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The Ancient History of the Maori, His Mythology and Traditions. Nga-Puhi [Vol. XI]

Chapter X — Pa at Mount Eden, and Other Forts in the Tamaki District, and the Wars which Took Place Amongst Them (Nga-ti-whatua)

page (92A)

Chapter X
Pa at Mount Eden, and Other Forts in the Tamaki District, and the Wars which Took Place Amongst Them (Nga-ti-whatua)

Here still I am
And thou erect
Doert still stand yonder
Learning the art
Of holding war weapons
The weapons of Tu-tawake
The red plumed
Hani-kura and
The Kawau-ruku-roa
In the Kawau-maro battle
Or in the Kura-takahi puni
The warriors sign in war

page (128)

(Extract taken from Maori Land Court Minute Books?)

Saturday Oct. 7

Place: The same
Present: The same

Rex by Mr McCormick: Tuperiri had a Pa at Maungakiekie. Tao-u had Pa's in this land of Tamaki. They had Pa's at Orewa (Kauri Point) and Waha-akiaki were the chiefs of that Pa.

Who was chief of that Pa? Tara-hawaiki and Waka-riki (it was in Apihai's Te Kawau's time). Waka-riki was a brother of Tarahawaiki.

Te Tao-u had another Pa at Te-to at (Freeman's Bay). Who was chief? Waitaheke was chief of that whose son was Nopere, Waitaheke 2nd. Other Pa's of Ngaoho, Taou and Uri-ngutu were Mango-nui (beyond Kauri Point). Reretuhau was chief of that. Another Pa was at Tauhinu - occupied by the same people that lives at Orewa.

These are all the Pa's in this sea (of Wai-te-mata) and this land after all the people had been destroyed.

Was there a Pa at Maungawhau at the time Tuperiri lived at Maungakiekie? No, I saw the remains at Maungakiekie.

page (129)

Did you see the remains of a Pa at Maungawhau? No.

Do you remember the battle of Rangimauturutu? I have heard of it.

Was the Pa at Maungakiekie occupied by Te Taou after Rangimatarutu? No before.

Were these Pa's you have mentioned at Orewa occupied after Rangimatarutu?

I lived at Orewa long after the battle of Rangi-matarutu.

The Pa at Te-to (Freeman's Bay) was occupied after the battle of Rangi-mata-rutu.

Orewa was occupied after Orohe. The Pa at Te-to (Freeman's Bay) was occupied after Orohe.

Where were the lands of Te Hehewa? From the river Te Wai-roa to Orewa - these lands belonged to the people of Rangikaketu, the Nga-i-tai.

Had Te Hehewa any lands on this side of Waitemata? I don't know. Or Rangikaketu?

I know this land belonged to Kiwi.

What people did Paia belong to? N'Whanaunga.

Whose wife was Paia? Tautaria.

By Court: When the original inhabitants were exterminated some of the women were preserved. Some were killed and some were saved as slaves.

Tu-ahawaiki took Moko-rua after the conquest. He take her prisoner page (130)as she had been a wife to his "whare o nga matua" (one of the house (line) of his ancestors).

She was the wife of one who residence with her parents - Mokorua did not belong to Wai-o-hua but Waikato.

Where did he get her from?

You do not know where he got her? No.

Do you mean when you say Mokorua went to Waikato - that she fled from this place in consequence of the wars of the Taou or that she went peaceably to reside there? I don't know.

Where did Te Horeta live? I don't know. What became of Te Tahuri after these fights? Did she run away or was she captured?

Do you know what became of Rangikeketu after these fights? I did not hear.

All the people of Rangikeketu were killed. His principal people were Nga-ti-paoa-taniwha of Nga-i-tai.

All Rangi-keketua's people were killed by Wahaakihaki, that is the Ngaiwi were killed.

After that period Rangikeketu had no people except the escaped of Nga-i-tai and Nga-ti-paoa-taniwha.

They were in existence that time. These were saved. The whole of the people were engaged in the fight. Were N'Tai? They were at the - Were any of them engaged with Rangikeketu? Yes.

And Wahakihaki? Yes.

page (131)

Were any of Poataniwha in the fights? Some were and some did not go. Were N'Kahu in the fight? All of them some went to fight and some looked after the settlements.

Some Nga-i-tai and Nga-paoa-taniwha and Nga-ti-kahu joined Rangikeketu in these fights. Some of them had escaped from Paru-roa.

Then Rangikeketu had under him N'Tai, N'Kahu and N'Poutaniwha's were they Ngaiwi?

