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Design Review: Volume 4, Issue 6 (January-February 1953)


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The use of Resin Bonded Plywoods for outside sheeting of buildings is a new idea in New Zealand, but it is very well known in Canada and U.S.A., where such materials as Weldtex and Bondwood have been readily used for many years. It was largely this knowledge that led Mr. H. Einhorn to select Resin Bonded Weldtex Striated Plywood for the exterior covering of his house—reviewed in the August/September issue of ‘Design Review’ (Vol. 4, No. 4).

Being a pioneer in the use of Resin Bonded Weldtex in New Zealand it was necessary Mr. Einhorn to convince certain authorities that it would be successful. To do this he arranged an 800-hour accelerated test by Dominion Laboratory, and their report was very satisfactory. It clearly pointed to the fact that so long as a satisfactory paint film was maintained no special deterioration was likely to result. The report particularly stresses, however, that the paint film must be even, otherwise the veneer will tend to check quite seriously, due to the effect of uneven paint films and not to any failing of the ply. Particularly good results were obtained with the sample treated with 50/50 Linseed Oil and Pure Turpentine, where only mild checking resulted. In no instance did the samples show any separation of the plies. An earlier house upon which Resin Bonded Weldtex was used is a beach cottage at Walkanae, the property of Mr. V. Butland. This has now been standing nearly four years, and is giving excellent service. This job was painted.

Apart from the fact that it is always good to see new materials developed, there are some features of Resin Bonded Weldtex which must particularly attract.

Casein Bonded Weldtex has already been accepted as an interior decorative. For that reason alone it can be expected that the Resin Bonded material will find ready acceptance.

Sheet materials are generally more economical to use than timber. There is little waste and they are applied much more rapidly. Sheet coverings, such as Resin Bonded Weldtex tend to allow greater freedom of design.

From the Scientific report mentioned and actual experience gained there is every reason to believe that from this material will be built structures both pleasing and permanent.

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