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Kōtare : New Zealand Notes & Queries

Kōtare quite deliberately draws on the example of Notes and Queries, the English periodical which, for well over a century, has printed brief articles and notes on language and literature, on history and society, together with readers' queries, and reviews of works on related topics. Similarly, Kōtare will include short factual notes, reports and comments on archival and manuscript material, hitherto unavailable or rediscovered texts, bibliographical and lexicographical observations, and reviews of relevant publications.

Kōtare is an internationally-recognised peer-reviewed journal. ISSN-1174-6955.

Kōtare has moved to Open Journal Systems administered by the Victoria University of Wellington Library. The entire back catalogue has been migrated and future issues will be published on this platform. You can view Kōtare's new home here.