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The James K. Baxter Complete Prose Collection

Haere mai! Welcome to the James K. Baxter: Complete Prose collection. The first aim of the set of volumes is to present the prose in chronological order of composition. The second aim is to keep Baxter’s writing in full view of the reader. To achieve this it has been decided to provide a plain reading page unencumbered by editorial notes and to consign all critical apparatus to Volume Four.

Volumes One to Three cover four distinct periods in Baxter's life. Volume One contains works written in Dunedin and Christchurch from 1943-1948 and works written in Wellington from 1949-1965. Baxter's return to Dunedin from 1966-1968 is covered by Volume two. The Jerusalem Years from 1969-1972 can be found in Volume Three. Lastly Volume Four contains John Weir's recollections of Baxter and the development of his prose writing. It also contains a chronology, glossary of Māori words, biographies of some New Zealand writers and a bibliography.