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A Bibliography of Printed Maori to 1900

Maori Bibliography. — [Supplement.]

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Maori Bibliography.



Line 3, read | — — | Sydney: | Printed by G. Howe. | — — | 1815.


Mr. J. A. Ferguson, of Sydney, has a copy in contemporary binding with a label on the back, "New Zealand | Grammar | and | Vocabulary," the first line in Gothic.


The translation was the work chiefly of Mr. J. Shepherd, of the Church Missionary Society. The New South Wales Auxiliary of the British and Foreign Bible Society assisted with the printing.


Five hundred and fifty copies were printed at a cost of £90; the New South Wales Auxiliary assisting, as in the case of No. 5.

6 a.* [Grammar of the New Zealand Language.]

205 × 154. Pp. 25-48. Incomplete.

The Mitchell Library has signatures D, E, and F, containing the portion of a grammar dealing with nouns, adjectives, numerals, and pronouns. P. 25 has an inscription, "The Honble. A. McLeay, with the Revd. Tho. Kendall's compts." Kendall wrote on May 24, 1827, from Valparaiso to the Rev. Edw. Bickersteth, of the Church Missionary Society, on the subject of his "Easy Lessons in the New Zealand Language," which he wished to have published if the Ms., which he had forwarded, was approved by Professor Lee, and asks "if a revision of the New Zealand Grammar and Vocabulary will be acceptable to the Society." He settled in Sydney shortly after this, and was drowned there in 1832. (See Hocken, Bibliography, p. 39.) No copy of the Easy Lessons has been traced, but these sheets, which would appear to have been printed in Sydney, are probably part of the proposed revision. See No. 4.


Notes on the copy in the Turnbull Library state that it was printed August, 1830, and received — that is, presumably, by the Society — May 25, 1831.


Line 1, for Te read te.

Line 11, for 471 read 470.


The Rev. W. Yate, writing to the Church Missionary Society, says that 1,800 each of Nos. 8 and 9 were printed, but speaks of the total number as 3,300. The cost was nearly £500, of which the New South Wales Auxiliary Bible Society contributed £70, in addition to a grant of paper. The Wesleyan Mission also contributed £90, and had a share of the edition. (Missionary Register, 1833, p. 470.)

page 6

Line 1, for 1830 read 1833.


Mr. W. Dixson, of Sydney, lias a copy with the title-page repeated on coloured boards.


Line 3, for …. read E mea ana …. Line 4, for XXXiv read xxxiv.


The books of the British and Foreign Bible Society show that it provided all the paper required for the edition, and made a grant of £250.


The Mitchell Library has a copy of No. 21 corrected for No. 21a.


ii: Line 3, for Ko nga read Nga.


Line 4, read te | Wakapanga.

Line 1, read tona | Kai.

Note. — The word "Anatikaraiti" in the heading is in the same type as line 2 of the title of No. 58, and measures with the full point 4 × 57 mm.

27 b.*Ko te | Anatikaraiti. | He Korerorero, na te Akonga raua ko tona | Kai Wakaako.

178 × 109. Pp. 4. No title-page. Imprint at end, "He Mahi tenei o nga Mihanere o Nu Tirani. 1838." The word "Anatikaraiti" in the heading is in the same type as line 6 of the title-page of No. 58, and measures with the full point 3·5 × 51·5 mm.

The general description is the same as that of No. 27; but there are, in addition to those noted above, twenty-six differences between this and No. 27, the most important being on p. 3, the first question on which occupies two lines in No. 27 and three here, and the word "Akonga" is inserted at the beginning of the last line of the second question in this edition. A comparison of the changes indicates that this edition was the earlier of the two.


Line 3, for 1938 read 1838.

The cut represents the children praising Christ in the temple. The Mitchell Library has a first proof with the cut, Christ laying his hands on the children, and the verse, Upoko 19, rarangi 13.

Add See also Nos. 293 and 318.


An examination of the signatures discloses the fact that Nos. 47 and 48 were printed together, with signatures A-G of twelve pages each, and H of eight pages — ninety-two pages in all. The book of Joshua came first, and was separated by a blank leaf from the remaining signatures, which contained the portions of Deuteronomy.

52 a.* [Treaty of Waitangi.]

342 × 216. 1 p. Imprint: "Paihia: Printed at the Press of the Church Missionary Society."

Another edition of No. 52.

page 7

The edition numbered 20,000.


There are in the Auckland Public Library slips for insertion bearing the names, Maungakawakawa, Ohaeawai, Hokianga, and Toutoka.

65 b.* [Timetable.]

111 × 142. 1 p. Three columns, with heading, "Te Waimate. | Ko te ritenga tenei o te tangihanga o te pere i nga ra noa."

The columns give the hour, the place, and the purpose of the ringing of the bell nine times on week-days and three times on Sundays.

Line 3, for Mihanere read Mihinare.

Imprint at end, "He mea ta i te Perehi o nga Mihanere Weteriana, 1841."


Line 11, for Hau read Hou.


There were 20,000 printed.

75 a*. [Money Table.]

124 × 130. 1 p. Two columns. Imprint at foot, "He mea ta i te Perehi i Paihia."

Tables of pence and shillings expressed in higher denominations.


Line 2, for hoatu read ho atu, and for rangatiratanga | o read rangatiratanga o

Line 3, for rangi. Matiu read rangi. | Matiu.

Line 4, for Oketopa, 1842 read Oketopa, | 1842.

Line 13, for KatiMhama read Katekihama.


Line 1, after Romana, | read [&c., as No. 78].

80 a.*Ko nga Inoinga.

205 × 140. Pp. 8. No title-page, date, or imprint. Type and style similar to No. 80.

Contains a number of prayers under heading as above. The only copy noted is bound at the end of a copy of No. 80 in Bishop Cleary's library.


Line 2, for (8) read 8.


Line 1, for [Maori Grammar] read [Grammar of the New Zealand Language].

84 a.*Ki nga Rangatira Maori katoa e noho ana ki Poneke.

