self cutting fern and burning it
got back the big sieve—.

301 Feb Th

Day fine, put fresh handles on
the short sythe—then cut fern and set
fire to some among bushes—this kept me
busy in the afternoon to prevent the fire
from getting near the hedge—This I managed
with the help of Providence—

312 Fri
Purification V.M. Candlemas

Day fine In the morn
ing wrote a letter to Toomath offering my services
as schoolmaster for Belmont for 50 Pounds
a year took it to the post office—saw Mr Williams
sent Mr Beetham my compliments—afternoon bur
ning fern James to town.