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First Lessons in Maori

§ 12

§ 12.

When speaking of a number of persons collectively use a dual or plural pronoun, as the case may be, followed by the name or names of the additional persons, introducing each name with the specific particle, ko; but if the names are preceded by a preposition, the preposition will not be repeated.

  • Maua ko Ripi, Ripi and I.

  • Koutou ko Ripi, ko Maui, You and Ripi, and Maui.

  • Ki a korua ko Heke. To you and Heke.

When names are enumerated in the third person, one of the names must precede the pronoun unless one of them has been previously mentioned.

  • A Ripi raua ko Haokai, Ripi and Haokai.

  • Ki a Haokai ratou ko Ripi ma, to Haokai, Ripi and the others.

  • Ko wai ma era? Ko Ripi ratou ko Pau, ko Maui. Who are those? Ripi and Pau and Maui.

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