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First Lessons in Maori



1. Pare has been left by his companions at Taupo. 2. Have Ripi and his companions finished Pare's house? 3. Who told you that Rupe's house was burnt? 4. The fruit of your trees is consumed by birds. 5. When Turi reached his house the goods had all been carried out by page 80 Pare. 6. Whata will have finished carving the sternpost of the canoe to-morrow. 7. The men will soon be assembled inside the house. 8. Turi was very angry because his calabashes had been broken by Ripi and others. 9. I shall guide Turi to-morrow all the way to Maketu.

1. Kihai a Turi i mau i a Pare ki Taupo. 2. I motu te taura i a Kupe te tapahi ki te toki. 3. Kihai nga hua o aua rakau i pau i te manu te kai. 4. Kua riro i te tahae etahi o nga taonga a Turi. 5. Ka oti te whare o Turi te tapatu e Ripi apopo. 6. Kia oti te whare o Turi i Motiti ka noho ia ki roto. 7. I te otinga o te whare o Turi kihai ia i noho ki roto. 8. Mehemea kihai te waka o Pare i riro i te waipuke kua whakawhitia koe e ia.