250 × 198. 1 p. Dated "27 Akatopa, 1842," and signed "Na to koutou hoa, na te Matenga, na te tino Kai whakarongo."

A pamphlet containing warnings by the Chief Justice, William Martin, on the injurious effects of the improper use of clothing and blankets.


First par. p. 24, line 6, after No. 10, insert the October number was marked 11.

85 a.*Ki nga Maori Katoa.

187 × 251. 1 p. Dated "Poneke, Tihema 19, 1842," and signed "Na Tiraweke."

A notice of eight lines with heading as above, issued by Wakefield, offering a high price for dressed flax.

page 8

Line 2, for 1842 read 1843.

94 a.* [He Pukapuka Whakaako.]

222 × 140. Pp. 3. No date or imprint.

Contains sentences in Maori and English similar to those in No. 94.


Line 1, read He | Himene | mo | te Ahiahi.

Line 1, read He | Himene | mo | te Ata.

The Grey collection, Auckland Public Library, has a copy of Nos. 97, 98 on a folder, 134 × 92 mm., printed on the inside pages.

97 a.*He | Himene | mo | te Ata.

145 × 100. 1 p. No date or imprint.

An edition of No. 97, without the rules, and uniform with No. 96.

Line 1, read He | Himene | mo | te Ahiahi.

See No. 97.


The edition numbered 20,000.


Printed on laid paper.


Translated by Mrs. Colenso.


Line 4, read M.D., | Colonial.

Line 5, read Kemp, | Native.

128 a.*Waiata 11.

284 × 148. 1 p. No date or imprint. The type is that used in No. 128, including the "w" for "wh."

Contains Psalms 11 and 12 in the version first published in the Prayer Book of 1848 (No. 169). It was probably, printed in 1845 as a specimen sheet to illustrate the use of the symbol "w." See No. 128.

131 a.*Ko te Whakamaramatanga o nga Kupu Pakeke | o roto o te Paipera.

105 × 100, 157 × 80, 155 × 80. Three slips. No date or imprint.

Contains, under the above heading, the explanation of sundry terms used in the Bible. The type and ornaments indicate the Kaitaia Press as the origin. These slips are pasted into a copy of No. 20 in the Grey Collection, Auckland Public Library.


Line 10, for 49 read 40.


Line 3, for E read e.

139 a.*Wakarongo | Proclamation.

317 × 200. Pp. 2. Similar to No. 138, but Maori on reverse, and Fulton's name in English in the Maori imprint, as in No. 114. Dated Auckland, 31st January, 1845. Countersigned by Andrew Sinclair.

Notice withdrawing the name of a chief, Mate, from those for whom a reward had been offered.


Line 1, read Whakarongo.

page 9
141b.*Nga Ture mo te utautanga o nga mea | whawhai.

320 × 210. 1 p. No date or imprint. Royal Arms at head. Signed "Na te Ka.wana."

A notice followed by five numbered regulations on the subject of dealing with arms.

149.† He | Maramatakahaere, | [five lines as No. 144] | 1847, | a to tatou Ariki a Ihu Karaiti. | No Purewa: | Printed at the Church Mission Press. | — — | 1847.

195 × 125. Pp. 15. Title in double rules. Plain blue wrapper.

Contains "Ko nga Ture nio nga Kai-whakaako" (Rules, Maori teachers and monitors), p. 2; almanac, pp. 3-14; chronological table from the Creation to the birth of Christ, p. 15; verso of p. 15 blank.

150 a.*Ko nga Katikihama ewha | na nga Mihanere o te Hahi | o Ingarani. | I taia ki te Perehi a te Toki. | 1847.

190 × 115. Pp. 34 ?

A reprint of No. 49, using "wh." The only copy seen had the last four leaves cut off. The heading, "Ko te Katikihama Tuawha," is in the middle of p. 28. No. 247 would appear to have been earlier than this edition.


Line 1, for No Purewa, &c., read | — — | No Purewa. — 1847.


The second section, "Katikihama," signatures 10-21, pp. 173-386, was also issued separately.

160 a.*Ko te Asperges.

135 × 85. Pp. (10). No title-page, date, or imprint.

A collection of devotions, &c., in connexion with the Mass, in Latin and Maori, mostly in parallel columns, containing the following sections: Ko te Asperges, Kyrie, Kororia, Himeporo, Perewhahio, Sanctus, Patire, Ko te Pax, Ko te Agnus Dei (Adoration of the B.V.M., with a note in Maori at the head), Ko te Tantum ergo, Ko nga Divine Praises, Whakawhetai.

The only copy seen was bound at the end of a copy of No. 160 in Bishop Cleary's library.


The opening words are "Me penei ano e koe."


Line 12, insert table of after (19).


There is a table of contents, p. 3. The revision was made by a committee appointed by Bishop Selwyn. The volume was seen through the press by Mr. J. Telford, who had been the Society's printer in New Zealand. See No. 266.


These were the slips used by the committee which sat from May to September, 1844, at Waimate under Bishop Selwyn for the revision of the Prayer Book; the results of the revision were embodied in the London edition of 1848 (No. 169)'.


Line 14, for No. 398 read Nos. 209a, 398, 451, 515.

180.*Ko te Kaiwhakamataara o nga Iwi erua. | Na te tika i toa ai. | Turei, Hune 6, 1848. Te utu etoru pene, 3d.

A monthly newspaper in Maori, printed by Williamson and Wilson, Auckland, and published by the proprietors of The Anglo-Maori Warder. The latter, which normally printed one column of Maori matter, advertised the publication of a Maori newspaper with the above title to appear on the first Tuesday in each month, beginning on June 6, 1848: and the following announcements subsequently appeared: On July 20, "The third number page 10of the Kaimataara [sic] or Maori Journal will be published on Friday, the 28 July," and on October 21, "On Tuesday, September 14th, was published the fourth number of the Kaimataara o nga Iwi erua." There was possibly a further number issued in October, but the Amglo-Maori Warder ceased publication at the end of that month. No copy seen. See Rev. R. Taylor, New Zealand Past and Present, p. 306.

