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Experiment 12

[three untitled poems by Janice White]

page 16

Long drops hum steady fall as
You lie up there in unfaithful
Sleep, wrenched
Yet I ache understanding
And longing to fulfill
As you lie, hour slumber
Soft sleep in nighting
Pale dreams
Of her breast
Amid the fork-whipped foam
Sudden wonder as to whether
You will swift pull
My sheets - and tumble,
Scramble me out
Of lazy bed
To laugh with you
On bare boards of
Silent sigh.

- Janice White

As now I sit
Observing some phenomenon
The perfect peace of twos
Distant company
A single peak lies under
Chilling ice and snow
Peace between the marriage
of two minds
To justify the placing of our
Tongues on some small
oriental table and
Flowing down on
Or stretched in black
Upon the steaming sand
To magnify the myriad
Strange the written
Written soundings in
The sand
As the death of our
Our imagination
Leaves me single.

- Janice White

Enigmatic now the people sit
Bereft their tongues
And purple faced
Now hollow voices
Can no more parrot
Words of their fathers
Mundane daily threat
The dull pulsing of
Their carefully thumping
Eyes widen as a terror
Slowly dawns
And hearing pricks
The convenience as there's
Nothing to be heard
Oblivion gnaws at
An infamous ankle
As the lily falls
Decentered at
Her feet,

- Janice White