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The Ancient History of the Maori, His Mythology and Traditions. Nga-Puhi [Vol. X, English]

Chapter XI

Chapter XI

How Island-like the whale lies on the shore
And high, like famed Tara-mai-nuku
So often spoken of to me, as daring heart
And bravery of Kupe went back up on high.
Then chant thy incantations, and perform the rites
Nor dare omit one part not said or done
Of that required to give the speed in flight
And by its power be led and drawn
Right to the battle front, and grapple with the foe
As even noble, noted, tribe of Te-puhi do,
That thou mayest listen to the double voice
Of babbling stream for in the North at Karaka,
And if thou feel a chill, envelop thee
With garment made of feathers of the singing birds
And gaze and see, the blood of Manu-mea
Glistening on the wide expanse of all the sky

Private Note: Manu-mea is the god of the red feathers, which are put on to the middle finger of the right hand of a corpse to ensure the soul of that corpse being saved from being eaten by the god who presides over the world of spirits called Te-reinga or Po.