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The New Zealand journal, 1842-1844 of John B. Williams of Salem, Massachussetts

Description of Plates

page xi

Description of Plates

Facing Page
Plate I
Lithograph from a contemporary sketch identifying several buildings mentioned by Williams at the Bay of Islands.
Plate II
An unknown French artist's view of the fine natural harbor of the Bay of Islands showing many whalers at anchor.
Plate III
Kororareka in 1838 by J. S. Polack. He wrote, "Upwards of thirty vessels have been at anchor at the same time. The favorite anchorage is that opposite the village of Kororareka which is the only locality for commercial shipping in the Bay of Islands."
Plate IV
Upper: The ship Robert Pulsford of Lynn, Breed and Huse, Owners. Robert Pulsford left Auckland for Salem on 20 November 1845, "the first that ever was loaded with a full cargo of New Zealand produce for the United States." The cargo was flax and kauri gum. Lower: The bark John H. Millay, Williams and Daland, Owners. John H. Millay arrived in Fiji with trade goods for John B. Williams in August 1852. Williams traded in the Fijis and New Caledonia in her, collecting bêche-de-mer for sale in Manila.
Plate V
"New Zealand War Speech" by Augustus Earle. Williams wrote of the Maoris, "They are by nature as eloquent in their aboriginal style as Demosthenes or Cicero."
Plate VI
"A Dying Chief" by George Angas. Williams was interested in Maori rites and described their lamentations for the dead.
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Plate VII
John B. Williams's consular uniform now in the Peabody Museum of Salem. It was patterned after that of a captain in the United States Navy. Thus dressed he appeared at Governor FitzRoy's dinner in Auckland in June 1846.
Plate VIII
"The Warrior Chieftans of New Zealand" by Joseph J. Merritt. Williams was accused of aiding and abetting Hone Heke in his rebellion in 1844; fortunately he could establish that he was on leave in the United States at the time. The figures are those of Hariata (Heke's wife), Heke, and Kawiti.