183 a.*He | Maramatakahaere, | [&c., as No. 166] | 1849, | [&c.] | I taia tenei ki te Perehi a Williamson and Wilson. | — — | 1848.

175 × 108. Pp. (8). Almanac of the Wesleyan Mission, as No. 166.

The last page has two paragraphs, headed, "He Rongoa Witi" (A dressing for wheat), and "He Ritenga mo te hanga Rewena" (A recipe for making yeast).


Line 11, for No. 137 … issued. read The file in the Wellington Public Library closes with No. 140, May 4, 1854; this is the latest issue which has been noted.

Line 26, for 137, March 23, read 140, May 4.


Line 1, read He Nupepa Maori, | Ko te Ao Marama. | Port Nicholson, September 20, 1849.

Line 6, for J. D. Davis read Rev. R. Taylor.

Line 7, for Maori and English read English and Maori.

Line 8, for (Bibliography, p. 31) read (New Zealand Past and Present, p. 306).


Line 2, for 243 read 343.


The main paragraph opens with the words, "Kia rongo nga tangata katoa." A copy in the Mitchell Library has the blank date, "184-."

219 a.*He Rongoa Witi.

180 × 120. Pp. 3. No title-page, date, or imprint.

Three recipes — for dressing wheat, with heading as above; for making yeast, " Ko te Ritenga mo te hanga Rewena"; and for Curing bacon, "Ko te Ritenga mo te hanga Pekone (Bacon)." Perhaps a supplement to one of the Maramataka. See No. 183a.

232 a.

This number should be deleted; the item is in the Tahitian language.


Add, See 150a.


A table of contents appears on p. (3). The pagination runs on from that of No. 167, which contains the earlier books of the Bible.

267 a.*Ko | te tahi wahi | o | te Kawenata Tawhito. | [&c., as No. 266].

185 × 105. Pp. (4), 345-679. Double columns.

Contains Judges to Nehemiah as in No. 266, with verso of p. 679 blank. Table of contents on p. (3). A companion volume to No. 267.


Line 18: The first three members of the committee were of the Church Missionary Society, the others of the Wesleyan Mission. The printing was supervised by the Rt. Rev. C.J. Abraham, Bishop of Wellington.


Vol. v, No. 11, May 31, had the wrapper misdated May 15. There was in vol. vii an extra issue, unnumbered, dated April 2, giving an account of recent occurrences in Taranaki.

Line 10, after proof, insert of the first page of signature I.

Add There was recently found in the Auckland Public Library a parcel containing a large number, possibly the whole issue, of these sheets. It is strange that Sir G. Grey should not have been aware of their existence.

page 11
291 a.*Ko nga | Ture o Ingarani; | [&c., as No. 291, but reading "e" for "na" in lines 4 and 6, and " C.B.," for " C.B." in line 5].

Another issue of No. 291, in which the type was reset for the title-page, the prefatory matter, and folios 31-71. In some copies the Governor's Address to the Maori Race is autographed on p. ii.


This item and No. 296 are included in No. 308. It is unlikely that there was another edition.

307.†Te Waka [Cut] o te Iwi. | No. 1, Akarana, Oketopa, 1857, Vol. 1.

455 × 314. Pp. (4). Four columns, 60mm. wide. Imprint, "I taia tenei e Piripi Kunita ki te whare ta puka- | puka o te Ripeka ki te Tonga, Akarana." The cut in the heading represents a war canoe with a sail set, and land in the background.

A religious address signed by Hare Rewiti, dated " Okitopa, 1, 1857," fills two and a half columns of p. 1; then follow two pages of letters from various Maoris, a short editorial, and news items.

A paper issued by C. O. Davis. A copy of the first number, in the Auckland Public Library, is the only one seen. It is said that two or three numbers were issued. See Taylor's New Zealand Past and Present, p. 306.

H. 542.

308 a.*Kirimina. | Whakaaetanga na te tangata o te Runanga Whakawa.

330 × 204. 1 p. Blue paper; no imprint. Heading, " Native Circuit Courts Act, 1858, Section 17." Eight lines, including date blank, " 186-."

308 b.*Hiwhiri. | Whakaaetanga [&c. as No. 308a].

330 × 204. 1 p., as No. 308a.

308 c.*Assessor's Oath of Office.

330 × 204. 1 p. Blue paper; no imprint. Twenty-six lines, including heading and attestation clause, which is in English.

308 d.*Oath of Allegiance.

330 × 204. 1 p. Blue paper; no imprint. Three lines followed by an attestation clause, which is in English, and blanks for place and date, " 186-." Compare No. 388.

314 a.* [Letter.]

285 × 205. 1 p. Two columns. Dated " Poneke, Mei, 1860," and signed " Tamihana Te Rauparaha."

A letter with a heading, "Ko enei korero kua tuhia nei he pukapuka na Tamihana Te Rauparaha," explaining his activities in Wairarapa.

322 a.*Ko nga Himene.

138 × 87. Pp. (2), 17. No title-page or date. Imprint at end, "Printed by Henry Hill, Taurarua."

A brevier edition of No. 213, containing fifty-five hymns.

342 b*.Ture mo nga Kura Maori, 1867.

343 × 215. Pp. 4. Government publication.

Maori translation of the Native Schools Act, 1867.


Line 1, for 1962 read 1862.


This volume and No. 347 were seen through the press by Mr. T. W. Mellor, of the British and Foreign Bible Society, assisted by Mrs. Colenso, a daughter of one of the early settlers sent to New Zealand by the Church Missionary Society.

page 12

Printed on the same paper as No. 355.


Line 16, add See No. 397a.


Printed on the same paper as No. 349.


Also issued in English.

369 a.* [Letter from Bishop Pompallier.]

