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First Lessons in Maori

§ 5

§ 5.

The personal pronouns have three numbers, Singular, Dual and Plural, as shown by the following table.

Table of Personal Pronouns.
Singular. Dual. Plural.
Ahau or au, I, me. tāua, thou and I, we two, us two. tātou, you and I, we, us.
māua, he and I, we two, us two. mātou, they and I, we, us.
Koe, thou, thee. korua, you two. koutou, you (more than two).
Ia, he, she, him, her. rāua, they two, them two. rātou, they, them (more than two).

The pronouns, like the nouns, have no inflexions.

The personal pronouns are not used in speaking of inanimate things.