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The Ancient History of the Maori, His Mythology and Traditions. Nga-Ti-Whatua [Vol. IX]

Upoko IX — Te Whakatauki A Kiwi Ki A Waha-Akiaki, Kia Kekeri Raua (Nga-Ti-Whatua)

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Upoko IX
Te Whakatauki A Kiwi Ki A Waha-Akiaki, Kia Kekeri Raua (Nga-Ti-Whatua)

Tis as a song of war, the cry of the bird the Piopio
He shouts, yes he shouts he shouts, and I will shout, will shout
And men do flee for nought, and rising up a din is heard
O they will not turn this way, tis death
And who shall purblind take of the old men
Who are all heard my gods called Kopi and Pereti
And they who stupid were, are in the false blood covered
And they who dared the wild breeze, are stubborn still
Gentle is the breeze that blows Po-mare this way
And all his weapons, and their brow to rouse
The warriors all along the coast, with echo of the rivers
Though noisy echoes cause no dread, upon the ocean coast
How great a dread I feel, o.er all my frame
Of Karere and Koangaanga, and rough and greater is the dread
O.er all the land of Ao-tea, and north to Toke-rau (Bay of Islands)
But thou shouldn.t part the single strap of food provided for
The family.s solitary child, and think and deem such act a noble deed,
And who shall succour me, that I should never die?
Tis you, whose acts shall save me by your power
And Here-taihoa shall dart his arrow to Moe-moe
And Te-wau-ki-haere shall give to Wai-pa to Tira-aua-awe
Yet still my love must ever strangled be for thee
And in the dusk of even tide, be drowned in one great way