222 × 183. 1 p. Dated " Akarana, 12 Mei, 1863," addressed " Ki nga Matua, ki nga Katekita, ki te Hunga Katorika," and signed " Na Hoane Papita Werahiko Pomaparie te Epikopo no Akarana."

Makes reference to his letters to Tamihana and Potatau (Nos. 339 and 357). See No. 370.

370 b. [Cut] | He Pukapuka Hepara | na | Hone Papita Werahiko Pomaparie | te Epikopo o Akarana, | ki | Nga Pirihi me nga Keritiano o te Tiehehi | mo te tau 1863, | he Ako i etahi tino tikanga mo te Ora Keritiano. | — — | Akarana: He mea ta ki te whare pukapuka o Piripi Kunita. | 1863.

187 × 102. Pp. 12. Title repeated in ornamental border on coloured wrapper.

Pastoral for 1863, issued by Bishop Pompallier on February 14.

371 b.* [Notice.]

319 × 197. 1 p. Blue paper. Boyal Arms at head. Dated "Wellington, 7th May, 1863," signed " Walter Mantell." English followed by Maori translation, dated " Poneke, 7 Mei, 1863," and signed " Matara."

A notice giving an account of outrages in Taranaki. Compare No. 371.

371 c.* [Notice.]

319 × 197. Pp. 3. Blue paper. Royal Arms at head. Heading, "Ki nga Rangatira katoa, ki nga tangata katoa, o Poneke, o Porirua, o Kapiti, o Whanganui, o Wairarapa, o nga tahatika katoa." Dated "Poneke, 13 Mei, 1863," and signed "Matara."

A notice on Native disturbance. Pages 2 and 3 contain a letter, dated " Taranaki, Mei 7, 1863," addressed " Kia Matutaera, kia Te Paea, kia Wiremu Tamehana, kia Patara, ki te Iwi katoa," and signed " Na Te Pere." Compare No. 371.

373 a.

This is the same as No. 373.

374 a.* [Notice.]

319 × 197. Pp. 7. Blue paper. Dated " Wellington, Hurae 31, 1863," and signed " Matara."

A note covering letters from a number of Ngapuhi chiefs giving assurance of their loyalty.


iv:See No. 378b.

vii: Line 4, add (1 p.).

x: Line 3, after promptly, insert also issued signed.

378 a.*He Rongo no Waikato.

319 × 197. 1 p. Royal Arms at head. Dated " Akarana, Nowema 23, 1863," and signed " W. Fox | Na Te Pokiha."

A memorandum of five paragraphs announcing the result of the battle of Rangiriri.

378 b.* [Gazette Notice.]

319 × 197. 1 p. Royal Arms at head. "No. 4." Dated "Akarana, Nowema, 23, 1863," but unsigned.

Apparently the first issue of No. 378, iv.

page 13
378 c.* [Proclamation.]

342 × 220. 1 p. No imprint, date, or signature. Royal Arms over heading, Tenei Rongo no te Pakanga i Te Ranga, Tau- | ranga i te Rua tekau matahi o nga ra o Hune.

An account of the defeat of the Maoris at Te Ranga, Tauranga, on Tuesday, June 21, 1864, when Rawiri Tuaia, Henare Taratoa, and others were killed.

386 a.*Ko tetahi Reta | no te | Epikopo Katorika o Akarana | ki | nga Matua Maori Katorika | mo te Mariretanga me te Haringa Keritiano | o Nuitirani. | — — | Akarana: | Printed by Philip Kunst, Durham Street. | 1864.

215 × 135. Pp. 8. Dated " December 21, 1863."

A letter from Bishop Pompallier to the Maoris of his Church regretting that Protestant Maoris had not followed the advice in his earlier letters (No. 370), and urging the Maoris to discontinue hostilities.

388 a.* [Notice.]

319 × 197. Pp. 4 (numbered 3). Blue paper. Royal Arms at head. Dated " Akarana, 1864," and signed " Na Noa Te Rauhihi," and having heading, " Enei korero na Noa Te Rauhihi no tona haerenga atu i Rangitikei ki Akarana, roto o Waikato, Maungatautari atu, a Hauraki atu anohoki."

An account of a trip by Noa Te Rauhihi from Rangitikei to Auckland, Waikato, and Hauraki.


Line 5, after allegiance, insert before July 1st.


Line 3, add Headed, " Enei korero no te Pakanga ki Orakau," under the Royal Arms.

396.* [Letter.]

207 × 159. Pp. 3. Blue wove paper. No date, signature, or imprint.

Gives Governor Grey's views on certain Maori matters. The first page has five paragraphs, beginning " Tenei etahi o nga whakaaro o te Kawana, o Kawana Kerei." On pages 2 and 3 are six numbered sections, followed by a concluding paragraph.

396 a.*Ko tetahi Reta | no te | Epikopo Katorika o Akarana | ki | nga Matua Maori Katorika, | mo te Mariretanga me te Haringa Keritiano | o Nuitirani. | — — | Akarana: | Printed by Philip Kunst, Durham Street. | 1864.

215 × 136. Pp. 8. Dated " Akarana, 21 Tihema 1863." Opens on p. 3.

Letter from Bishop Pompallier complaining that Protestant Maoris had objected to his previous letter. See Nos. 370, 386a.

397 a.*The | First Step | to | Maori Conversation. | A new edition, | Revised and greatly enlarged, | By | Henry Tacy Kemp, J.P., | Late Native Secretary and Interpreter. | — — | Auckland: | Geo. T. Chapman, Bookseller & Stationer, | Queen Street. | Wellington: William Lyon. Napier: James Wood.

