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Salient: An organ of student opinion at Victoria University, Wellington. Vol. 23, No. 3. Monday, April 11, 1960

Join The Band Wagon

Join The Band Wagon

Procession Day is May 6 this year. Will it be the usual V.U.W. effort—one or two doing all the work the day before? —And the rest of 'Varsity openly demonstrating their apathy in public, wearing Victoria scarves and blazers and openly commenting caustically about the low standard of processions in general and University ones in particular.

In an all out effort to combat the many problems this year's Procession Committee has started work early and has prepared a series of "Guff Sheets." The first in the series is now available. It shows how keen groups and individuals can be underway by Easter.

Dutch Princess Beatrix (a student at the University of Leiden) riding in a University procession.

Dutch Princess Beatrix (a student at the University of Leiden) riding in a University procession.

A Vicious Circle

Unfortunately, in Wellington, there is a problem non-existent in other centres. No one can dispute the cleavage that exists between Victoria and the community of Wellington. A cleavage that has been with us for some time, a cleavage that has widened with the years. Because of this a vicious circle is set into motion. Community apathy leads to student apathy which results in more community apathy. Result ... a poorer Procession every year. "Procesh" is diverted down back streets (how different it is in Canterbury and Otago) and a glum audience is no incentive.

Everyone Can Help

It's all very well complaining bitterly about community apathy but no solution. The only answer is more student interest. Everyone can help. If you don't belong to any club why not band together

with a few friends and sort something out. Remember that the Committee will help you . . . we have an idea for a series of six or seven tableaux. There should be no shortage of ideas . . . what with a certain wedding, a certain tour and a certain undignified scramble for seats in our House of Representatives.

If you don't belong to a single club, and don't possess a single friend don't despair. Be a one-man float. There's plenty of scope for ingenuity in this field.

So much for what you can do. The Committee is organising the usual Haka Party, a Capping Band and a "Marching Team."

But you won't be seeing anything unless the law is abided by. Procession Committee law that runs something like this;—

(1) That unless any group wishing to build a float supplies the Committee with a good outline of their float, plus their material requirements at least seven days before Procesh (i.e. by April 29) they shall not be eligible to enter.

(2) That if there are not at least twelve (12) floats registered by that day then Procesh shall be cancelled.

D. W. Hinch,

Weir House, Procession Controller.