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Through Ninety Years


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Chapter I
Parentage and Early Years
Chapter II
Marriage, Departure from England, Voyage to and Arrival in New Zealand.
Chapter III
Residence at Paihia—Bay of Islands. 1826–1835
Chapter IV
1831–1834. Extension of Mission Southwards to Tauranga and Waikato.
Chapter V
1835–1839. Removal to Waimate and Journeys to Southern Districts.
Chapter VI
Move to Turanga and First Years There 1839 to 1843. Arrival in New Zealand of First Governor, Captain Hobson. Treaty of Waitangi Signed. Arrival of Bishop Selwyn. Rev. W. Williams Appointed Archdeacon.
Chapter VII
Bishop Selwyn Takes Over Waimate School as His College. Archdeacon Williams Visits Southern East Coast. Revision Committee at Waimate. Heke's Attack on Kororareka Flagstaff. First Synod. College Moved to Auckland.
Chapter VIII
Sons' Journey Overland to Auckland. Journey to Bay of Plenty, Rotorua, and Return by Waikaremoana, and Work at Turanga During 1845.
Chapter IX
1845–1846. Journey to Wairoa, Ahuriri and Wellington via Manawatu and back by East Coast. Bishop Selwyn's Visit, Confirmations held January, 1846.
Chapter X
Voyage by Sea and Work on East Coast, 1846.
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Chapter XI
1846–1847. Family Visit Auckland and Bay of Islands. Translation Revision. Ordination and Marriage Samuel Williams. East Coast Work Continued. Second Journey by Land to Wellington.
Chapter XII
Rev. C. L. Reay to Waiapu. Death of Son Sydney. Central Missionary Committee, Auckland. Ordinations. Governor Grey's Charges. Letter from C.M.S. Bishop's Attitude. Work on East Coast Checking Native Practices. Leonard Leaves for England.
Chapter XIII
1848. Work on East Coast. Voyage to Wellington with Rev. and Mrs. Samuel Williams. Land Journey Home. Rev. Mr. Reay's Death. Visits Auckland to Consult Bishop Selwyn.
Chapter XIV
1848–1849. Marriage of Second Daughter. Journeys and Work in East Coast District. Central Missionary Committee at Tauranga. Progress of Church Building. Leonard Enters College in England.
Chapter XV
Missionary Land Purchases, Origins and Consequences.
Chapter XVI
1850–1854. Continuance Work on East Coast. Visit to England. Meeting with C.M.S. Committee. Work with Printers. Return to New Zealand. Ordination, Marriage, and Return to New Zealand of Leonard Williams.
Chapter XVII
Move to Waerenga-a-hika Decided. Breaking in Land and Moving Buildings there. C.M.S. Reinstate Henry Williams. Paihia Stone House Burnt. Turanga Central Schools Begun.
Chapter XVIII
1857–1858. James Left for Hawke's Bay. Leonard Returned with Bishop Selwyn. Church Constitution Convention, Auckland. Ahuriri District Described. Maori Spirit Mudium. Waerenga-a-hika Work.
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Chapter XIX
1858–1860. William Williams's Journey to Waiapu. Informed of his Appointment as Bishop. Bishop Selwyn's Episcopal Visit. First General Synod at Wellington. Consecration Bishop of Waiapu, Work There, and Visits to Auckland, Waikato and East Coast. Begins Diocesan Organisation.
Chapter XX
1860–1862. Influenza and Fever. Hawke's Bay Roads. Voyage to Auckland. Waiapu Synodsmen Appointed. First Diocesan Synod. King Movement and Woitara Purchase. Fighting Taranaki and Waikato. Second General Synod, Nelson.
Chapter XXI
1862–1863. Further Building at Waerenga-a-hika. Leonard Williams Appointed Archdeacon. Additions to Staff. Natives Restless and Discuss Government Policy. Fighting with King Supporters. Renewal at Taranaki. Church at Manutuke Completed and Opened. Second Diocesan Synod. Bishop Visits Tauranga and Auckland.