185 × 122. Pp. vi, 7-64. No date. Imprint on verso of title-page, "Printed by W. Atkin, Auckland." Fifth line of title, Gothic. Title, omitting " The," repeated on stiff boards within ornamental border under heading (Gothic), " Chapman's Handy Books for New Zealand," and at foot, outside border, " Price Half-a-crown."

page 14

On p. iii is a preface of ten lines, signed '"H. T. Kemp," written from "Bay of Islands," referring to previous edition now out of print (No. 174). Pages iv, v, Contents; p. vi, blank. Page 7 has as heading the main title, in two lines, with subheading, " The Maori Alphabet." On p. 8, four lines from the top, a subheading, " Introductory Grammar," covers a section to near foot of p. 11. After a subheading, " A Collection of useful Names," there follow classified vocabularies to head of p. 34; then " Useful Phrases in which the preceding Adjectives are exemplified"; and a similar subheading for verbs stands at the head of p. 37. In the middle of p. 40 "Elementary Dialogues on Various Subjects" introduces a series of twelve conversations, each with a separate subheading. The stories of Hinemoa and Puhihuia in English, from Grey's Polynesian Mythology, occupy pp. 51-64.

This volume was No. 4 of Chapman's Handy Books for New Zealand. As Sir George Grey's Polynesian Mythology was published in 1855, we must assign this a later date. It was mentioned in Chapman's advertisement in the Southern Cross of February 25, 1867, but had probably been issued some time previously. A comparison with No. 398 conveys the impression that this is the earlier. No. 398 is headed " Chapman's Handy Book for New Zealand," as if it were the only one on sale.

Chapman evidently considered this and No. 398 as constituting the second edition of No. 174. A new edition appeared in 1870 (No. 451); and the fourth, with Kemp's name replaced by "The Pakeha Maori," in 1879 (No. 515).


Line 3, delete comma after J.P.

Line 5, for " Pilgrim's Progress," &c., read | " Pilgrim's Progress," &c. For lines 9-16 substitute the following:—

170 × 120. Pp. vi, 7-64. No date. Short title on p. i, " New | Maori Grammar & Phrase Book; | or | The First step to Maori Conversation." *Gothic. No date. Title repeated in ornamental border on coloured boards.

On p. ii are some remarks on the seasons in New Zealand; p. iii is the title-page; on pp. v, vi, the Table of Contents. The remainder of the work is identical with and printed from the same type as No. 397a, except that pages 7 and 8 have been reset so as to bring the heading, " Introductory Grammar," to the head of p. 8.

H. 540.

407 b.* [Letter.]

327 × 202. 1 p. Blue paper. Dated " Te Hua, Mei 17, 1865," and signed " Matiu Te Huia." Addressed at foot,." Ki nga Rangatira Pakeha o ia iwi, o ia iwi."

States the writer's opposition to the Hauhau religion.


Line 4, after repeated, insert in rules.

Line 9, add At the foot of the column of numerals on p. 8 is given the number, 1875, which appears to have been the date.


Line 6, add The number 1878 is given at the foot of the column of numerals on p. 8, and this would appear to have been the date.


Line 3, add The number 1882 at the foot of the column of numerals on p. 15 is apparently the date.


Line 4, add The number 1886 at the foot of the column of numerals on p. 8 is apparently the date.


Title, He korero enei no te Nupepa, omitting the square brackets.


This entry refers to the same Act as No. 428, and should be omitted.

page 15

Line 14, after Nos. insert 167.

Line 15, add The proofs were corrected by Rev. G. Maunsell, Mrs. Colenso, and Bishop Selwyn.


Line 2, for 1878 read 1870.


Line 6, for Pp. (4), 68 read Pp. (4), 13-68.

Line 12, add From the pagination it would seem that a larger prefatory section was contemplated. Several copies have been seen bound in cloth with title " Maori Grammar, Dictionary |, and | Phrase Book," on paper slip on the cover, opening directly on p. 13, without the prefatory sheet.

Lines 13-16, read The third edition of No. 174. P. 3 contains a list of the tribes of New Zealand taken from parliamentary returns for 1870, and this number, standing also at the foot of the column of numerals on p. 19, would appear to have been the date. The heading on p. 13 is " Maori Grammar, Dictionary |, and | Phrase Book." Pp. 13, 14, the alphabet and short grammatical notes. P. 22 has the heading, " English and Maori Dictionary," over a combination of the various classified lists given in No. 397a and 398. Pp. 50-52, the adjectival phrases, and pp. 53-56 the verbal phrases of the previous edition with altered headings. The "Conversations" are the same as those in No. 398, but without the general heading there given.

458 a.*He Inoi | Mo nga hoa i tawhiti.

178 × 115. 1 p. In rules. No date or imprint. Heading in Gothic.

A prayer, of sixteen lines, for absent friends.


Line 2, for 1871 read 1870.

Line 4, for thereon, read thereon, with the date 1871.

464 a.*Ture whakatika i te Ture Kura Maori, 1871.

343 × 215. Pp. 3. Government publication.

Maori translation of the Native Schools Act Amendment Act, 1871.

471 a.*Himene.

177 × 141. 1 p. Two columns. Imprint at foot of second column. "Printed by H. Hill, Taurarua."

Contains three hymns — one, of five verses, beginning, "Kingi nui! Kingi nui !"; the second, of five verses, beginning, " Pai tonu te hunga"; and the third, of four verses, beginning, " Ringihia mai te wai ora."

472 a.*Nga Minita i roto i te whawhai.

Description as No. 472. A new edition, entirely reset, and without the imprint, though evidently from the Mission press.

499 a.* [Notice.]

572 × 408. 1 p. Five columns. Imprint, " Herald Type." Heading, " Whakaaturanga mo Omaahu Poraka. | I te aroaro o | Tiati O'Paraeana, Wini Tama me | B. F. I. Erueti, Ateha. | Hehetingi, Pepuere 13, 1890."

Native Land Court notice for Omaahu Block.

508.†Nga Mahi | a te | Hui o te Hahi Maori | o te Atirikonatanga o | Te Waimate | i te Pihopatanga o Akarana. | — — | I whakaminea ki Waiparera (Hokianga), i, a Hanuere 14, 1875. | — — | Akarana:* | William Atkin, Church and general Printer, High Street. | — — | 1875.

212 × 135. Pp. 16. Title in rules. *Gothic.

