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Through Ninety Years


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William Williams landed in New Zealand as a Missionary in 1826, and his son, William Leonard Williams, who was born there worked and died in the same country in 1916, ninety years later; hence the title given to these notes.

It is difficult for those living in New Zealand to-day to realize the changes that have taken place here since our grandparents first landed in this country over one hundred years ago.

These notes are largely based on my grandparents' and parentsapos; diaries and letters which have fortunately been preserved. I trust that what I have written may enable the present generation to realize how great were the hardships and difficulties that the early Missionaries had to contend with, and how important have been their services to the welfare of this good land of ours. If, as I hope, my contribution serves in some measure as an inspiration to others to strive harder to work for the common good, I shall feel that my imperfect efforts have been amply rewarded.

I desire to express my indebtedness to several works which I have consulted in the writing of this volume, more particularly the following—

and any others I may have omitted to mention.

Fred W. Williams