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Victoria College Capping Carnival. Thursday, June 27th, 1912

The Song of the Victor

page 25

The Song of the Victor.

Sirs, your toast, a glorious welcome claiming,
I don the Robes in Mayoral pomp to-day;
All my supporters poor Smith is blaming,
Wright is saddened, Biss is maddened at my fine array.
Oh, what cunning! Oh, what strokes of cunning
I made throughout the fearful fray!
Once Newman beat me (he'd motors running),
But I've turned the tables on my foes this polling day.
Last December I was rejected, for the voters calmly turned me down,
But 'tis now I am once more respected,
I'm the ruler of this blessed town:
Look out! Beware! For Dave is Mayor! Ah!

Now I am Mayor, I am free from every care,
Socialist scare, Tramway Night-mare.
I did not try to poll so very high,
Biss captured Smith's Wright-ful vote,
While I stood so shyly by, with modest air,
O'er them in joy to gloat.

Now I'm in, I'll revolutionise; yes, I'll revolutionise the, City's management,
No more shall Hindmarsh call Smith such [unclear: horrid] names;
No more strikes, and no more trudging into the City.
Only wait till I present you with my great municipal newspaper daily,
For I will socialise all private enterprise.
All the City picture-dens shall change at my command,
And in the Park the Territorials go marching past as I stand by in state.
See them gaze upon my Mayoral carriage,
One of three allowed to pass the Gate.
Look out! Beware! For change prepare! Ah!

Hey, for the Mayor. Of McLaren now beware,
Fuller's and West's must take very great care.
I will a splendid censorship devise,
Councils alone shall be shown,
Then I'll be before all eyes.
(Won't Semple swear!)
I've gained the longed-for prize,
I am the Mayor (three hundred a Year),
I'm there, I'm. Mayor!