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First Lessons in Maori

§ 51·1

§ 51·1.

The passive termination, tia, may be used with a noun, adjective, or participle to indicate a change to the thing or condition which the simple word signifies.

  • Ka tamahinetia, ka wahinetia ia, she grew to girlhood and womanhood.

  • Aua e taparurutia te haere, do not let the rate of travelling become slow.

The passive termination may also be used with a noun to denote the bringing of the subject of the sentence under the action of what is represented by the noun.

  • Kei pongia matou, lest we be benighted.

  • Ka uaina ratou, they were rained upon.

This construction may even be extended to a clause, as: Ma-te-matapihitia, let it be passed through the window, from ma te matapihi, through the window.

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