Report of Native Church Board meeting in the Diocese of Auckland. Contains list of members, the Bishop's address, ten resolutions, list of lay-readers, and accounts.

page 16
509 a.*Nga Mahi | a te | Hui o te Hahi Maori | o te takiwa o | Waikato | i te iho-patanga o Akarana. | — — | I whakaminea ki Kohanga i a Maehe 23 | 1875. | [&c., as No. 508].

212 × 135. Pp. 6. Title in rules.

Report of Native Church Board meeting in the Diocese of Auckland. Contains list of members, president's address, five resolutions, and accounts.

It is possible that this meeting may have displaced that referred to under No. 509.


Line 6, add The number 1879 at the foot of the column of numerals on p. 24 is apparently the date.

Lines 9-11, for two editions, &c., read The preface continues, "The Second Edition, with improvements and corrections by an excellent Maori Scholar, obtained great favour with the public. For the Third Edition the work was remodelled, and a vocabulary added, and the spelling modernized. The present Edition is almost a new work, and now comprises a concise grammar, a select vocabulary of almost all the words and phrases used in everyday conversation, and a series of dialogues in English and Maori on various subjects of everyday importance to settlers and traders." It would appear from this quotation that Chapman regarded Nos. 397a and 398 as one edition. This edition differs from No. 451 mainly in placing the vocabulary after the dialogues; in spite of the claim of the preface, the other changes are unimportant. See Nos. 174, 397a, 398, and 451.

518 a.*Nga Mahi a te Hui o te Hahi Maori i te takiwa o Waikato.

Report of Native Church Board meeting in the Diocese of Auckland. At the meeting, No. 509a, it was arranged that a meeting should be held at Taupiri on March 3, 1876, but no copy of the report has been seen.

521 a.* [Letter.]

255 × 200. 1 p. Dated at head " Turanganui, Pepuere 23, 1876." Begins, Ki nga Iwi, me nga Hapu, me nga Rangatira." Signed " Na Kereketa ma."

Approves the suggestion of Henare Matua and Henare Tomoana to support Karaitiana's candidature for Parliament.


Line 3, add See Nos. 655, 756.


This number refers to the same Act as No. 529, and should be omitted.

540.Ko te Pukapuka poto, | hei ako | mo te tamariki katoa. | He ako e pai rawa. | — — | 1877. | — — | — — | Printed by A. D. Willis, Caxton Buildings, Wanganui.

204 × 134. Pp. (2), 39. In coloured wrapper, with the title, " Ko te Pukapuka tuatahi | mo te kura Maori. | — — | Kia ngohengohe koutou [&c. (three lines)] | — — | Ka hari te tangata [&c. (two lines)] | — — | Wanganui: | A. D. Willis, Letterpress and Lithographic Printer, Caxton Buildings | — — | 1877. Imprint at end, "A. D. Willis, Letterpress and Lithographic Printer, Wanganui."

The lists of words (pp. 3-7) contain English, German, Latin, and Maori words and Scripture names. The compiler, who was apparently a Lutheran missionary, resided at Opunake.

553 a.*He Panuitanga.

316 × 223. 1 p. Two paragraphs, exclusive of date and signature. Dated at foot " Turanga, Maehe 9th, 1876." Signed " Na Te Karini" (Green).

An announcement of the proposed publication of the Waka Maori at Gisborne. See No. 554.

page 17
560 a.

Line 4, add Similar editions, without the series number, were issued of No. 561, ii and iii, the latter having the imprint " R. Lucas & Son, Printers, ' Evening Mail' Office, Nelson."

562 b.*Te haerenga mai o | Te Ariki. | Te Tangohanga ake o te Hahi. | Nga Whaka-wakanga ki muri. | A ko reira te Kingitahga p te | Kotahi mano tau. | Me te Whakaahua hei whakamarama. | — — | Printed by R. Lucas & Son, Bridge Street, Nelson.

182 × 111. Pp. 11. No date. On verso of title-page is a mathematical figure. Imprint repeated at foot of p. 11.

A tract on the Second Advent. At end is a note — Translated by J. G. B. [Baker.]

562 c.*Ko te Tamaiti maumau taonga.

712 × 526. 1 p. No date. "S. W. Partridge & Co., 9 Paternoster Row, London, England." Imprint, " Watson and Hazell, 28 Charles Street, Hatton Garden, London."

A broadside with heading as above. Contains in centre a woodcut of the Prodigal Son (385 × 290 mm.), with the story in Maori printed round it (S. Luke, xv, 11-32), and verses 10 and 7 at head and foot; the whole in ornamental border. At left foot is, " Maori No. 1," Evidently the first of a series contemplated by Sir W. Martin, who died in England, 1880.


Add Prepared in 1875 by the Auckland Auxiliary of the British and Foreign Bible Society as headings for a new edition of the Maori Bible.

571 b.*He Panui ki nga Minita me nga Rangatira | Maori mo te Kura mo a ratou tamahine ka | tu ki Tauranga.

202 × 125. 1 p. No date or imprint.

A letter of three paragraphs, with heading as above, signed " Na Te Kerehi (Minita)," (Rev. T. S. Grace), relative to a school for Maori girls which he proposed to open at Tauranga.

589.*Ture Kooti Whenua Maori, 1880.

342 × 212. Pp. various. Some headed as above, some beginning, " He Panuitanga tenei." Dated from " Tari o te Kooti Whenua Maori, Akarana," or " Kooti Whenua Maori, Akarana," on various dates. Those inspected were signed " Na Tiki."

Notices giving particulars of forthcoming sessions of the Native Land Court.


Before line 2, insert 340 × 212. 1 p. Government publication, 1880. Delete No copy seen.


Before line 2, insert 285 × 225. Pp. 2. Government publication, 1881. Delete No copy seen.


In title read, i a Oketopa 9, 10, 1882. | — — | New Zealand: | Printed at the "Daily Telegraph" Office, Napier.

After line 2, insert 220 × 142. Pp. 4. Title in rules on grey wrapper. Imprint at end, " Printed at the Daily Telegraph General Printing Office, Tennyson Street, Napier."