Chapter XXII
1864–1865. Native Unrest. Government Policy Discussed. Rev. E. B. Clarke Joins Waerenga-a-hika Staff. Bishop Visits Coast, Tauranga and Auckland. Diocesan Synod Te Araroa. Hauhaus Murder Rev. Volkner at Opotiki and Come to Turanga. Exodus from Waerenga-a-hika.
Chapter XXIII
1865. Third General Synod. Christchurch. School Moved Paihia. Fighting at Waiapu. Hauhaus Defeated. Defence Preparations, Turanganui. Leonard Williams at Turanga. After Exodus, has Waikahua Cottage Built. Goes to Paihia.
Chapter XXIV
1865–1866. After Burning School Buildings Hauhaus Defeated at Waerenga-a-hika. Leonard Williams Returns Turanga, Work There. Joined by Wife with Young Children. Fighting at Wairoa. Threatened Hauhau Attack on Napier Foiled. Bishop Continues Work Paihia and Interviews Government Ministers.
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Chapter XXV
1866–1868. Future Work Discussed. Paihia School Closed. Waiapu Diocese Extended. Bishop Moves to Napier. Te Kooti and Hauhau Prisoners Escape from Chatham Islands and Are Pursued.
Chapter XXVI
1868. Bishop and Archdeacon Williams Attend General Synod, Auckland. Bishop Selwyn Leaves New Zealand for Lichfield. Poverty Bay Massacre. Pursuit of Te Kooti. Fall of Ngatapa. Ringatu Cult.
Chapter XXVII
1868–1869. Bishop Williams Returns to Napier. Seeks Aid For Rebuildina Schools. Archdeacon Williams Continues Work. Takes Family to Auckland.
Chapter XXVIII
1869–1870. Bishop Williams's Reports For 1869 and 1870. Funds Raised by Mrs. Heathcote's Appeal. Te Aute School Decided on and Timber Ordered.
Chapter XXIX
1871–1872. General Synod at Dunedin. Te Aute School Built. Napier Grammar School Started. Mrs. L. Williams III and Moves to Napier. Progress English and Native Work. Journey to Taupo. Bishop's Annual Reports 1871–1872.
Chapter XXX
1873–1875. Taumata House, Napier, Built For Leonard. Progress in Diocese. Gisborne Church Built. Sale Hastings Town. Wellington General Synod. Sickness Epidemic. Bishop's Reports, 1873–1875. Hukarere School Built.
Chapter XXXI
1875–1878. Diocesan Synod. Bishop's Journey to Taupo, Rotorua, Tauranga, Opotiki. Missionary Conference Auckland. Last Journeys and Work in Diocese. Archdeacon Williams's Gisborne House Built. Bishop's Illness, Resignation and Death. Bishop Stuart's Election and Consecration.
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Chapter XXXII
1876–1879. Napier Parish Troubles and Changes. New Teachers Hukarere School. Nelson General Synod. Leonard Williams's Move to Gisborne, Work There. Journeys With Bishop Stuart to East Coast and Urewera Country.
Chapter XXXIII
1880–1888. Progress of Work. General Synods, 1880, 1883, 1886. Many Journeys. Te Rau College Started. Rev. H. Williams Returns to Join Te Rau. Te Aute and Hukarere Schools. St. John's Brick Cathedral Built and Consecrated.
Chapter XXXIV
1889–1910. Waerenga-a-hika Boys' School Built. Rev. E. Jennings Takes Charge. Rev. H. W. Williams Tutor at Te Rau. Progress of Work and Journeys. Bishop Stuart Resigns. Archdeacon Williams Elected Bishop. Death of Mrs. Leonard Williams. Move to Napier. Bishopric Endowment Fund Formed.
Chapter XXXV
Leonard Williams Consecrated Bishop. Episcopal Journeys. Work in Diocese. Death of Mother and Archdeacon S. Williams. General Synods, 1895 to 1907. Pan Anglican Conferences, 1897 and 1908. Archdeacons of Waiapu and Hawke's Bay Appointed. Resignation, 1909.
Chapter XXXVI
1909–1916. Bishop L. Williams in Retirement. Further Records of Te Aute and Hukarere Schools. Death of Bishop Williams.
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