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First Lessons in Maori

§ 24

§ 24.

By doubling the di-syllabic root, or sometimes only the first syllable of the root, of an adjective, the intensity of its signification is diminished, thus:

  • Wera, hot.

  • Werawera, somewhat hot, warm.

  • Maroke, dry.

  • Mārokeroke, somewhat dry.

  • Pango, black.

  • Papango, somewhat black, dark.

In the case of a few adjectives a plural is formed by doubling the first syllable of the root, thus:

  • He rakau nui, a large tree.

  • He rakau nunui, large trees.

  • He tangata roa, a tall man.

  • He tāngata roroa, tall men.

The simple form is, however, often used for the plural as well as the singular.