Line 3, for No copy, &c., substitute Preliminary matter and Bishop's address, pp. 1, 2; resolutions, pp. 3, 4.

page 18

Line 4, for 2 read 12.

631.*New Zealand. | The Native language.

351 × 240. 1 p. Three columns with a prefatory note signed " Anglo-Maori." No date or imprint.

Contains salutations, and a vocabulary arranged under the heads, " War, Murder, &c.," " Fortification," " Animals," " Birds," " Elements," "General Names," "Time," "Amusements"; followed by a footnote on pronunciation.


Line 3, for 15 read 16.


Line 1, after Ture insert 1883.

Line 2, for 1883 read 1882.


Line 3, before 1883 insert 1877 Amendment Act.


Line 1, after Ture insert Whakatikatika, 1883 i te Ture.

Line 1, for 1883 read 1882.


Line 3, for Alienation of Native Lands read Native Land Alienation.

687 a.*Te Rerenga atu | o te | Whenua o nga Maori | Aue !! Aue !!! Aue !!! | Ko Haata Tehimona | te kai tuhituhi | Written by Arthur Desmond.

235 × 145. Pp. 31 and title. A print by gelatine process.

Pamphlet on the alienation of Maori land.

Line 2, for Waipatu, &c., read Te Waipatu | 5 o nga ra o Oketopa, 1885 | [&c., as No. 689.] | 1886.

215 × 133. Pp. 7. Title in rules, and repeated in ornamental border on coloured wrapper. Imprint at end, " Harding, Printer, Napier, N.Z."

Line 3, for No copy, &c., substitute Contains roll of members, p. 2; preliminary matter and Bishop's address, pp. 3, 4; resolutions, pp. 5-7.

693 a.*
Na Hoani Erimana, i runga i te Atawhai | o Te Atua me te whakaaro pai o te | Tino Epikopo Apotorika, Epikopo | o Akarana.

228 × 143. Pp. 3. Heading in Gothic surmounted by the episcopal arms.

A pastoral issued by the Roman Bishop of Auckland (Bishop Luck) on January 29, 1885.


Add Imprint dated 1884.

721 a.

Add See No. 743a.


Line 9, after separately, insert between commas without the errata.

743 a.*He Panui | na te | Komiti Takiwa | mo te | Ture Whenua Maori | a te | Para nihi. | — — | I hui ki Te Waipatu, Heihitingi, | Nepia. | [Emblem] | Heihitingi: | Piriniti ki te Whare o te Heihitingi Neupepa. | 1887.

222 × 144. Pp. (2), 4. Title in ornamental border, and repeated on coloured wrapper.

An announcement by the District Committee under the Native Lands Act. See No. 721a.


Line 3, after Act, insert 1877 Amendment Act.


Line 2, for 5 read 6.

page 19

Add A woodcut memorial of Bishop Pompallier appears on the obverse of the end fly-leaf.


A seventh volume was contemplated, but it was abandoned after the printing of a few sheets of the English portion, which were not published.


Line 5, after following, insert February and;


Line 11, substitute No. 8, September 10, 1890, is the last number that has been noticed.

779 a.* "E te Ariki, whakaakona matou ki te inoi."

180 × 127. 1 p. No date or imprint. The actual title is given on line 10, " He Inoi ma nga tamariki."

Prayers for children, reprinted from the Maramataka for 1890 (No. 779).

781 a.*Kawanga Whare-karakia.

138 × 82. Pp. 2. No date or imprint.

A short form of Service for the opening of a Church, issued in the Diocese of Waiapu in 1890

792 a.*Te Pipiwharauroa, | Tihe, tihe, tihe ere mauriora, | Hapainga e, hapainga e.

185 × 145. Pp. 4. No title-page, date, or imprint. Signed at end "Na te Pipiwharauroa."

An election address issued in 1890 for the Eastern Maori Electorate by Tuta Nihoniho, of Waipiro, who subsequently retired in favour of Wi Pere.


Line 2, for (28) read (2), 26.


Line 1, for 895 read 805.

809 a.*Pukapuka Tatau o te Iwi Maori.

345 × 215. Pp. 9. Appendix G.-2a, to the Journal of the House of Representatives, 1892, Second Session.

Report of the Census of the Maori population in 1891.

For the entry given substitute the following:

Te Paki o Matariki. | No. 6. Maungakawa, Cambridge Waikato Auckland, New Zealand. Taite, Oketopa 6, 1892. Te Utu 3d.

380 × 255. Pp. 8. Two columns, Maori and English. The title surmounted by a rough woodcut.

The official organ of "King" Tawhiao. Issued at irregular intervals; No. 9 was dated " Hurae 25, 1893." Hocken states that it first appeared in 1891, but no copy has been seen earlier than 1892. A new series began in 1895 (?.), (see No. 810a) They appeared concurrently with notices issued by the "King," and were probably ultimately superseded by them. See No. 810b.

810 a.*
Te Paki o Matariki | (Pleiades or Seven Stars) | Ko te Mana motuhake o te Kingitanga o Aotearoa. | The Independent Royal Maori Power of Aotearoa.

442 × 287. Pp. 4. Three columns, all Maori. Woodcut as in No. 810.