Ngaiwi were with Kiwi and also Ngaiwi were with Rangikeketu with Nga-i-tai and others.

I have never seen Hehewa - I have seen Purehurehu, he lived with N'Paoa after his return from Kaipara.

Where? Perhaps at the Thames.

Do you know where Hetaraka had been living all this time? With his people the N'Paoa.

Parauna Ngawiki (sworn): Parauna Ngawiki is my name. I am a N'Whatua of hapu of Maunga-matua. I live at Kaipara.

Do you know o_____to? Yes.

Have you any claim? Yes.

When did you first visit them? In Capt Symond's time.

Where did you come from then? Kaipara. With whom did you come? I came with a fighting party. What for? On account of Te Whiunga Poukiu and Tirarau. Where did you go to? The army went back from Waikato.

page (132)

I have heard of Kapetaua and also of his having killing Tarakimokimo in revenge for his having been thrown into the sea.

Did you hear that he conquered some of the original people of this country? No.

When you came from Kaipara with Capt Symonds was there a Pa at Onewa? That was in former times.

Have you ever seen Hetaraka cultivating at Okahu? No.

Has Hetaraka any claim to Okahu? I do not know.

What was the boundary line of the land of N'Kahu? Te Waitemata stream.

Did you not claim Rangitoto together with Hetaraka Takapuna? Yes.

What was the boundary you laid down in that case from Tamaki? Whangamatau along the sea taking in a portion of Rangitoto thence to the other side of the island thence to Tiritiri - a portion of Rangitoto divided N'Tao - we did not come in on this side.

Was that the boundary according to yourself and Hetaraka? That was Hetaraka's own boundary.

Eruera Paerimu (sworn): My name is Eruera Pae-rimu. I belong to Uringutu and Waiohua. I live at Waitakere, before I went there I lived at Orakei.

What was your father's name? Pai-ramu (Hakopa). Mother's name? Titoki.

page (133)

My mother's name was Titoki of Te Urioteautauri-rangi, from Tukararai. That was her hapu.

Pae-rimu's father was Tiaki. His mother, Kiri-ngoru of the Ngaoho. Kiringoru was of Nga-ti-pou of Maketu. Tiaki's father was Te Aho. Te Aho lived at Mangere in Kiwi's time. He was at Mangere when Tupe-riri took the Mangere Pa. Tiaki was also there. Tiaki was saved by Tupe-riri. Tiaki went to live after this with Tuperi and his people after the Pa was taken.

Was he married to any of Tuperiri's people? No.

Tiaki's wife was Kiringoru.

Are you related to Apihai? Yes. How? Commencing at ____ the father of_____from whom descended Apihai.

Witness gave his genealogy:

Gave your genealogy:

A black and white diagram showing the whakapapa from Hiritai to Eruera Pairama.

(The witness apparently left out several generations.)

page (134)

Pourau was my father.

His father: Tiaki
His father: Te-Aho
His father: Pakau
His father: Whatu-arewa
His father: I end here

Kahu was wife of Te Aho. Kahu was of Nga-oho. Te Kararai belonged to Te Urioteaua, Tahurangi. The general names were Wai-o-hua, Nga-iwi and Nga-oho. Tokararai's mother was Te Ahi-tawhi-rangi. Her father was Te-Rata. Wife was Paki-hurehu.

Nga-oho were the original inhabitants and owners of this land Tamaki. They get the name from their ancestor Oho. Nga-ti-whatua killed the original inhabitants of this land.

Any other beside Ngaoho and Ngaiwi? Afterwards Waiohua.

Ngaoho was any other names for Ngaiwi but Nga-iwi was the great name of all the people living in this district, they were also called Waiohua.

Are there any people living now who represent the old Ngaoho? Yes, Apihai and myself, Paul and the whole of them.

Did anyone kill the original people of page (135)this land? Yes. Who killed them? Te Taou and Ngati Whatua.

The Pa's of the original inhabitants were Mangere, Moerangi, Otahuhu, Maungarei, Rarotonga, Maungakiekie, Remuera, Omahu, Te Uruponga (at Orakei), Maunga-whau, Owairaka, near Three Kings, Tiratau or Tatua (Three Kings). These are all the Pa's on this side - there was another on the other side, Matuhuina.

Were there not Pa's at Kohimarama and Tauraraua? Yes formerly.

There were other Pa's at Kohimarama and Taurarua which were taken by Nga-ti-whatua.

Who took the Pa's at Kohimarama and Taurarua? I heard that N'Whatua did.

