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Sport 11: Spring 1993

Julie Leibrich — the day that ernie wrote

page 99

Julie Leibrich

the day that ernie wrote

In well-licked lead it read:

I saw a UFO today a UFO our Julie
like a shining star a cross in the sky
I was with Sam Budson at the time.
You remember Sam from down Clegg Lane?
He and me we saw it together
just after finishing up by Moston Heath
’bout nine. Half-way through the round.
Black as buggery in November snow.
You remember how cold it is then?
We stopped our truck and stood with open mouths
never seen the like before. Like God Himself
was coming down for dinner.
Sam said it was the Lord but I knew better.
I’ve got books and seen ’im in the pictures.
I wish you’d been there too. You with your books
could tell him a thing or two. Your Mam said to ask
do you think you’ll be coming home soon?