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The Parliamentary Reports of Robin Hyde

This is a scholarly edition of the Collected Parliamentary Reports of Robin Hyde, written for the Dominion, Ladies' Mirror, and Observer newspapers, and compiled, edited, and annotated by Dr. Nikki Hessell, of Massey University. From Hessell's Introduction:

One slice of Hyde's journalism that has received a particularly small share of attention is her work as a parliamentary reporter writing from the Ladies' Gallery of the New Zealand House of Representatives, which she undertook in sporadic bursts between 1925 and 1932.... This electronic edition aims to address this need by reproducing all of the columns Hyde wrote .... In total there are 53 separate pieces: 49 from the Dominion, three from the Mirror and one from the Observer. They form the first complete collection of this important subset of Hyde's journalism.

Also included is Hyde's memoir Journalese, which contains reflections on her time as a parliamentary reporter and provides important biographical context for this chapter in her life.

This version incorporates additions and corrections to the notes made by editor Nikki Hessell in April 2009.