Some of these Pa's I have mentioned were taken in war and some were not.

These were taken in war. Mangere was the Pa that was stormed the people of the other killed at Paru-roa. Mangere was the last Pa that was taken.

Tiaki lived with Tupe-riri.

Did your father live with Apihai as one people? Yes.

I am connected with Te Taou through our ancestor Rotu.

(Court adjourned for an hour, 1.20)

(At 2.30 the Court resumed)

Ex of witness contd: When did you yourself first come to live at Orakei and Okahu? When I was a child. With whom did you come? Apihai page (136)Paerimu and the three hapu's mentioned here. Where did you come from?

Waikato to Karangahape and Mangere. We had cultivations when we lived at Mangere at Po-manawa on east side of Onehunga and at Mangere.

Was it when you were cultivating at Mangere and Onehunga that you came for the first time to Okahu and Orakei? Yes.

Did you come to live at Orakei before the first Governor came to Auckland? Yes. Do you remember the building of the Pa at Okahu? Yes.

Who were the people living at Okahu then? Taou. Any others? Ngaoho and Uringutu. Any other people? No.

Do you remember the visit of Kahu-koti to Okahu? Yes.

Who were the people living there then? Taou, Ngaoho and Uringutu.

Any others? No. Was the Pa built when Kahukoti came? Yes.

Do you remember Mr Hoeta Patene and some of N'Paoa coming with Mr Clarke to cut a line near Okahu? Yes.

Were N'Paoa allowed to cut that line? No. Who prevented them? Taou, Ngaoho and Uringutu.

Did Apihai ma take away the hook and tomahawk? Yes.

Did any of N'Paoa say anything about the word of Hema? I don't know.

Do you remember Te Rokiroki, Mohi Te Poatau

page (137)

Why did they flee to Apihai after that battle? They were in fear that is the reason Apihai invited them.

Did they go because Apihai invited them? Yes.

Where did they flee from? Waiuku. Did Apihai send an invitation to them at the time of the battle? It was after the fighting.

Did not Kaihau and his people go because they were related to Apihai? That is one reason.

In Governor Fitzroy's time? Yes. Was it necessary at that time for one tribe to fly to another for protection? They went to Apihai that they might be a distant away from their enemies.

Why did they not go to Hetaraka? He was too far away.

Then Orakei was just the right distance? I don't understand.

If they had gone the same distance in another direction would that have done? That was the only reason they came.

Then it was not one reason that they were related? It was.

What was the name of the messenger who went from Apihai after the battle of Turangahau? I don't know.

You say you are related to Apihai through Whangamokai? Yes.

I am related to Apikai through Whangamokai seven generations back.

How many generations is it? Seven. Was Papaha one? I don't know. Was Pohate one? I don't know.

page (138)

Who was Hina? I don't know.

Who was Whero? I don't know.

Who was Ranginui? I don't know.

Who was Whe? I don't know.

Who was Kaihau? I know him.

Do you know Kaihau's wives? No. Do you know Apihai's mother? No. Have you being going through your ancestors with anyone lately? No. When was the last time? Formerly.

I do not know any other ancestors but my own.

Rangimaturu belongs to Wai-o-hua. He was killed by Nga-ti-paoa at Orohe. The tribes Nga-ti-paoa, Nga-ti-te-ata and Akitai and Nga-ti-pari fought at Orohe.

Were any of Tao Ngao or N'Whatua there?

Taumoru of Nga-ti-whatua was the only one there.

Orohe is on the east side of Whanga-matau on the east head of the Tamaki river.

Did N'Paoa ever kill any of Hetaraka's ancestors? I do not know.

What tribe does Hetaraka belong to? N'Tai. Are they a hapu of Ngaiwi? N'Tai is a great name.

Is it a hapu or distinct tribe? That is the right name of Hetaraka. What I heard was this that it was not a hapu of Ngaiwi but a distant name.

Waiohua was descended from Hua-kai-waka. I know they came from Hua. They did not come from Huakaiwhata.

page (139)

I do not understand the length of the name as far as I know.

They do not come from Huakaiwaka. Hauwaka is the name of the place where the canoes are dragged across from the Awaroa to Wai-uku.

Ngaoho and Ngaiwi are one.

Then are you a Ngaoho? Yes.

Urungutu and Nga-ti-pou are related to Pou-tu-keka. It was afterwards the hapu's were subdivided.

Are you sure of that? Yes.

