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First Lessons in Maori

§ 47

§ 47.

The Imperative is generally used in the second person, but in speaking of parts of the human body it will be used in the third person. (§ 62). If the verb is a word of one syllable or two, or if the command is negative, the particle e is used in the Imperative; otherwise it is not.

page 34
  • E noho, sit down.

  • Whakatika, stand up.

  • Hamama tou waha, open your mouth.

  • Titiro ou kanohi, open your eyes.

The translation of the Future Consequential Subjunctive with kia will depend upon whether it is used in a dependent sentence or as an entreaty.

The Future Deprecatory, with kei, used in the second person is equivalent to an Imperative.