A new series of the Kingite paper. No. 3 was dated " Hurae 14, 1895." No. 4, " Akuhata, 22, 1895," had a supplement (" Huperemete ") of one page.

page 20
810 b.*Te Paki o Matariki.
Various sizes. A series of notices issued as from "Te Kauhanganui Maungakawa" by "King" Tawhiao and his successors from 1892. Some were issued at late as 1920. Most were surmounted by a rough woodcut, as No. 810.
i.350 × 210. Pp. 4. Hune 20th, 1892, Marked "No. 5." Without cut. H. 545.
ii.432 × 280. 1 p. Hurae 26, 1892. Heading Gothic. A short address of two paragraphs by Tawhiao.
iii.655 × 421. 1 p. "Four columns, Maori and English alternately. Heading Gothic. The whole in rules. Akuhata 9, 1892. Marked "No. 6." Address to the Kauhanganui, signed " Kiingi Tawhiao."
iv.383 × 255. 1 p. Oketopa 6, 1892. Woodcut altered, and "Te Paki o Matariki" omitted from heading. Two notices dated from " Te Whare o te Kiingitanga, Maungakawa, Cambridge," and signed " P. T. T. Rawhiti, Hekeretari o te Whare."
v.395 × 230. 1 p. Nowema 6, 1892. Heading in roman type under woodcut. " He Powhiri," invitation, signed " W. T. Tana Taingakawa."
vi.400 × 232. 1 p. Nov. 15, 1892, Woodcut, without " Te Paki o Matariki." "A message to the Government of New Zealand," signed "Tawhiao P. Te Wherowhero" and "T. Rawhiti, Secretary." Followed by the same in Maori. No. 839.
vii.480 × 255. Pp. 4. Aperira 12, 1893. Heading in roman type under the woodcut. Pp. 1 and 4 set full width, pp. 2 and 3 in two columns. A list of statutes, regulations, &c.
viii.380 × 252: 1 p. Mei 25, 1893. Heading roman, under the cut. Signed " T. T. Rawhiti." A short address delivered by Tawhiao on May 2, and a list of eight statutes passed at the sixth session of the Kauhanganui.
ix.382 × 254. Pp. 2. Hurae 25, 1923. Heading, " Aotearoa me te Waipounamu | Whare Kauhanganui," under woodcut. Signed "T. T. Rawhiti." A list of the short titles of thirteen statutes passed by Tawhiao's parliament. On verso the list in English, with explanations in English and Maori in two columns.
x.475 × 255. Pp. (4). No date. Heading, " Te Paki o Matariki," in roman, without the cut, appears on p. (4). Report of a meeting of Tawhiao's ministers held on April 16, 1894.
xi.505 × 383. 1 p. Four columns. Heading with early form of the cut. An address delivered by Tawhiao on May 21, 1894, and other notifications.
xii.287 × 227. 1 p. Maehe 18, 1896. Heading roman, without the cut. Signed " Na te Paki o Matariki." A statement in regard to the trouble with Ngapuhi re the dog-tax.
xiii.285 × 225. Pp. 2. Mei 2, 1896. Unsigned. A short address by "Kiingi Tawhiao" at opening of the Kauhanganui.
xiv.285 × 227. 1 p. Noema 28, 1896. Heading roman, without the cut. Signed " Tana Taingakawa Te Waharoa." Summons to a meeting of ministers for December 15.
xv.287 × 220. 1 p. Hurae 8, 1897. Heading roman, with the cut. Signed "Tana Taingakawa Te Waharoa." Summons to members of the House to meet on August 2.
xvi.285 × 222. Pp. (4). Dec. 12, 1897. Heading roman, without the cut. An unsigned account of a visit of Taingakawa and his companions to Wellington to discuss matters with Mr. Seddon on November 9, 1897.

Line 6, insert at beginning No. 2 was issued June 25, 1892.


This is now placed with other similar notices as No. 810b, vi, q.r.

page 21
851 a.*Ko tewhea Ra e whakatapungia | ana e koe, | a he aha te take.

220 × 136. Pp. 8. No date. Imprint at end, " George, Printer, Hastings." Signed "G. W. Amatana" and " Maui Pomare."

A Seventh-day Adventist tract issued in 1893.

853 a.

Line 2, for February read Pepuare.


Line 9, omit page-for-page.

Line 10, for title-page read edition.

Line 12, for fifth read sixth.


Line 3, add as No. 810.

Line 4, add No other numbers have been seen, but see No. 903a.


Line 9, add with headline in English, " Visit of Tuhoe Chiefs to Wellington."

903 a.*Ko | te Kahiti Tuturu | mo Aotearoa me te Waipounamu | No. 3. Maunga-kawa, Kemurete Waikato, A & W, (N.Z.) Oketopa 20, 1895. P. 1.

285 × 222. Pp. 8. Probably incomplete, as No. 4, which is overprinted "5," has 16 pp., and an imprint, " I taia i runga i te mana o te Kiingitanga e T. Wiremu Kereama raua ko K. Hona Tio, pai ta Nipepa, Maungakawa Kemureti, Hepetema 29, 1896." (" Pai ta " in the imprint is a misprint for "kai ta.")

Both numbers contain notices in regard to Land Court proceedings. Probably this publication took the place of " Te Panui o Aotearoa," No. 887.


Line 3, and No. iv, lines 2 and 4, for 1864 read 1894.

928 a.*Nga Hiiritanga i te Whitu.

451 × 281. 1 p. Under the title is a line, " Wharangi 1 — No. 1. Maungakawa, Kamureti, Mane, Oketopa 12, 1896. Te Utu e rua kapa." No imprint. Apparently a periodical, but no other numbers have been seen.

Report of the first meeting of the Kihgite Council, with a list of seventeen statutes passed.


Insert after title General description identical with that of No. 882.

For lines 3-5 substitute A new edition, the fifth, making several alterations in that of 1894 (No. 882).


Add A reprint of this edition was issued in 1903.


Add See Nos. 962, 982, 999.


Add Translated by the Rev. F. H. Spencer.

974 a.*Te Puke ki Hikurangi.

470 × 249. 1 p. Two columns, surmounted by the block used as heading for the newspaper (No. 974), dated " Papawai, October, 1897."

Contains a letter on the land question addressed to Mr. Seddon.

page 22
993 a.*Korero Maori | [&c., as No. 906, but reading "Sixth Edition"].

160 × 102. Pp. 40. The number 1899, standing at foot of column of numerals, p. 15, would appear to be the date. See Nos. 411-414.

A reprint of No. 906, without further alteration.

1010.*Maramataka | mo te tau | 1901. | [&c., as No. 958] | 1900.

See No. 979.