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Tikera; or, Children of the Queen of Oceania


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Introduction by Dennis McEldowney vii
Locality map xxi
Author's preface xxiii
1. I arrive in Auckland 1
2. We set out to explore Maoriland 15
3. From Auckland to the Manukau 25
4. The Pakehas learn about New Zealand flora 32
5. Through the New Zealand bush 41
6. The Maoris welcome the pakeha 54
7. Every cloud has a silver lining 63
8. We take French leave 82
9. The troubles of a Teutonic Don Juan 98
10. The Pakehas meet a collector of curios and learn how to work in the colonies 110
11. Friends may meet: but mountains never greet 127
12. Mr Schaeffer hopes to become a New Zealand farmer 146
13. The Pakehas taste the pleasure of war 160
14. Charles von Schaeffer amazes the world with his knowledge 172
15. Major Tempski explains colonial notions about the relations between the races and hears what he has not heard for a long time 183
16. I learn about colonial society and listen to a lecture on colonial notions of seemly behaviour 189
17. War does not favour my friend 199
18. Tikera proves that her sojourn in Town has not softened her. 206
19. Mr Schaeffer unexpectedly makes a discovery which leads me to uncover another secret 214 page vi
20. My discovery enables me to learn more about Maori customs 227
21. A few comments on legal procedure in the colonies 237
22. Mr Wittmore falls between Scylla and Charybdis 248
23. Monsieur le Docteur attempts to explain the peculiar colonial beliefs 264
24. We part: Some go to the place from whence no one returns 278
25. Goodbye 288
Notes 293