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First Lessons in Maori

§ 53. Transitive Prepositions, etc

§ 53. Transitive Prepositions, etc.

—Every transitive verb in Maori is connected with its object, or the thing acted upon, by either of the propositions i or ki; some verbs requiring one, some the other, and some again taking either. These prepositions may in some cases be translated by an English preposition; but in most cases they merely represent the connexion between the verb and its object, and may therefore be called transitive prepositions.

It is difficult to formulate a rule for the use of these prepositions, but it will be found that i is the one generally used. The more important verbs which take ki are noted in the English-Maori Vocabulary, pp. 94119.

Every passive verb is connected with the agent by the preposition e, by.

The instrument requires the preposition ki, with.

  • E tiki ana ia i tetahi kai mana, he is fetching some food for himself.

  • E matau ana ahau ki taua tangata, I know that man.

  • I mahia e wai? by whom was it done?

  • Kua topea te rakau ki te toki, the tree has been felled with an axe.

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