Tirikohua and Maketu were the old lands of the tribe. Nga-ti-pou descendants of Pou-tu-keka.

If you are closely related as you say how was it Taou and Ngaoho killed all your relations at Mangere? The reason they came here was because the N'Whatua had come - Mou here - the people of Tauo came to kill the people of this land.

Were all your people killed except Tiaki? Yes.

Was he made prisoner? I don't know all I know is that he was saved.

Then if all your tribe were killed and this man only was saved how can you have any claim over the land? My claim cannot be set aside. Although that Pa was taken at Mangere I have lived upon it ever since.

If Tiaka was the only one of Urungutu who escaped from that Pa how

(Note in Manuscript that "140 not required".)

page (141)

Can you swear Mohi Te Poatau was not there? Mohi Te Poatau was at Okahu but I do not recollect seeing at Taurarua.

Will you swear to C De Thierry was not a Taurarua? He was not there.

Has Apihai claims to land at Papakura and Terekohua? No.

Were not these lands lands of Ngaoho? Yes.

Then if Apihai has no claims to these lands how do you give him claims to these lands as Ngaoho? These lands were left to these descendants who were living there.

Where were the lands of the Waiohua formerly? Maungakiekie and all this land here.

What do you mean by all this land here, the land on the shore of the Waitemata? Yes the land from that Pa

Maungakiekie coming this way and going.

Do you know the boundaries? Yes. Where are they?

The lands of the Waiohua were commencing at Maungakiekie thence to Wai-orohi-o-kiwi thence to Te Whau (Wai-oro-hiokiwi is beside the sea), Maungakiekie to Onehunga and cross to east side of Te Whau.

It comes to this sea from Onehunga. From Maungakiekie to the stream that comes to the sea from Remuera to the sea thence by the sea to Te Whau and from Te Whau to Onehunga.

If those are the lands of Waiohua they can have no claim to Okahu? That part belonged to Ngaoho.

page (142)

Then you as a Waiohua have no claim to Okahu? I am a Ngaoho.

Did you not say when you were first asked that you were Uringutu and Waiohua? Yes.

As you have excluded Okahu from the Waiohua lands how can you have a claim to it? I have four different lines from Tiaki I am Ngaoho from Pukeka I am Waiohua.

Rex by Mr McCormick: You said Apihai claimed through Te Atairehia? Yes.

Is not his claim through Atairehia through his mother? Yes.

Did not Mokorou come back from Waikato and many Terahawaki? Yes she did not come back from Waikato she came from the other side from Manukau-Pehiakura.

Where were the lands of N'Tai? Takapuna was the settlement extending north to Orewa.

The lands of the Nga-ti-tai were Takapuna and extending north to Orewa.

You said Apihai had no claim to land at Papakura and Tirikohua? Yes. Because of a division? Yes.

By that division were there lands at Papakura left to Maki and his people? Yes.

What were the lands left to Apihai ma? Where our feet now stand.

Is your claim to Okahu through your being a Waiohua or Ngaoho? Both.

The boundaries of the land of Ngaoho commencing at Oku this side of Mangere page (143)coming along to Otahuhu, thence to Maunga-rei (Mount Wellington) thence to Omaru (near Mokoia) thence to Hautapu on the sea thence to Okaraka on the sea then to Te Komiti, Pipipi, Whakamuhu, Waiparera, Wanganui, Kohimarama, Okahu, Te Pakaroa.

Pakaroa is the mouth of the Orakei creek.

What do you mean by the creek of Remuera?

Ohinerau is the name of the creek going up towards Remuwera.

By Court: Did Ngaoho and Ngaiwi ever land on the other side of Tamaki? I don't know.

Did you ever hear of Nga-ti-paoa having killed any people on this side of Whangamatau?

I have heard of Nga-ti-paoa having killed people on west side of Whanga-matau. Rangimature was killed in late times.

Is he the only one you know of? That was not on this side? I have never heard that N'Paoa killed any people on this side of Tamaki.

I have never heard of Nga-ti-paoa having killed any people on west side of Tamaki.

Do you know who conquered the Ngaiwi on the other side of Tamaki? No.

Did you say Hetaraka is not a Waiohua? Yes. Is he a Ngaoho? No. Is he a Ngaiwi? No I am not clear about it.

You mentioned all the people buried at Okahu. Wha_____ and the chapel do you know of any N'Paoa being buried there? I have not heard Ngati Paoa being buried there. Any N'Teata? No.

page (144)

We would not have had a claim.

When did you first hear of Hetaraka making a claim? At the time his letters were published.